Karl Marx's philosophy of the totalitarian Communal/Collective led the world into more economic ruin, suffering and death than ever before in Human History. Rulers of countries subscribing to National Socialism (Nazi) and Class based Socialism (Communism) burned, gassed, starved, tortured and executed tens of millions of innocent men, women and children. Still persisting today, the methods of Socialism such as taking wealth under duress from one group to distribute to another ruin free markets and keep most of the world's economies in a state of turmoil and failure. The Socialist philosophy perverts our cultures into countenancing theft and dependency that usurps our character and sense of responsibility, debases our artistic expression and hold us in a primitive emotional state where fear, jealousy and envy rule over rationality. The USA, which had retained some of an economic system and culture based on Judeo-Christian principles is on the brink of succumbing to the deadly parasite of Socialism. Unequaled freedom is about to be lost to the tyranny of the all powerful and controlling Communal state. I hope therefore to be of assistance in turning back this tide of destruction. I have tried to explain and codify the Foundational principles of American Society which are based on the 10 Utterances/Realities/Commandments so we have a guidebook and a moral high ground from which to conduct a better campaign to educate our Educators and eventually recapture our Country.

Holy Moses – Metaphysics, God, Idolatry, Society, History, Physics

Since the multiple universe theory has been proven incorrect by the Hicks Boson, the perfect universe for life that we live in can not be explained by random selection of multiple universes but rather by some form of intelligence or perhaps consciousness selecting it. Life doesn’t just arise from thermal vents under the sea. It […]


Free your mind

Caution:  prepare yourself by repeating this phrase:   “What we think we know,  isn’t necessarily so.” …  and that’s OK! 🙂 What’s in your mind? We are born with almost a blank slate and then subjected to conditioning instilled in us by our parents, moral or ethics system, education, media, peers, job, culture etc..   This sets […]


Current US Government Violates article 4 of the Constitution

Paragraph 4 of article 4 guarantees a Republican form government to the states.  Republican means the business of the people “Res Publica”. The people’s business can not be accomplished if our representatives are divided into two parties playing tug of war and stalemating each other as parties do.   As set up by the Founders […]


It’s the System not the Symptom. Reject Political Aspirin and go for Constitutional Amendment surgery.

Government systems, like the body’s systems, must work perfectly and remain fine tuned to function properly. Our physical bodies are maintained by systems governed by the intelligence in our DNA.  As long as the DNA instructions are followed the body remains well.   If the instructions are mistranslated, or changed, mutations and cancers occur.  The […]


Campaign Catch-22, if you want to win, you don’t deserve to.

2012 Issues?  What Issues? My opponent sucks, vote for me!  2016 The Texas Chainsaw Campaign Massacre   2018 Sick of all of it? Sick of the Bribery of Politicians through Campaign financing,  Politicians constantly campaigning instead of working. Political party Negative attacks, Fake news, lying, running to win and not to serve, stealing elections, voter […]