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Government in the small and virtue from all.

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This blueprint is not associated with any Political Party.   In fact, Powerful Parties and factions are destructive to representative government as George Washington warned us in his farewell speech.

Our goal is fundamental Restoration not Transformation of the original limited government led by George Washington.

Transformation has led to the growth of a huge, powerful and rich government that since 1913 is dedicated to stealing our wealth, empowering corrupt politicians and forcing us to comply with their whims.

The mechanism for stealing our wealth is the progressive Income Tax  (Why the theft not the love of money is the root of all evil) and indirectly the Federal Reserve which falsifies weights and measures in commerce (by diluting the value of our money) that appears to us as inflation.  

Through tax breaks government controls our behavior and with social programs creates a dependent class of over half the people to assure the votes they need to stay in power and continue the theft.   

To end this parasitical government structure, before it bankrupts us and consumes all our liberty, we must remove the abusive power from the Federal government and it’s agencies and throw out all values, systems and policies which sacrifice the individual for the “good” of the group.   We must restore our free market (The Intelligent free market) and original, limited government system based on individual rights and responsibilities as laid out in our founding documents.  

The collectivist Utopia is a Pipe Dream and the US is hooked!  Government can best help the economy by staying out of it!

“The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.” – Mark Twain 

Let’s cure our problems by cutting off their root –  the abusive power of the Federal government and it’s unlimited funding via taxation and control of our currency.


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2 Responses to “Government in the small and virtue from all.”

  1. Moraulf says:

    Come on, people…study your history…the progressive income tax exists because without it the wealth gap in the country becomes intolerable. It’s also the result of a populist, grassroots movement (like this one) that was angry about corrupt, powerful men (in this case, Robber Barons)disrupting the possibility of democracy. The more wealth is concentrated in a few hands, the more our government becomes a one-dollar-one-vote oligarchy. Refusing to see that doesn’t make it not true. If you support democracy, you should want to see the marginal income tax rate on, for example, the CEOs of companies that bankrupted the country and caused the 10% unemployment we’re facing, go way the heck up. At America’s most prosperous time ever (the 1950s), that tax rate was 90%. Now it’s 37%. It turns out that more people are rich when the government can control its private sector and collect revenue. Surprise!

  2. Admin says:

    Moraulf’s comment reflects how deeply Socialist propaganda and historical revisionism has penetrated our “education”.

    In the Socialist “morality”jealousy of a “wealth gap” and revenge (for unemployment) justifies stealing people’s wealth.

    Moraulf is correct that great wealth should not be concentrated in the hands of a few corrupt and powerful men. Ironically however, the progressive tax created new Robber Barons by moving wealth to a few corrupt and powerful politicians in the Federal government.

    Sorry there was no grassroots movement that begged for the progressive income tax to be imposed in 1913. The progressive tax was imposed on the country by corrupt Politicians to provide more wealth and control for themselves.

    If the 1950’s were more prosperous it was because wartime rationing and government control of wages and pricing were eased.

    CEOs and companies don’t bankrupt the country, they provide jobs and compete to build better products and services. Unbridled taxation and spending by the few in government killed every economy in history and is now killing ours.

    If more people are “rich” now it’s not because government exerts more control on the private sector or “Collects revenue”. Rather government has redefined the meaning of rich downwards to include more people. (so that more ‘rich’ can be taxed)

    The Solution is practicing American Values and restoring systems based on those values.

    If you don’t get it, spend more time reading the rest of the posts instead of just commenting on the introductory one.