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Restore power to the people – Mitigate or Eliminate Political Parties and factions.

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Political Parties do not represent the people.  They manipulate the people by fomenting hatred and anger.
According to Pew Research, most people do not vote for their party but rather against the other party.
No longer is race or class the major divider, it is now Political party.
One half of the country sees the other as evil.  Divided we fall.
When one Political Party controls the Presidency and both the House and Senate, there is only one voice and no separation of powers… in effect a Monarchy and a soft or hard tyranny.  
When two Political parties are balanced there is stalemate as each play for reelection, demonize the other  or take revenge against the other. 
One solution is to have more Political parties (by allowing people to make a list of choices and have a runoff election).  This doesn’t solve the problem because parties form coalitions to achieve a majority and the same problem of one or two party control occurs. 
Our system was not designed for Political Parties.  It was designed for representation of the people, not some private business.   You wouldn’t allow a corporation to make your choices, yet that’s exactly what a Political Party is and that’s exactly what they do.    
You might object based on the first amendment right to free speech and association.   It says “the right of the People to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances” not a bunch of private corporations.  
Government has no rights – only duties.
Secondly, the right to associate for expressive purposes is not absolute.    People do not have the right of association for violence, crime, insurrection or impinging on another person’s rights, property or safety.   Also the rights of association may be infringed upon by regulations which serve a compelling state interest, unrelated to the suppression of ideas, that cannot be achieved through less restrictive means. – see Democratic Party of United States v. Wisconsin ex rel La Follette, 450 U.S. 107, 124-25 (1981).
There are a number of compelling reasons of State’s (Republican form of government) interest and the People’s interest for restricting Political Parties, besides their negation of the Separation of Powers and representative Republican government of the people.   They negate free choice in voting.  Why?  The parties pick the so called representatives.  They are the Party’s representatives not yours.  your community didn’t vet the candidates to see if they represent your interests.  Your community didn’t put up a slate of people from which the Party could choose.  No.  The party picks someone loyal to them and their interests, not yours.  
Voting is no longer a free choice.  It is a choice, under duress, between two evils.  Primary Voting between the party’s candidates is like a group of bank robbers allowing their  hostages to vote for which one will blow their heads off.   Is that a free choice?   Voting for candidates in the election is not a free choice.  It is like a rapist asking you to choose between being killed or being raped.  No matter the choice, did you consent?  Not of your free will. Consent under duress can not be used as a justification for the rapists actions.  Yet Politicians claim a mandate to screw you because you voted for them.  But you didn’t have a free choice.   If you had a free choice you might have voteds for someone else outside their party.  Technically speaking, nothing passed by Congress since Political Parties were established has been passed by the People’s Representatives or the People’s will.  
People do not choose to go to war and sacrifice their children, representatives of Political Parties do.
People do not choose for our country to go into debt, Party representatives do.
People do not choose to raise taxes nor to steal money from them through inflation, Party representatives do.
People did not choose to create the, until then, unconstitutional direct tax on income.   That was a request from the Political Parties in congress, ratified into an amendment by the political parties in the state legislatures.  
If the people had a free choice, none of the above would have happened. 
Are you getting the picture?
Does this not feel outrageous and make your blood boil?
Can you hear what’s being said?
Does this not put a bitter taste in your mouth?
Does this not smell fishy to you?
The only solution is to eliminate Political parties.
What’s wrong with political parties?
  1. George Washington and James Madison warned us NOT to create them.
  2. Constant Conflict, real and manufactured – To distinguish themselves Political parties must hold opposing views.  An association of people formed to resolve an issue is temporary and the incentive is to fix and disband.  Parties MUST have continue to be in conflict to be relevant.  Therefore there is little incentive to resolve conflicts, as they are useful for fund raising and to justify a party’s existence.  There is incentive to win and not to compromise and corrupt incentive to manufacture new conflicts once any are resolved.  
  3. The political process is shaped by differences (of Partisan affiliation) instead of commonality as Americans.
  4. Decisions are made for the Partisan good and not the public good.
  5. Permanent Parties, formed with the goal of implementing an ideology and staying in power, and whose members march in lockstep on all issues replace and exclude legitimate temporary factions, whose members are united based on a few major issues, formed specifically for the purpose of correcting a problem.
  6. Un-elected control, by two private clubs, of selection and direction of all representatives.
  7. Party control determines the direction of the country and the legislation instead of the representatives of the people.
  8. Party bias blinds it’s members to critical facts that contradict their Political mythology and propaganda.  For instance, ignoring ISIS since the myth was that the administration conquered terrorism (“Bin Laden is dead and Gm is alive”) and withdrawal of troops due to Political reasons, despite the reality of their need.   
  9. Wining and power become the motivating factors  – in elections and lead to registration, voter and other Fraud.   
  10. A Political party can legitimize bad policy or lies just by sheer number of people expressing the same opinion or talking points.
  11. It’s easier to fool the public – when you have large resources and a common deception.
  12. Party interests come first –Parties are about themselves and their interests, not the interests of the States or people.  
  13. Parties usurp representation from the States and the people, since there can be only two opinions instead of 100 or 435 respectively.
  14. At the very best even a completely altruistic “representative” will still only do what is best for the constituency in his/her distric who belong to their party and against the  interests of the rest of their district.
  15. People’s self interest determines that they vote for the party that gives them the most privileges, encouraging further corruption and re-distribution.
  16. Party control shapes opinion. The people are propagandized, coerced, cajoled, seduced and even forced to conform to a party line.
  17. Lobbying of Political parties by special interest and foreign enemy groups is easier than influencing Individual politicians.  
  18. We are electing an ideology, not representatives.
  19. Political Parties are Monopolies of Government power and should be treated the same as Business Monopolies. 
  20. Insults and Uncivil Dissent, based on party rivalry, replaces reasoned discourse on principle.
  21. There is not enough competition of opinion.
  22. Parties regard those outside the party as enemies with whom they have no common ground
  23. A “cycle of violence” is created by the desire to get even.
  24. Trust in government is broken by the Parties’ inability to compromise.
  25. Too much power leads to corruption
  26. Lack of individual responsibility, when in a group.  Mob mentality among the party members. 
  27. Explicit protection of malfeasance by the group which leads to winning at any cost, with no moral restraints.  For the same reason the Catholic Church protected their pedophile priests, so too Political parties protect their criminals and liars.
  28. Biases Supreme Court Judges to supporting their party’s agenda rather than unbiased judgment and makes it acceptable to alter and reinterpret the Constitution.
Political parties are Effectively grants of hereditary representation (Peerage and Title) in the Federal and State Legislatures violating Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States” and Article 9 “No State shall…grant any Title of Nobility”. 

The United States Government was formed into three independent branches to avoid accumulation of power and to provide checks and balances.
Accumulated power is tyranny.
The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and
judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and
whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be
pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

–James Madison
The house of representatives is made up of 435 voices who are supposed to represent the interests of their districts/communities.  With two dominating parties there are only two voices representing only two ideologies.   433 representative voices, of the people, are overruled and silenced.  With a super majority,  there is only one voice.  That is a tyranny.
Tyranny is not a Republican form of government guaranteed to the States by the Constitution. 
One party, in control of the Senate, by majority determines who are approved for the Supreme Court, Director of the CIA etc.  
There are no check and balances of power between the three branches of government when all are controlled by one party.    
Political parties, not the State legislators, appoint the Electors, so the purpose and the checks and balances of the Electoral college have been nullified.  The Electoral college was established to correct one of the flaws of a large democracy – the popular vote being falsely swayed, by a charismatic orator, into electing a person not qualified to be President or a smooth talking enemy of the United States or a tyrant looking for power. It was also a barrier for the majority to tyrannize the minority.  
Both leading parties seek more and more power, which subverts the limitation on government abuses in our Constitution.
Political parties create an artificial internal war in the United States between the people over political opinion.  Internal conflict emboldens external war.
One party Control of the President and Congress allows abuses by the executive, such as using the IRS and other government agencies to harass donors for the other party and steal elections.   
Uncertainty and Stalemate
Political Parties that cannot agree send the country and business into a tailspin due to uncertainty about policy.
Stalemate between the two dominant parties in the State Legislatures prevented many States from appointing senators.   This led to the removal of State representation in the senate (17th amendment).   That was not the correct solution.  It broke the pledge of the Constitution to the States and only reinforced the two parties control.  The correct Solution was to include more opinions to break the stalemate – no political parties as George Washington and James Madison warned against. 
One issue Voting
Political Parties create “one issue” voting that misdirects the people from essential governmental monitoring which is necessary to preserve our freedom.
Parties have wrested control of the government, from the people, by misdirection of the country’s attention.
We focus on only one issue such as gay marriage or abortion and, since there seems to be only one choice, we accept everything else from that party that is detrimental to our freedom and prosperity.
People will forgive mistakes, immorality, criminality and even atrocities by their party if their issues and their group are at stake.  The mob mentality is amoral.
Voting on the Negative
Political Parties also foster voting based on “one negative”.   For instance, Liberal Jews don’t vote for a Republican because they falsely believe the Republican Party is run by right-wing Christian zealots who will try to convert them to Christianity.  Or that FDR, a Democrat, came to their rescue in the Holocaust (which he did not and actively resisted bombing the concentration camps when he had the opportunity).  That Republicans are the party of “NO” or that Democrats are the party of murdering babies.  All these get in the way of true representation.
People are more likely to be swayed away from the other party, by murder of the opponent’s reputation, than to be swayed to their party by issues.
A common villain unites a group to come out and vote against that villain and sacrifice voting for issues that would benefit the people.
Team Spirit and Fashion
The reason for voting is to get the best representative possible.  A Political Party can become… a party.  You espouse your party’s ideas and you appear with it, part of the group, educated, intelligent, perhaps charitable and fashionable. A party can become like a sports team.  Voting  becomes “my team no matter what” instead of intelligent choice of the best player.  The dark side is that the Party takes away individual responsibility. Anything can be rationalized.  From the extreme of genocide because “we were just following orders”  to the mundane insulting remarks and rants, that you would not do on your own.  Party desire to dominate and win becomes the underlying motivation in government instead of “Res Publica”, (republic) the business of the people.  Propaganda polarizes the two camps into enemies even though people have almost everything in common.   Family members are driven to hate each other.   Discrimination based solely on Party affiliation is ignored.  Politicians lie and convince themselves it’s ok, for the good of the Party.  Negative ads and destruction of reputation is just something that has to be done.  No matter what the party says, it is truth.  Good judgment according to common sense and moral standards is replaced by party platform.  The Party is a comfort, much like the belief that God is on your side in a war.  Islamic massacres, piracy and terrorism, The inquisition, mob lynching, pogroms against Jews, burning “witches”, Interment of a racial group and other moral crimes, catastrophes  and abominations are committed by individuals whose responsibility for their actions are transferred and mitigated by their mob or group be it Religious, Political, Racial, Cultural , National or any combination.

Selfish lust and greed for wealth and power by the Party rulers becomes the motivation to participate in government rather than the good of the people.  People never want to face their own cynical motivations.   The Party makes this denial easy, through propaganda and talking/Thinking points so that eventually Parties come to believe they are right and just and moral and that it is good to impose their way on everyone.  what they don’t admit is that It is also a good way to preserve their power and the party format that gives them so much of it.   So the parties institute more controls over the people through laws and regulations to the point of a Nanny State or soft tyranny.  When problems arise, more control and power over the people is always the solution.  It becomes almost impossible to swim against the current of the party and the people just become resigned and no longer see the oppression of Party Control of government.   This is completely foreign to the design of our Country as a government Constituted by the People that would be governed by individuals in a Congress who would protect individual rights and responsibilities.

There is a balance of how much freedom to trade for safety.

With Political Parties you are never safe no matter how much freedom you trade.

We must be vigilant in civil and personal relationship, that the love of power does not overwhelm the power of love. – Dr. Society


Two half rights make a wrong. – Dr Society
A rabbi was asked to judge between two people.                       
 The first presented their side.     “You’re right” said the Rabbi. 
 The second presented their side. “You’re right” said the Rabbi.
 “But Rabbi, we can’t both be right.” the two exclaimed.            
 “You’re right” said the Rabbi.                                                     
How is this possible?
The two people are like our Political Parties. 
When presenting their side, the two people leave out facts, evidence and valid arguments that don’t fit with their view of reality. 
Within the limited context they present, they are both right.
However, in an objective context neither is completely right – and therefore wrong. 
I would ask you dear Reader,  “If one person can hold three opinions at once, how can only two opinions/parties represent the needs and views of millions of people?” 
I would also postulate, with your indulgence, that the Nobles (Democrat and Republican Political Parties, the Royal couple 🙂  Butt Heads so often that they all become Buttheads. 
In Conclusion
Factions are deadly to good governance.
“By a faction, I understand a number of citizens,
whether amounting to a majority or minority of the
whole, who are united and actuated by some common
impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights
of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate
interests of the community. ” – James Madison – Federalist 10
Division of Power into three branches of Federal government and Dividing Congress between the Poeple’s and the State’s representatives was thought to be enough to prevent factions from controlling the larger union.
Without the power of party and faction “A rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property, or for any other improper or wicked project, will be less apt to pervade the whole body of the Union than a particular member of it;- James Madison – Federalist 10
Political Parties have indeed taken over the Union and implemented Paper money (Federal Reserve Notes), Abolition of debts (FED devaluing the currency) and equal division of property (Socialist Redistribution) and other “improper and wicked” projects, according to Madison.
George Washington warned us, in his farewell address, of the consequences of Political Party -> squabbling and their facilitation of the worst in human nature, we would be agitated, distracted, full of animosity to our Fellow Americans and – our government corrupted by the influence of Foreign ideologies.
You might find it hard to imagine having no Political Parties, but it is absolutely necessary for true representative government; where all the diverse interests of the people are represented and not just one or two dominating interests.