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Concrete Steps to take.

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 The 12 step program to end addiction to government.

  1. Awareness  
  2. Stop government Theft and unconstitutional Spending  
  3. Set limits
  4. Create a stable currency. 
  5. Stop the pork 
  6. Return government representation to the people. 
  7. Accountability
  8. Reduce government pay 
  9. Reduce dependence on Government 
  10. Restore State’s Power. 
  11. Military and Foreign Policy.
  12.  Reform the Legal System

To accomplish the above steps, drive the CARR (Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair).

Step 1 – Awareness.  
Why confiscation of wealth via income, property and estate tax is theft and has ruined our country –  The theft, not the love of Money is the root of all evil.
The extent of government theft  – Government steals the people’s wealth through overt and hidden taxes  (see The Socialist Pick Pocket)  and in collusion with banks (Federal Reserve) by printing excess dollar bills, to cover excess Government spending, which steal their value from  the dollars in your pocket and your savings.  See What’s wrong with the Fed. 
We are dependent on stolen wealth and it has run out!  – America is addicted to the Opium (Other People’s Money) of Socialism.   Many are dependent and afraid of withdrawal back to the free market.  Acknowledgement of dependency is necessary for rehabilitation. 
Government “charity” is a moral hazard. –   Those helped by government “redistribution”  become dependent, slothful, drug addicted and criminal.  They know the benefits won’t stop because the politicians count on their vote.   People have less wealth and stop helping others because the government is doing it for them.  People lose the opportunity to build character and community.  
The main excuse for this theft and redistribution is that everyone is too selfish to help others, so government must forcibly take (steal) their wealth and redistribute it.    
If people are selfish and must be coerced then the lack of government help is just as coercive.  
When the government didn’t help New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina people helped their neighbors out of necessity. 
When the blizzard hit NY and NJ and the government didn’t plow the streets neighbors helped each other plow out the streets because they had to.
When the government butts out, people have to find work and help each other because there is no one else.   
“every occupation, prospers by the aid which each receives from the other, and from the whole.  Common interest regulates their concerns, and forms their laws; and the laws which common usage ordains, have a greater influence than the laws of government.  In fine, society performs for itself almost every thing ascribed to government.… Government is no farther necessary than to supply the few cases to which society and civilization are not conveniently competent. – Thomas Paine – “Rights of Man”
Our Constitution outlines the few limited cases where the Federal government is delegated powers.  All additional government power is tyranny and leads to the dissolution of society.
We are not represented by Politicians – We no longer have a representative government.  We are instead ruled by a tyranny of two private corporations called political parties dedicated to empowering and enriching themselves, their contributors and the banks that collude with government.   
You can’t make a Cadillac out of a Pinto.   The current system is completely corrupt and impossible to fix.  It must be thrown away and the original restored.  Like an old junker car that was badly designed to begin with, replacing parts will never bring you the experience of a luxury car or make a dangerous car safer (The Pinto could blow up in rear end collisions).  If you want a Cadillac you must buy a Cadillac.   Only restoring the original American system can fix our problems.  No amount of tinkering with the current, Socialist/Capitalist/Free Market/Dictatorship/Communist/Fascist/Progressive/Marxist/Islamist/Atheist mash up of a, political and economic system or changing of Political parties or Politicians will do anything but prolong our Pinto experience and risk of getting blown up in an economic meltdown. 
The Supreme Court does not rely on the Constitution – it relies on its own past rulings.    One small distortion of the Constitution by a political appointee is built upon, by later appointees and subsequent rulings, into a completely foreign corruption of the Constitution.  This is the method used by “Progressives” to break down the Constitutional limitations on their power and which eventually leads to tyranny.   An amendment is the only legitimate Constitutional way to give the government more power, (and the only way to take back the power that led to today’s corruption.) 
Everything you “know” is wrong. – or at least incomplete.   Propaganda renamed as Public Relations and propagated through advertising, movies, media and schools has distorted our American values and hidden history and government usurpation of power.  Media is biased and disseminates propaganda. They are funded by… propagandists (advertisers or the government) and promote their advertiser’s biases. People who get their news from one source don’t see the bias. You can’t evaluate bias unless you compare.
Education has become propaganda and conformance conditioning  – Government funding is critical to survival since the government nationalized (stolen through tax and inflation) all the capital – private donor’s and community wealth – and monopolized distribution of favors.  In fear of losing funding, Campuses have become Politically Correct, in the content of what they teach, and repressive of speech and behavior.  
Media has become a propaganda apparatus of the government – Free press must be maintained by removing political influence. 
Unions- organized labor in the United States has shifted its main focus from the worker and his/her needs to progressive-socialist-marxist politics. For union leadership, their efforts are all about power—power for themselves, social power, and political power. Five U.S. labor unions stand out from their efforts of making socialist politics possible at the mass level by applying the imported ideals of Italy’s Marxist Antonio Gramsci: AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), National Education Association (NEA), and American Federation of Teachers (AFT).Robert Chandler

Of these five leading unions, only the members of the AFL-CIO operate primarily in the private sector. The other four are centered more on government employees, insulating themselves from the intelligence and influence of the free market.

Censoring listening is just as effective as censoring speech.   Both parties program their members to ignore and dismiss the other’s views lest the citizens band together in harmony and take back the power from the government.  Democrats are programmed that Republicans are selfish, uncaring, greedy, evil, racist, religious fanatics and just plain nuts.   Republicans are programmed to regard Democrats as Elitist, gutless, pacifist, effete, immoral, stupid morons who react based on blind emotions and can’t use logic or their brains.     Neither stereotype is true.  What is true is that closed minds are censored minds and the corrupt in government gain more power every day.  
Spread the message
Align with Foundations and Political groups to effect the changes outlined here.  You and your friends can Write in on the ballot to get on local and county councils who vet candidates.  Get on the Internet and learn the tactics of the Political Parties so that you can combat their propaganda by disseminating the material the society project creates.  

Longer term – unlearn the Philosophy of Group Supremacy, Group Rights and Government Control and Dependency  and measure political virtue instead according to the standards of Foundational American Values and individual rights. 

Add a FAV amendment to the Constitution as a standard to which government must adhere .
Teach Foundational American Values in civics classes so that all citizens know and understand their rights and responsibilities and what constitutes proper government.
Teach how FAV is different from Socialism and Political Islam  (more in depth on Political Islam).
Change the curricula of our schools from indoctrination of dependence on a paternal government and group rights to individual rights, responsibilities and achievement, positive thinking, success principles and practicing virtue.
Let the fastest help the slowest rather than handicapping the fastest.
Teach true history rather than Politically Correct fiction.  
Stop throwing out the baby with the bath water when it comes to Religion.  American Jewish/Christian values are not the same as Religious Rituals.  No Religious rituals may be imposed by government.   However to be free and maintain liberty we the people must be self governed and self-controlled by our Foundational American Values or the Government will control and rule over us in a tyranny. 
Step 2 – Stop government Theft and unconstitutional Spending 
The USA is living on borrowed money because of unconstitutional entitlements.
Congress can not balance the budget without some major changes.
Freeze spending.  
Reduce and then transition away from government entitlements and back to private social programs and reduce then repeal and replace unconstitutional Government programs. 
Implement The Fairest Tax to boost the economy and raise government revenue.
Transition to a flat retail consumption tax to fund the government – Reduce and then eliminate all taxes except a flat tax at retail consumption of new goods.  Eliminate the IRS,  the Federal Reserve – which creates a flat tax called inflation,  fractional Banking – require 100% reserve, and create a stable currency redeemable in precious metal.    
Pay for government services scaled by  personal benefit.   Govern and fund from the bottom up.  Take back the power from the Federal government and restore it to States and local communities.
Now –  Support political change to reduce taxes and Spending.  Make Politicians aware of the longer term goals of the Fair Tax and The Fairest Tax, Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair and creating a stable currency.  Work with political organizations to add these longer term goals to their platforms. 
Limit Spending to be only from current not future taxes.  Spend current Tax revenue only, not proceeds from Treasury Bond sales which is borrowing against future tax collection.  To be able to do this, Entitlements must be reduced. 
Freeze Federal spending at current levels until all debt is paid off.    Read my lips, no new spending/borrowing.
End the Federal Reserve fiat money and control of interest rates – What’s wrong with the Fed?
Restore currency to US Notes backed by precious metal – Paying off the debt to the Fed decreases the money supply (of Federal Reserve Notes) so we should print United States Notes (as per the Constitution)  to compensate until no Federal Reserve Notes remain.  This would also eliminate the 6% yearly interest that we pay to the Fed on each Federal Reserve Note.
fairtax  Implement the Fair Tax with modifications called the Fairest Tax.   
Repeal the 16th amendment which allows Congress to circumvent the state and tax us directly.  Tax only retail consumption and eliminate all other taxes.  They are passed down to the consumer in the price anyway.  The enormous expense of the IRS and business and personal tax accounting would be eliminated, revenue to the government would increase, manufacturing would return and the USA would be a magnet for business which increases jobs.
Eliminate all exceptions –  All people pay the same percentage under the flat consumption tax and all consumers pay tax with no exemptions. 
Tax exemptions give power to the Politicians to buy votes (almost half the voters do not pay any income tax) , control you, redistribute income and interfere with the free market by skewing prices.  A flat tax on sales without exemptions is neutral to the free market’s ability to price good and services. 
An example of control – IRS uses threats to the tax exempt status of places of worship to censor the Clergy’s speech about Political issues and so weaken the people’s will to change their government.  
Do not allow a Value Added Tax (VAT) which leaves  hidden taxes passed on to you or a flat income tax which leaves the government with the power to control you with exemptions and penalizes excellence and merit with higher total taxes on higher income.
Leaving the flat consumption tax authority at the Federal level bypasses the State’s power to limit Federal Spending.   So give the taxing authority to the states only, (see Step 10 – Restore State’s Power. ) or make the fair tax rate the absolute minimum amount necessary to run only Federal Services that apply to everyone such as the Military, the police, national guard, interstate roads, CDC, FDA etc. 
Transition from Federal funding (theft from the people) for Welfare, Social Services, Charity, Entitlement Programs, International Monetary Fund, Import/Export bank of the US, United Nations, Disaster Relief and Education.  Replace with private funding or offload to organizations funded by the private sector or Local Government.

End the Social Security fraud – There is no Social Security Trust Fund where your contributions were saved and invested.  It’s a fraud.

The government spends all the money that’s contributed and leaves IOU’s based on future tax collection.
These IOUs obligate our children to pay our Social Security benefits and will then obligate their children and so on.
 If allowed to continue it only gets worse.
End the fraud today.  See : Uncle Sam Madoff with your Social Security

Longer Term –   If  legislators don’t stop Social Security fraud then we should seize their pensions.


Majority to pass tax increases and a sunset clause.  – Anything above the maximum funding such as war funding will be on a temporary basis with a Sunset clause.  (Find a way to increase and decrease the military very quickly using trained reserves and technology.)
If there is a party system still in place then both parties must have a majority to pass any temporary tax increase.  Additionally there must be a  majority approval of the States.
Hold legislators personally liable for damages if they do not follow standards (see Accountability) .    Decide if we want to require personal risk management.  Government can not manage risk; they eliminate it with disastrous consequences like welfare dependency and crime, creating the mortgage bubble and housing crisis etc.   Pensions are a private matter.  We can at most require their purchase like requiring auto insurance.
Ultimately billing for government services should be scaled by personal benefit.  Everyone benefits equally from the military so we all pay equally.  Certain businesses and individuals benefit more from the interstate highway system than others so a toll for usage is imposed.  Improvements on your block benefit your block so you should pay for it.  This requires impartial unbiased Judges and local decision making.
Step 3.  Fix the Voting System 
For Now –  as long as political parties exist set term limits temporarily, so Politicians aren’t beholden to special interest money and have less time to become corrupted.  This will eliminate the game of Seniority that keeps the same corrupt Politicians in office. For more details see:  Here Piggy Piggy
End Gerrymandering of districts to artificially re-elect incumbents by consolidating people by Political Party.
Raise the voting age to at least 21 until all teenage children are educated in Civics (Socialism, Tyranny vs American System) and Foundational American Values to qualify for voting.

Make the voting system fair.   Eliminate buying votes through tax breaks by transitioning to the Fair Tax.  Eliminate buying votes through dependency on Government Welfare and Social programs. (see Step 9)  Eliminate all spending by campaigns on voters, including bussing people to vote. 

Voting can be done through mobile phones or devices that are GPS enabled.  It would increase voter participation, end the need for bussing to allow everyone to vote without going to a voting place.  All that’s needed is to vote in your home and verify identity through GPS location as well as standard password and signature verification.   Assign the vote a unique identifier code and send that identifier in a secure text or email to the voter as a receipt to confirm the person’s vote(s).  The unique identifier code remains the only link to the vote as all personal information is stripped away.   Should anything go wrong, or fraud is suspected,  the government can publish the unique identifiers for voters to respond to for a re-vote or to confirm their voting choices.

Step 4.  Create a stable currency.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.  – Henry Ford

Stop the Covert theft of the people’s wealth and savings – increasing the amount of currency to cover additional spending by government – reducing the value of our currency and calling it ‘Inflation‘.

Now – Go back to using United States Notes limited from devaluation by precious metal backing rather than Federal Reserve Notes that cost taxpayers 6% yearly interest paid to the banks.

The Federal Reserve is a cartel of banks that works in collusion with the government to fund Congressional overspending in return for greater profits for the banks. What Congress can’t confiscate from you through overt taxation they steal from you behind your back by reducing the value of what you own and spending the difference.  Prices inflate because the dollar shrinks.  Government propaganda focuses on  “inflation”  not shrinkage, the true cause, and they blame the economy and Capitalism.

The government “Prints” more dollar bills which increases the total amount of dollars in circulation.  The value of your dollar is a percentage of the total amount in circulation.  If the total number of dollars increases, your dollar represents a smaller percentage of the total and is worth less.   The government in effect cuts a piece off every dollar in your possession and spends that piece.   Your dollar is smaller and is worth less.  Prices adjust to reflect the smaller dollar.  The price rise doesn’t benefit the store owner.  They make no more of a profit than before the government stole a piece of your money.

It is a hidden tax that works by covertly stealing a slice of your pie.  The pie seems the same but it weighs less and can’t be exchanged for as much as before the government stole some of it.  Like ice cream where the half gallons have been reduced to a quart and a half but the packaging remains the same.

The “FED” cartel of banks charges 6% interest on every Federal Reserve Note in our pockets.  Let us use United States Notes again and save the 6%  of our wealth that goes to pay off the banks.

An FDIC supported by the banks to prevent runs on the banks may make sense but is probably not necessary with a stable currency.

Longer Term – Foreign Policy based on FAV not increasing World Government and Socialism.  Get out of the International Monetary Fund which is a global version of the Federal Reserve used to steal wealth from rich countries to support third world dictatorships and socialist regimes.

Step 5.  Stop the pork

Give the President a line item veto.   Better yet all bills should contain only one item.  No more hiding pork inside thousand page documents of legalese.  Make the voting system fair.   A foundational values amendment that requires unbiased judgment of how to spend the people’s wealth and prohibits favoritism and subsidies to buy votes.

Step 6.   Return government representation to the people. 

Parties consolidate too much power, money and control and legislate for their issues not the people’s.   Parties foster a “Team” mentality that divides people and encourages them to vote for their “Team” to win rather than on the issues of their community.

To eliminate team mentality voting, remove party affiliation and grouping by party from voting booths so that people must research a candidate’s views to know who to vote for.

Campaign finance should be solely from voluntary individual donations.  All other types are theft.  Companies reflect the cost of their donations in the price of their goods or services and therefore individuals are involuntarily paying.  Unions or other organizations may contribute from accumulated voluntary individual donations but not from union or other dues which would be theft through involuntary payment.

Longer Term–  Reduce the power of Political Parties.

Require candidates to gain a majority of over 51% and add an option to choose none of the candidates in an election.   If 51% vote “None” then new candidates must be chosen for a re-vote.


Perhaps move back to the original system of  whoever loses for President becomes vice President.

On the local level, Politicians should be called upon to serve by being the best in their community as opposed to running and convincing the people to vote for you.

What’s so great about political experience? All that means is that you are skilled at sucking up to people, smiling when you don’t mean it and promising everything to everyone.– John Stossel

7.  Accountability/Responsibility

Set standards for Legislators and Regulators.


  • Think things through, vet all legislation through computer and business analysts to spot hidden flaws and consequences.
  • Do proper follow up and correction through feedback.
  • Debate and create case law to set legal precedents and prevent later legal activism.
  • Make legislators and regulators legally liable if they do not reasonably follow the standards.
  • Eliminate fraud, inefficiency and waste and spend the people’s money responsibly.

Require Responsibility to vote.

At first in the USA, the voter had to have “skin in the game” and be knowledgeable/mature enough to vote (over the age of 21) but gradually the USA moved to the philosophy of no disenfranchisement – where everyone has the “right” to vote without the balance of responsibility.

And that is the crux of many of this Country’s problems. Enforcement of rights without responsibility. The concept that a right is an entitlement without the responsibility of earning it. A right is not an entitlement. People have a right to drive, but must prove they are responsible enough to drive safely before receiving a license to drive (or another way of seeing it is a loosening of government protection of our lives from dangerous vehicles).

All Rights are balanced by responsibility.

The right to Free Speech comes with the responsibility to protect other’s right to free speech and not censor them and to control one’s speech from bullying others or incitement to riot.
The right to life comes with the responsibility of self-defense, maintaining health and being careful not to harm oneself. Not to mention preserving and defending other’s lives. (which we empower a government to do for us)
The right to property comes with the responsibility not to steal other’s property. (something the government violated by passing the 16th amendment allowing direct tax on income)

The right to vote comes with the responsibility of:
– Skin in the game.
– Maturity
– Literacy
– Civic Education
– Morality/Values

  • Citizen – Naturalized/assimilated to American values and culture
  • Not be an incarcerated Felon
  • Vote only once
  • Don’t vote if not qualified

Something to Consider:
– the disenfranchisement of informed voters by uninformed/ignorant voters.
– those whose property is stolen (confiscated/taken against their will by force of law through the IRS) to benefit those with no skin in the game.

– 18 year olds began voting because they needed a voice in whether they were forced into the military to be killed in war – A “skin in the game” argument. Without the draft should voting age go back to 21? Drinking involves responsibility and we don’t consider a person to be responsible enough until 21. Are they responsible and mature enough to vote?

Step 8. Reduce government pay

We need somebody who knows how to show a profit for this country. This is the richest country in the history of the world and every year we lose money…  The real reason is that the Congress and Senate get paid whether we lose money or not.  So they don’t even care.  Why should they care?   I said.. put them on commission. – Jackie Mason The world according to me.

The average pay for government employees is double that of the private sector.

Government employee remuneration ( salary, benefits, exemptions, pensions etc.) shall not be more than in the non-union private sector and will be so adjusted.  There shall be no public sector unions.  Mutual aid societies for insurance and pension only.

Longer Term–  George Washington set the example.  Representatives of the people Congress, Senate etc. should be paid one dollar.  No one paid the founders.  John Adams went into debt to finance his own public service.

The System we have now attracts the greedy, the selfish and  the incompetent and fosters corruption.

True Public service is an honorary position that only the best, who have a sincere desire to serve the good of their country should occupy after long careers, maturity and living a virtuous life.

Other than a small stipend for lodging, food, travel and administrative expenses, no Representatives of the People (Federal or State Congress, Senate etc.) shall receive public or private remuneration, in kind payment, positions of work, stock, favors, campaign contributions or special exemptions of any kind nor profit from inside information or legislation that favors their private interests.

Step 9.  Reduce dependence on Government

There is no Natural right to other people’s wealth.   The transfer of ownership of wealth/property is only legitimate when done voluntarily (a gift) or when exchanged for the renumeration of a service or goods.   A transfer of wealth/property by force is theft, except as compensation for damages caused.  A transfer without renumeration of goods or service is fraud.   All government ownership transfers for “social” service, charity, entitlements, social justice, or whatever name is in fashion, is both fraud and theft.   The government transfers ownership of wealth/property by force and the citizen is deprived of his/her ownership with no service or goods in return.  Extortion to buy off rioting of the “poor” is not a service or a good.  Rioting is a criminal act, which we already pay the Police to quell.  The Constitution can not grant a power for the government to merely transfer money from one person to another and therefore can not be in the business of “social justice”, charity and the like.   That is a power the people have reserved for themselves.

Do you take out a loan to give charity?  If you have to borrow to give charity then you need charity yourself.  Yet the government, over and above all the wealth it has stolen from you, has borrowed trillions of dollars to fund its “charitable” entitlement programs.  That’s because entitlements are about making people dependent and buying their votes.

Politicians will never stop spending as long as there are dependent voters because A Dependent voter is a Dependable Vote.

A safety net that is allowed to sink the entire boat is no longer a safety net; it is a drag net. –  Jay Gaskill.

 Transition off and eventually eliminate all government programs which cause or encourage dependence.

The word ‘entitlement’ is used to keep you thinking that the wealth taken from others is somehow yours by right.  Rather it is a Communist idea, that the government has title to everyone’s property and can en-title anyone they choose. This is also reminiscent of Feudalism where the king, by conquest, owned all property and granted land and serfs to Lords.

Eliminate spending that is not strictly beneficial to everyone reasonably equally.  Encourage that which leads to happiness and prosperity.  Strong Family and Community.

Transition “social” programs back to voluntary charity, mutual aid societies, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Scouts and the local community.  Put unemployed back to work in worker cooperatives. 

Catholic Charities is still the second largest provider of social services to the poor in the country and will continue without government’s stolen funds.  Remove the moral hazard of using stolen money.  The ends do not justify the means. Mutual aid was a foundation of social charity (now redefined as welfare) in the United States until the early 20th Century. – There were Benefit Societies which we can bring backCharity through individuals: Network For Good.

In 2010 the Boy Scouts in Northern NJ put in over 60,000 hours of service and collected over 70,000 cans of food.

Instead of giving other people’s money to the poor to buy a fish, teach them to fish.   The able bodied poor can be part of a worker owned cooperative business  Money could be used to fund their Capital investment.   The cooperative provides training.  Instead of a welfare check they will get paid from the business they own and work for.  They have a say in how the business is run and their needs (such as child care) can be met.  Government can make sure the coop transition to a viable business goes smoothly by taking care of the regulatory and licensing requirements, real estate, bank  etc.. 

Housing can be in Cohousing communities.

Instead of food stamps join a Consumer Cooperative where the customers own the Co-op. 

Join a Local Time Bank where your work time can be traded for other’s work time that benefits the community.   Donation of excess Time Dollars can be made to a community pool which is then spent for those in need or on community events. 

Social enterprises like Greyston bakery or Goodwill, which create sustainable lives.

Local Banks and worker owned community banks.    

There is no such thing as a right to Health Care. Health Care is a responsibility, best left to the care givers.  Remove corrupt Government interference which is the cause of health care crisis. 

Now– Obtain pledges from charitable organizations of resources and money and prove that they are capable of taking over from government.

Longer term – Restore funding for the government from the bottom up.  Local government supports itself and contributes to fund the State which then funds the Federal Government.  No funding from Federal to State or local or from State to local other than projects for the “General” welfare – that benefit all reasonably equally.

Step 10. Restore State’s Power.

Now and Longer term – Repeal the 17th amendment – Restore the appointment of Senators by the State Legislatures to represent the interests of the States.  Individuals are already represented in the House of Representatives (hence the name.  lol).  If the State legislators do not appoint a Senator by a specific date then the governor will appoint one.   

This gives the States the incentive to vote down new spending through their control of the Senate.  The main reason for the 17th amendment were Senate vacancies caused by conflict between two Political parties.  Eliminate parties and there is no longer a valid reason for direct election of Senators.

Repeal the 16th Amendment of 1913 and restore funding for the Federal government to the original Constitution’s mandate – from the States (by a flat consumption tax on retail sales) and from some tariffs.  The States fund the Federal Government based on the state’s proportion of representation in the Federal government and in proportion to which States have the most sales. 

Financial support for the states must come from a flat consumption tax only, on new goods with no exemptions and applicable to everyone.    Government services should only be for what is used by everyone in the state such as capital investment, state police, infrastructure… Services that benefit only some should be paid for only by those who benefit. (a toll on roads to fund maintenance and growth and not the general budget) 

Give regulatory power back to the states and eliminate all conflicting Federal regulatory agencies.   Sunset all agencies every two years and require a majority vote to renew their charter and budget.


Step 11. Military and Foreign Policy 
It would do well for Politicians to remember that war costs are paid by confiscating the people’s labor and wealth, with the blood of soldiers, the suffering of their widows and orphans and with the expense of lifelong care for the wounded and disabled. 

Special and incredible care should be put into a decision to make war.  War is for the nation’s defense only and only if absolutely necessary.  But when war is necessary it should be, swift, cheap as possible, with the least amount of our casualties and with the goal of Winning.  Attacking Americans is a Declaration of war.  By not taking swift and decisive Military action against Iran after they took Americans Hostage, Jimmy Carter allowed the major supporter of Terrorism to exist and emboldened them to attack America with no consequence.  Self Defense requires strength, resolve and dependability and the absolute fear and respect of your enemy. 

The war against Afghanistan terrorist bases was the correct way to wage war after America was attacked on 9/11. The following “Regime Change” in Iraq was at the very least questionable and further “winning hearts and minds”, nation building and “Bringing Democracy to the Middle East” was wrong.   So called “Humanitarian” war is wrong unless as a Police Action by a coalition of Nations.

In Libya and Egypt supporting the so called Arab Spring removed the Secular Dictators who protected the Christians. Arming the rebels in Syria is also not a good idea, if one wants to protect the Christians.   A secular Bashar Assad—ruthless as he may be—knows that Islamic terrorists that attack Christian “infidels” also see him as an “infidel” and are thus his natural enemies.  Finding and neutralizing Islamic elements that persecute Christians is one with finding and neutralizing those who would overthrow him.  It was the same in Saddam’s Iraq, Mubarak’s Egypt, Qaddafi’s Libya, and the rest.

A graphic representation of the financial and human cost of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

President Theodore Roosevelt’s racist takeover of the Philippines and making Japan the emissary of the White race to civilize (take over) China and Korea are an abomination, just as much as President Obama supporting the takeover of Muslim countries by the Islamic Terrorist “Muslim Brotherhood” or sending men and weapons to defeat Qadaffi in Libya, who renounced terrorism and made restitution and peace with the US.

Given that we keep the above in mind, we still need a strong defense.

Regardless of our foreign policy, we are still a target. Whatever our calculations are, potential enemies may have calculations entirely different from our own.  A responsible isolationist policy recognizes that we have enemies who will act regardless of what we do and prepares against the possibility of war without actively seeking it out. … “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” was a rule that the old Romans knew. If you would have peace, prepare for war. – Dan Greenfield

Defense especially in this age of jet planes and long range missiles requires a deterrent military force, weapons and sometimes throwing our enemies out of other countries. 

An irresponsible isolationist foreign policy … acts as if we have no enemies and that any talk that we have enemies is a conspiracy to bring us into a war.  It accepts every bit of enemy propaganda as gospel and assumes that if we just “stop bothering them”, they’ll “stop bothering us”. It assumes that the enemy is entirely motivated by our actions, that any conflict we are in is the result of our foreign policy and that isolationism will avert any such conflicts. – Dan Greenfield

Maintain a strong defense, but end “Nation Building”. Our own nation is in need of rebuilding. Stop enriching the so-called Military-Industrial complex under the guise of spreading our values, promoting “Freedom” or rescuing nations from Dictators. Conversion to Judeo-Christian “American” values is by example and education not by force. 

We do not have the right to impose ourselves as the Police Force of the world, nor has our government been granted the power to tax the people for this purpose.  The Constitution is clear.  Taxing power is solely for “the common defense” of our Nation.    If the world wants us to be their Police, then let the world formally contract that role with us and pay for it. 

If there is a humanitarian need to stop genocide with military force then it is should be financed by voluntary contributions from around the world and with a coalition of forces made up of volunteers from various trusted countries not just the United States.

If a country needs our military help or we have a treaty for mutual defense then THEY should pay for all the costs not us.

“The United States still holds the military leadership in the world, no question about it. But economically, I think you’re much weaker. Most importantly, I think the United States no longer leads the world morally and politically. They lost that power after getting involved in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“So it’s unsettling not to have the same world leadership anymore. We’re quite fortunate we haven’t faced any major international crisis so far, because who would defend us?

“We need a better organization to protect us, should those dangerous times ever come. And the responsibility of the United States as a superpower is to create those programs and solutions that would make the world a safer place. That doesn’t mean to finance them but rather to use brainpower to initiate them and move them forward.Lech Walesa – Anti-Communist, Founder of Solidarity Movement and Former President of Independent Poland

Humanitarian Aid should be paid for solely by donation and not confiscatory taxation.

International Humanitarian Aid to Foreign countries

NOTE: Almost if not all of these countries are Muslim.   Is this “Aid” actually paying the tribute tax required by Islam for being Non-Muslim?

All money going to a foreign power or military should be re-evaluated and ended if possible.

  • We give Foreign Monetary or Military aid to almost every country in the world including our enemies.  Buying off countries is subject to too much corruption to be a sound or effective military strategy.
  • Nation Building in Iraq and other Islamic countries is a futile and wasteful effort. Winning the hearts and minds of Muslims is not the job of the military and certainly not NASA, as Obama made it.   It is the job of cultural exchange, social media, trade and education.

Make sure no weapons, and goods related to weaponry, get into the hands of enemy or suspect countries, that could reasonably cause harm to the USA or it’s citizens, around the world. 

  • Ban the sale and prosecute the supply chain for treason. 
  • Do not arm Islamic or Socialist rebels unless we are at war with that country and need a supplement to our military presence.  And then only with older non-classified technology.

Eliminate Socialist redistribution of wealth from the people of our country.

  • Socialist redistribution from the US to “poorer” countries via direct aid or through the IMF is theft from the American people and a direct threat to the Country by making us poor and our enemies rich.  That is a job for trade not the military or any government agency.  
Tap America’s natural resources, foster energy independence and energy efficiency.
  • Using foreign oil from enemy countries gives them an advantage and great wealth to finance terrorism.
  • Eliminate regulations that stop oil drilling, oil shale extraction, oil pipelines etc.
  • Encourage the use of Natural gas.  Do not stand in the way of  Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) just make sure the water used is recycled and use other techniques to prevent groundwater pollution.
  • Eliminate the EPA’s ( and all other “regulatory” bodies) authority and place law making back into the hands of the People’s and the State’s representatives in Congress.  
  • Repeal unrealistic environmental laws that reflect extremist, fanatic environmental concerns and implement attainable, results based and economically feasible rules to reduce environmental harm.    A legitimate use of public funds would be to offer a prize for the best solutions.
  • Build safer and cleaner Thorium based nuclear reactors and plants to recycle all nuclear waste from current reactors.
  • Replace all incandescent and CFL bulbs with LED based ones. 
  • Use heat energy reclaiming technologies in all transportation such as regenerative braking using flywheels, regenerative suspensions using Shock absorber generators such as GenShock, reclaiming engine exhaust heat.  The Military uses 15 million gallons of fuel a day that, with logistical costs, can be up to $40 per gallon. Large Truck fleets spend upward of 100 million dollars per year on fuel alone.
  • Harvest energy from road traffic with embedded electro dynamic or piezoelectric generators, like Israel and the city of London are doing.
  • Implement smart driving technologies such as road train by Toyota
  • Implement carbon fiber cars and other energy ideas by the Rocky Mountain Institute
Investigate all monies coming from any foreign power, especially Islamic and Communist oil producing countries. 
  • Ban all funding from or connected to foreign sources for anything associated with promoting Islam or Sharia Law (specifically Saudi Arabia funding).
  • Stop the buying of political or social influence, such as funding for Presidential Libraries, speaking engagements or textbook re-writing.
What we should be doing is recognizing and admitting that Islam is at war with us:  Why Muslims Murder AmericansClassify Islam (and all Islamic Nations) as a potential National Security Threat and treat accordingly.
Educate Americans as to the threat of Islam towards non-Muslims.  
…the current clash of civilizations with Islam is obvious enough. This isn’t a conflict that dates back from 1991 or 1948 or even the First Barbary War in 1805. It’s a war that predates the United States and modern day Europe. It is a conflict that goes back over a thousand years… Islamic attacks against the United States may emerge from various micro-events, but the macro-event from which they originate is the shared history of the Western world and the ongoing conflict between the Muslim world and the West. Some isolationists may act as if the United States can break with European history through assertion alone. It cannot… America derives from Europe, and whether Americans recognize it or not, the rest of the world does. To Islam, America is not an island, it is another outpost of an enemy civilization that must be subdued so that the way of Mohammed will triumph around the world… Technological development means that the old boundaries are all but gone. Immigration means that the enemy population is already here. The rise of Islam means that war is inevitable, all that remains are the details, which battle, on what terms and in what form, and the larger detail of who will win. Dan Greenfield

Middle East – There is no peace with Islam except through strength and control.   End the so called Peace Process.  End Government funding, Aid or bribery to all Islamic organizations and governments especially “Palestinian”.  Recognize that there will never be a two state solution.  There will either be constant war – cold or otherwise, one tyrannical Islamic state or one free Israeli state.

Ban all funding that promotes Socialism, Communism or any Collectivist group supremacist ideology.

Require all candidates for political office, especially the President who is the Commander in chief of the military, demonstrate education and actualization of Foundational American Values.  It is not enough just to be born in the US or a to be naturalized citizen of America.

Decide how to treat Islam – as a Religion or a Political Ideology with a Religious component.

Control Immigration.

Step 12. Reform the Legal System

Re-evaluate and Restructure all Laws based on FAV.
Add the FAV amendment. Teach
Lawyers FAV and use it as a standard for all prior and future laws.   To prevent later misinterpretation and creating unintended case law precedence, think through all ramifications and create case law precedence before enacting legislation.  An example of thinking through case law precedence already exists in the 60 volumes of the Talmud.

Repeal Supreme Court usurpation of  the Constitution.  As George Washington warned  in his farewell address in 1796, modification to Constitutional powers should be made “by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates.  But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in the one instance, may be an instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed”.

Perhaps the 10th amendment should include the Federal Courts in it’s limitation of power.

Lest you think the Supreme Court infallible, remember Dred Scott v. Sandford which manufactured a right to hold slaves as property.  The court claimed it was protecting the right to property of a minority against a moral majority.   It was necessary to add the 14th amendment to rectify that mistake. Or the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson which legally sanctioned racial segregation despite the Fourteenth Amendment’s promise of equality. Which led to .. 1905 Lochner v. New York where the court struck down a duly enacted New York statute limiting bakery workers to 60 hours per week to protect their safety.  The court invented an individual right to “freedom of contract” purportedly implied by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Whoops.  Again it claimed to be protecting the minority (owners) against the tyranny of the democratic majority.





Even though this was struck down in the 1930’s the court continued their usurpation of State’s rights and legislated morality once again.   Griswold v. Connecticut “right to marital privacy,” which came from “penumbras formed by emanations” of the bill of rights granted the right to contraceptives for married couples,  Seven years later, Eisenstadt v. Baird, extended the right to use contraceptives to non-married persons.  A year after that, citing Griswold and Eisenstadt, they legalized abortion on demand in Roe v. Wade.

End Lawsuit Abuse 
The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
   – William Shakespeare. 

OK William, not so fast. 🙂

What’s wrong with Lawyers is the broken system and bad Laws, not the profession itself.   Lawyers are necessary to protect the consumer especially if there is less government supervision.

Loser Pays – If you bring a lawsuit and you lose, you pay the legal costs of the other party.   After all you are damaging the other party by forcing them to incur legal fees, emotional and physical pain, loss of work etc.    This would end extortion of settlements by threat of lawsuit, reduce malpractice insurance costs and cut down on frivolous and harassing lawsuits.

Raise the bar (Pun intended) for when a lawsuit is allowed to be brought.

End Punitive Damages – Only Compensation for actual damages to the victims from the perpetrators.

The worth of an eye in compensation for an eye, the worth of a leg in compensation for a leg.”

Not the worth of an eye to compensate for a leg or vice versa.

Fines shall never go to the government agency that collects them; to prevent corruption such as more and more fines designed to raise revenue for the agency.  Hold fines to a standard of reasonableness as per the Constitution.  Monies should go to those affected by the action the fine is designed to decrease.

Prison System Reform

People imprisoned for crimes should be working to compensate their victims and pay back the taxpayers for their apprehension, trial costs and incarceration. No punitive damages and no inflated government pricing for prison. Those prisoners that present no danger to society can be confined to house arrest and work until they pay back their debt.

Here is an example of the insanity of the current system and Punitive damages. Compensation for lost salary of his victim, about 100 thousand. Punitive damages, over 4 million. This inmate is in solitary confinement and has no means to pay back anyway.

This stupidity on top of 26 years of torture (waterboarding is nothing compared to this legal torture) in solitary confinement with constant sleep and sensory deprivation.

Our current system, is based on revenge and penalizes society to house and feed inmates.  Work rehabilitates and paying back teaches consequences.







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