Welcome to the American Re-Revolution. It’s not about Politics… it’s about how to end Politics.

A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it.
– Oscar Levant

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life… unless I buy something.
Jackie Mason

Today, not even the coldest weather can keep Politicians' hands in their own pockets.
Sad, but true, update to Bob Burns 1945 comment, "It’s been so cold down in Washington, D.C., that Mr. Morgenthau has put his hands in his own pockets!”
What happened to our Wealth, Health, Free Time, Freedom and Safety?
Based on all our hard work, didn't we expect to be:
  • richer? (keep reading to see why we really should be anywhere from 10 to 100 times richer).
  • living in a crime free neighborhood and in a better house or apartment.
  • able to spend more time with our family and less at work.
  • be employed, if we are unemployed.
  • much further ahead with our career and not stuck in a dead end Job.
  • less tired and having a better love life.
  • much less worried and stressed, and not losing our health!
And to have:
  • more time for exercise, sports, hobbies and leisure.
  • a secure retirement nest egg.
We aren't because the Government, besides all the taxes they confiscate, is stealing our wealth with a hidden flat tax that everyone is paying.  
If you give me a little of your time and keep an open mind, I'll explain how they're doing it and how to fix it.

Who’s Zooming Who – A 5000 yr history of Government in 5 minutes.

There are only two forms of government, a government imposed Above the people, such as by conquest, or a government Of the people, constituted by the people.
A government Above the People.  Rulers and exploited servants.
“When I contemplate the natural dignity of man…I become irritated at the attempt to govern mankind by force and fraud, as if they were all knaves and fools.” – Thomas Paine, Rights of Man
Up until the last few Hundred years, societal arrangements have been structured as a large servant class sustaining a small ruling class. From Slaves laboring for the Pharaohs and Kings to the feudal serfs laboring for the Crown and Nobility, the masses fed the fat asses of the Conquerors and their descendants.  Their lust for power and more slaves led to constant war.  Power bred corruption among Royal Courts, administrators, sycophants, entourages, relatives and various and mostly nefarious types of privileged aristocracy.  Their governmental systems and bureaucracy were dedicated to perpetuating this model.   For thousands of years these parasites fed off the common people, all the while back stabbing, plotting, scheming, stealing, warring, fighting and committing every debauchery known to man.  Most of all they protected the status quo.
There was no written arrangement, treaty or covenant between the rulers and the people.  The ruling class became so by conquest or heredity and not by the choice of the servant class.
The powerful ruling elite justified their privilege and the power gap between them, and the much larger servant/slave class, as conforming to the order set out by “the Gods”.
The rulers status and position were defined, justified and solidified through the dissemination of stories, mythology, ideology (or Idol-ogy) and propaganda.  In  Ancient civilizations, these Political communications claimed that humans were created for the sole purpose of serving the Gods in a manner, “coincidentally”, organized exactly like the prevailing social hierarchy, which claimed kinship with the Gods or to speak for them or to have been granted a divine right through blood or even to be Gods or Demi-Gods themselves, as did Egypt’s Pharaohs and Rome’s Emperors.  
This was a very effective method to control the servant class.  In their minds questioning one’s social position would mean facing the wrath of the Gods and was almost unthinkable.
Like the Gods, ruling classes, had the responsibility to care for and protect their servants and the rulers had the responsibility to perform the supplication and prayers to the Gods.

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Immigrants from third world countries suck up welfare, food stamps, housing, education and other "free" benefits, that you and I pay for.   Illegal aliens roam the country committing crimes with impunity.  And we can't talk about the reality without being shouted down, by conditioned government media shills, as "racist" or some other pejorative nonsense.  
Solution – Responsibility to be self-sufficient or sponsored:
No direct or indirect public assistance of any kind, nor eligibility for citizenship for 10 years.  This Eliminates the incentive to come here to mooch and the incentive of Politicians to accumulate dependent voters.
In addition to not being a criminal, all immigrants, including refugees, must be self-supporting or sponsored and supported by their family or religious, fraternal or other community who are not recipients of public assistance.   The immigrant and/or their sponsors are responsible to compensate victims of crime and accident, perpetrated by the immigrant.  All immigrants, legal or illegal, who are convicted of a crime are ejected and banned from this country and their sponsors are prohibited from sponsoring anyone else for a year.  This will bring even more motivation for the family and community to control their own.
All immigrants must immediately enroll in citizenship, and Foundational American Values, training, prove competency in English and all other requirements for citizenship.  Training is repeated at the 5 and 10 year mark. After 10 year training and proven competency, they are granted citizenship (and the right to vote).
Illegal immigrants are already established with families and children who are American Citizens.  They can not be expelled without major disruption and questions of compassion.
Illegals can become Permanent residents, if they follow the above responsibilities and the Immigrant or sponsor pays back all prior public assistance received.  However, since they entered the country illegally, they are banned from ever becoming citizens.
Islamic immigrants
Like the Boston Marathon bombers, it is not enough that they live off us, they also murder us and our children and blow the legs off innocent runners and bystanders. 
After this, and over 20 thousand Islamic Jihadist attacks around the world since the horror of 9/11, our government still denies that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism – motivated by Islam itself – and instead creates the illusion of "radicals" and looks for every excuse to do nothing about Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dagastan, Chechnya and all the other Islamic countries that train, fund and enable Islamic terrorists.
Islam has not suddenly been "radicalized".   Islam has been at war with the rest of the world, for over 1500 years.  We (and I include myself) just didn't notice until after 9/11.  
Practicing (as opposed to merely ethnic) Muslims will automatically be put on the government watch list and are never eligible to vote in State or Federal elections as their Political "Religion" calls for the overthrow of non-Muslim, e.g. American, government and is antithetical to Foundational American Values.  Preaching, recruiting or assisting in violent Jihad shall be classified as criminal and treasonous.  Those convicted will be expelled and banned for life from the country.  Any Mosque or organization preaching, recruiting or assisting in violent Jihad will be closed, those directly involved expelled and banned and the property confiscated.  All attendees and/or employees will have their property and business searched and be placed under surveillance for at least one year.
Immigration is not a solution to World poverty.

The Constitutional meaning of Welfare and Verbicide

Welfare has been redefined from it’s original Constitutional Meaning into its OPPOSITE… WealthFare.  Just as George Orwell wrote in “1984”, government will get around contracts, tradition, law and moral codes simply by, what he called, “Newspeak” – changing the meaning of the original words to gain a result not given by the original definition. 

Welfare meant only well faring – good going – safe travel, in Constitutional times.   What is considered welfare today would be called Highway robbery then.  It is WealthFare – Wealth Trans-fare…by force.   The opposite of protecting wealth and well faring/safe travel.

An example of the Constitutional meaning of Government Welfare, in the 1770’s, would be the responsibility of appointing guards to protect the highways from bandits and robbers.  An example of  Government Welfare, as defined today, applied to the the 1700’s, would be appointing bandits and robbers to take wealth by force from everyone on the highway and distributing the stolen monies to those the government wishes to buy favors from.   (The poor, Corporations, Industry sectors, lobbyists, special interests, Banks, Foreign governments  etc.)

The Constitutional meaning of Welfare did not include Charity either.    Giving a free ride to hitchhikers fell under the definition of charity, not government welfare, and was an individual or family responsibility – certainly not for government protectors of the road to leave their posts and offer a ride. 

The clause “General Welfare and the Common Defence” in the Constitution refers to the States, not the people.  General Welfare refers to the States well being, in the same manner that the Common Defense refers to the State militias banding together to protect the States and not to the internal Policing of the State.  

The Federal Government was not allowed power over the internal workings of the States.  The Federal Government was a compact between States.   The States retained Sovereignty over their people.  The country is called the United States not the United People’s Republic (as Communist Countries, that control the people, are called). The States had a voice in the Federal Government by their election of Senators.


The States no longer elect Senators due to the formation of Political Parties.

Political Party power plays, in State Legislatures, led to stalemates in voting and vacant seats in the Senate.  This “crisis” was the fuel for the erroneous solution of taking the power of electing Senators away from the States and giving it up to the Public (17th amendment) which was controlled by the Political parties.  After that the Federal Government became a tyranny of one Political Party and on rare occasions two, not in many ways different from the Monarchies and Communist countries.  The only positive differences and freedoms, in the USA today, are due to the continuing influence of Judeo-Christian Religious principles and the scraps of protection written into the Constitution that have not been redefined away by the Courts based on Political Party propaganda.


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Does Voting = Democracy?

There are only two forms of government.
OVER the people or OF the people.
OVER the people
Communism and Socialism is a government of central planning.  Communism nationalizes the means of production.  Socialism regulates them.  The Communist/Socialist party Over the people.
Monarchy, Dictatorship and any system of POLITICAL PARTIES or factions is the rule of the few over the many.
Democracy in the small retains an equal voice for all.  Democracy in the large results in the majority in charge.  The majority OVER the Minority.
OF the people
The only system of government truly OF the people is a Representative Republic Constituted by the people with no factions or Political Parties.   The people have a voice through their elected representatives via Democratic vote and the Constitution limits the government of the few or the majority of the people from tyranny over the minority.  
This system has been broken by the two Political Parties and we live under a tyranny, albeit soft, of the Parties over the people.
You've heard the President say it about the USA.  Every reference in the news repeats it.  Our Military enforces it.  We build nations based on it.  
But, is the USA actually a Democracy?  (it was set up as a Constitutional Republic; but that's another story.)
Democracy means rule by the majority of the people.  In every decision, everyone has a voice through their vote.
When the population is small enough, everyone votes directly.  In large populations voting is accomplished through elected Representatives of the people.   
Democracy is not an ideal system.   If you are in the minority, your votes don't count and you are forced to obey the will of the majority. 
Historically, in all Democracies, the majority eventually voted to take everything from the minority.   
Democracies captured all the labor from slaves by owning them, some took most of the fruits of the labor of serfs by owning their land and in modern Democracies, by confiscatory taxation of people's labor and property.  
Communism has elections and everyone is free to vote. 
But it is not a Democracy because a vote is meaningless when there is only one Political party. 
One choice is no choice.
There is only one voice and it is that of the ruling Communist Party, not the people.
The party makes any law they please and you have no say. They have the power and you don’t.
Technically, you did pick them as your representatives.  
Practically though, if a Political Party controls the representatives, they are no longer your representative. They are the Party’s.
Would you call America a Democracy because we have one extra choice of Political Party?
If Communist one party rule is a tyranny, what would you call it when one Political party in the USA controls the Presidency, and therefore the military and Congress which makes the laws? 
You might argue that there are sometimes two parties, Republican and Democrat.
But both voices are those of the party rulers, not the people.
Without a voice and free choice, the government is a Tyranny.
It is only the degree of tyranny that is different between the United States and Communist countries.
The United States did not begin with Political Parties.  Political Parties do not represent the people.  They represent a consolidation of a small number of powerful individuals.
The people do not have a voice in Party government other than the one time power of elections;  a very weak power at best. 
Voting can be manipulated legally through propaganda, negative advertising, how much money one puts in to a campaign and changing the nature of voting districts.  It can also be manipulated illegally through bribery, blackmail, voter registration fraud and even interfering with the counting of votes.
Even if voting were not influenced, we still have, at most, only two voices in government, speaking for their party rather than 435 representatives, speaking for the people.
For the United States government to represent the people, Political Parties must be rendered powerless, abandoned or banned altogether.