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Let’s end ‘Politics’.

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The system of government we have in America today is not the one the Founder’s fought FOR  – it is the one they fought AGAINST! 

After a century of unraveling Constitutional protections and limitations, we currently live under a governmental system, unrecognizable to the Founders, which attracts and supports corrupt Politicians who have unlimited power and wealth from ongoing theft from the people of the United States.   The only solution is to fix the system, to attract the virtuous and repel the corrupt.  Like predatory fish in a river, you can’t get rid of them by pointing out their misdeeds or putting in new fish.   Change the river from salt to fresh water and the corrupt Politicians will leave to find a more conducive environment. 

Is all that necessary, you might ask?  Laws and regulations are so complicated and overwhelming that the government does not know how to enforce them or even who to go to get anything done.  Only the local community knows who to turn to expedite  projects.  Large government has no clue and always stops dead in its tracks. 
But…can’t we just elect different politicians, influence the Political parties or change laws?   Sure you could but… that would be as ineffective as playing with the lights and radio to stop a defective car from careening off a cliff. At that point, the car has so deteriorated that it is no longer appropriate to contemplate tweaking the fuel mixture, the brakes or anything else you might have done before.   The only solution is to escape the broken car and afterwards drive one that works properly.  In the case of our broken government system, the solution would be to get rid of the broken system and drive this CARR –  Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair.
The role of government, in the economy, is to facilitate and cultivate – not over administrate. – Dr. Society
Our current government system, much like the one we revolted against, is ruled by an hereditary aristocracy of Political Parties for the Benefit of the Political Party and its hold on power, not the benefit of the Public.   We are no longer a Representative Democracy.   The “representatives” we elect are chosen and controlled by a Political Party and mainly represent their party’s ideology.   The Electors for President and Vice- President are chosen by the Political party and not the State legislature.  The people’s diverse interests can not be represented by one or two-party platforms.  The diversity of 435 community’s voices in the House, which are necessary for true Representation of the people, have been censored down to only one or at most two Political Party’s voices.
Both parties have half the truth and both are half wrong.  One has to watch both sides’ media outlets and, additionally, research on the Internet with a critical eye to get at a semblance of the whole truth – something that partisans are not doing.  Instead they are defending their half-truth to the death.   
To divert from learning the other half of what they are missing, they bring up talking points prepared by their political party or philosophy which contains logical fallacies that sound right but are merely cleverly concocted diversions from the truth  They cite unscientific polls and statistical analysis, and derive false legitimacy from partisan “Authorities” who agree with them or the “American People” half of whom do not agree with them. 
Rather than acknowledge that neither partisan side has all the information and therefore it behooves everyone to examine their conclusions, they do not overcome their programming and primitive automatic physical flight or fight response (changing one’s mind is a physical process and the body reacts to it as a physical attack) and immediately jump in to attack with insult, deprecation, attempts to de-legitimize the person or their arguments, picking on spelling or grammar or meaning, redefining arguments to create a straw man that they can knock down and thus ignore the points made and all sorts of other logical fallacies.   
In the end, every discussion degenerates into an attack and avoidance fest, with neither side learning from the other and the myths, biases and prejudices of the partisans reinforced by other partisans agreeing with them and mutually doing battle together to build brotherhood and group solidarity.  Unfortunately this solidarity also comes with insularity into rival camps and as Lincoln said, a country divided against itself will not long stand.  
Where is all this anti-social behavior and thinking coming from?  It is a systemic problem coming from the inmates who are running the asylum. Too much power corrupts.   A corrupted system, like the one the USA is now governed by, attracts the sociopath.  Politicians are no longer attracted by duty, integrity and honor to be Statesmen of the Caliber of George Washington.  Today’s Politician is attracted by power over others, easy money, manipulation and control, feeding their narcissistic egos, exempting themselves from rules and law that others must follow, feeling superior and resting comfortably in an environment where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, admired and protected by their office, their party, their propagandized party acolytes and their fellow sociopath.    
For the most part, today’s Politician:
  • Is Superficially Charming and Glib but is deceptive, manipulative and has a need for control.
  • Pathologically Lies with no remorse, shame or guilt and even believes their own lies.
  • Has no conscience or ability to feel regret about hurting others.  Is callous and lacks empathy.  That’s why consequences of the laws Congress makes are not considered.  They don’t care about the effects or who is affected, only if their re-election is affected; nor do they conceive that anything they think of, or do, can be wrong.
  • Is authoritarian, secretive and paranoid and their goal is to control and even enslave and ultimately create willing victims.  Hence the victim culture.
  • Have a sense of self-importance without any real achievement.
  • Are arrogant with a grandiose sense of self and their superiority; therefore their ends always justify their means.
  • Has an emotional need to justify their actions and therefore needs their victims’ affirmation, respect, gratitude and even love. Hence the theft from those who earn, to buy the votes of their victims and the propaganda to justify this theft and bribery.
  • Never accepts responsibility for anything wrong.   Never apologizes for their deeds, merely for your misinterpretation.  Blames everything on others.
People could find commonality in various issues and make solutions if they were not encumbered with a Political Party that has a platform of issues which are banded together to conflict with the other party.  One issue can not be separated out and resolved, peacefully and rationally, due to the animosity and scorn that is propagandized by the Political Party into their members, to win elections, power and money for the Political parties.  The fighting is good for the Parties.  It keeps the people weak,  uninformed and misdirected.  Conflict inducing issues serves as a good emotional rallying point that brings people out to vote for “their” party. Abortion, gay marriage, helping the poor,  and other hot button issues are solvable, but the Political Parties will not do so.  Those issues are too useful as tools to influence the votes. I hope people can eventually recognize who are the true enemies.  They are not the People, they are the Political parties who manufacture your consent.  

The End of Virtue
The original system of the United States depended on a virtuous people, refined by Religious practice, schooled in Civilized values with a Government controlled by a Constitution to limit the accumulation of power by Politicians. 
Religious influence has deteriorated since Darwin’s theory of evolution was applied to justify Atheism.  
Religion’s essential moral refining process was thrown out together with the rejection of its rituals and perceived mythologies. 
To fill the vacuum of Religious influence, alien ideas crept in and new secular religions and Quasi-Religions arose with their own dogmas and rituals such as Communism, Socialism, Environmentalism, Racial Supremacy, Political Supremacy and others. 
The Constitution was reinterpreted to grant almost unlimited power to Politicians.  Vast rewards of power and money were insinuated into the government system, which attracted the most unrefined, immature and corrupted to Politics.  Government theft of property in the form of a, previously unconstitutional, direct tax on income, was legalized and programs to create dependent voters were implemented.    
The United States system of personal refinement and limited and balanced government power was broken. 
Human beings possess an infinite capacity to create, innovate, Intuit, reveal, learn, imagine and build whatever is needed to solve any problem, cure any disease, help each other and assemble as perfect a civilization we can imagine.  The reason we don’t, is due to:
– The lack of a common framework of principles, values, code of conduct, ethics and communication;
– The lack of personal and bureaucratic responsibility and accountability;
– Concentrated power and control in the hands of a small group of unrefined or corrupted people;  
– The system that allows or encourages this accumulation of power. 
Too much concentrated Power and the faulty system that allows it, creates a moral hazard that even the most honest fall into and become corrupted.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  
I will be presenting material, to fix the above, that many will find to be radically different from what they have previously believed. Some will enjoy the adventure of discovery and some will feel fear or anger at what might change their current, comfortable view of reality.   My hope is that you will be willing to take on the challenge of chewing over and digesting what I will be relating, rather than immediately spitting it out and pushing away from this banquet of ideas.
Only together can we end “Politics”.   By that I mean, that which is motivated by lust for Political Power and corrupted by too much of it.   For example, the artificial divisions and strife, among the populace, based on party allegiance, dogma or economic class which are propagated for Political reasons.   Or the cultural and moral decay, due to dissolution of ethical and moral standards, for Political reasons.  More immediate, the ongoing theft of your wealth, through income based tax and stealth devaluation of the dollar by the Federal reserve, (which manifests as inflation of prices), and strangulation of business by over-regulation and Soviet style central planning by our government that rules over the people without their consent.  
The solutions I propose are “out of the box” of any Political Party, so I expect that every reader will experience some resistance.  When you discuss this, you may not get initial support from anyone else on your “team” either.  For one thing, I will make the case that it is necessary to eliminate all Political Parties.  I will recommend restoring boundaries on what tasks the government should legitimately and practically perform and what tasks must be returned to the people. 
It is immoral compulsion and theft when the government takes money from one person and does not deliver a direct benefit to that person.  Taxation for the military which benefits everyone is moral.   Charity, social services and any form of largesse is immoral and fueled by theft.     
There will also be a plan to change the way we fund government.  If not through a bill for services rendered, then at least via a tax on transactions rather than through confiscation of property and an invasion of privacy that reveals everything about us to the government.  Also the elimination of the Federal Reserve control of the currency and interest rates, since it is the instrument of a stealth flat tax, that comes directly out of the dollar itself, and makes everyone poorer.
Congressional quack surgeons have changed unobtrusive little Uncle Sam into overbearing Ant Sam. When Government was our Uncle Sam it was similar to the little ant colony that you walk by everyday but hardly ever notice. The ants were busy with their tasks.  They didn’t bother you and you didn’t bother with them. But with all the Bureaucracies that Congress has over fed (no pun intended) by unconstitutionally delegating them lawmaking power, the little government ants have grown to the size of tractor trailers and the Ants are carting off your furniture, pets and even children.
Government, in general, is NOT the problem.   The broken SYSTEM of government is the problem.  
What’s broken?  
Political Parties –  They represent themselves and not the people and break the separation/balance of powers; especially, and obviously so, when one party controls the executive and Legislative branches of the government and has a majority in the Supreme Court.  
Instead of the Royal couple King George, and his Queen, deciding our fate, without our control or representation, we have the Royal Couple, Democrat and Republican, doing the same. – Dr. Society  
Changing Political parties or Politicians will not solve the problems of the broken system because  Political Parties cause the problems. 
Government by Political parties is tyranny.   The voice of the people, who constituted this government, are usurped by Political parties.  Instead of a debate of 435 representatives of the people in the House, and 100 representatives of the States in the Senate – it is always a fight between only two voices, that represent an ideology, Democrat or Republican, and not the people of their constituency or State.  
One or both parties facilitate illegal immigration to swell the ranks of their voters.
There is hardly any compromise. Two ideologies with no interest in understanding each other fight for dominance over the power and money they steal from the people.    
Term Limits for the individual are useless as a way to prevent Corruption and ambition, since the Political party remains in power no matter which party member fills the seat.    Political Parties directly negate the concept of term limits, since the Parties terms are effectively endless, even though faces are changed by the people.   Even after their term, the Politician is still vulnerable to towing the party line since they stay a career Politician now directly employed by the Political Party or indirectly as a consultant, lobbyist or pundit.  Only Amendment, can eliminate dictatorial Political Party control and bureaucracies.    

Social “Justice” –  Justice is blind, because everyone rich or poor is supposed to be treated equally under the Law.   This is the first rule of civilization.   The Law cannot be used to re-distribute wealth, as justice can not favor the poor over the rich.  

Re-distribution is a politically neutered word for theft.  The government has no money of its own.  It must first take it from the people.   
Social Justice, which treats people unequally under the law by taking wealth from one and giving it to another is the very opposite of Justice.  It is theft.  The ends do not justify the means.  
Money represents an exchange of benefit.  The only legitimate government exchange is one where a person pays for a government service that directly benefits them, not someone else.     It is also important HOW we give.  Government re-distribution robs people of the empathy that comes from feeling what another feels and giving of their time to personally help another.  Like School, you can’t appoint someone else to attend classes and expect to learn.  Or appoint someone else to eat for you and expect to get any nourishment.
Government redistribution is based on a feeling of guilt and jealousy for those who are “better off” and not “paying their fair share” or other euphemisms justifying stealing as a method of raising funds for the poor.
“Disadvantaged” is a word use as an excuse for Jealousy and guilt.   This word propagandizes being poor as due to a lack of some sort of “advantage” that people who make more money somehow have over others.     Helping the poor is a personal responsibility of the people, that builds character and holds together community.   Even small community programs are also personal.   
Large Government programs are impersonal.   You can not use the excuse for government theft that people would not give without government forcing them to.   Not just because that has NEVER happened, but because, even If it did, that is a failure of the mores of the culture and should be addressed spiritually and culturally, not through law and theft.  Even practically speaking, government social programs are subject to corruption, waste money, deprive the people of the character they develop from being sensitive to the plight of others and helping them directly, and fosters dependency and crime in those that receive this unjust pirated booty.
America’s government welfare state keeps people poorer by making poverty more comfortable and  penalizing attempts to rise out of poverty by working.  State/government handouts ALWAYS becomes a means to buy the votes of the dependent and impoverish the rest to become dependent voters.  Getting people to accept dependent status and Society to pay for it, is costly and counter-productive.  
The government promotes envy and a sense of grievance in the poor and the false sense of “righteousness” to demand what other people have produced, while creating a culture that rewards “victims” with “Entitlement”.  The system creates a disincentive to work because a dependent voter is a dependable voter.   
Rising out of poverty demands Human Capital, not stolen capital.  An amendment Transitioning all Social programs back to the people, communities and charities will fix the problem.    
Bureaucracies, Strangulation Regulations and too much government – Bureaucracies are not Constitutionally allowed to make laws.  They are unelected and not our representatives (Political Parties are also not the people’s representative).   Only Congress, made up of the people’s and the States’ representatives, is granted that power.   All regulations/rules or whatever name, are laws, and are unconstitutional if not passed by the Congress and the Senate.  Congress can not delegate that power.  It makes each bureaucracy into a tyranny.  They can pass any rules/regulations/laws they want to without the Constitutional process of debate and the checks and balances or House Senate and Presidential approval.
No one can overturn a bureaucracy’s stupid or bad laws/regulations without a long legal battle through the courts, whereas Congress can take a vote and repeal a bad law they created.  Bureaucrats are unelected and can’t be voted out. 
The word “Regulation” has been reinterpreted from it’s 1776 meaning of “making smooth” to strangulation by controlling every detail.  Tweaking laws, to reign in the constantly growing parasite, won’t help because they won’t change Congress’ reinterpretation of the Constitution.   Only a clarifying amendment and a Sunset Amendment (so bureaucracies don’t go on forever, like they do now) will do that.  
Government Jobs are an expense, not a profit center, and a net drain on the economy.   The economy can only support a limited amount of this expense.  Just as an unlimited war will drain a countries resources, so too will an unlimited government. 
The government can only do a limited amount of tasks before becoming unmanageable.  Today the President and his administration says the government is too big flor them to have any idea what’s going on.  They can’t manage it.   
No business, Large or small, is immune from competition.  IBM was brought down by Microsoft.  Apple brought down Microsoft with the iPhone.  Samsung is bringing down Apple.  (Yes there is also foreign competition).  Only government monopolies are immune from competition.   AT&T was a government monopoly.  Allowing competition made prices go down and caused a telecommunication revolution. Private companies (as long as they are not protected by government) should be only lightly bounded. 
Some regulation to prevent fraud and injury and a legal system to prosecute lawsuits is necessary, but over-regulation destroys the free market.
In some ways it is more important to control the government not the people.  Unlimited power to create regulations and laws allows the government to control business actions to be “Politically correct” and to spread government propaganda to “manufacture Consent” in the people to their policies. Companies are enlisted and rewarded if they keep Politicians in power.  Most of the so-called evil conglomerates are enabled by government corruption, protections, sweetheart deals and regulations to destroy competitors and looking away from abuses.   Cut the power to do evil and the evil stops or is at least controlled by competition and social pressure.    
Illegitimate Government  – The only legitimate entities or tasks, which the government has the Constitutional power to tax the people for, are those that protect the welfare of the whole of the people.   Welfare as defined in 1776 means keeping bad things from happening and not charity, as welfare has been redefined.  The only legitimate entities and tasks that the government is granted power for are those specifically enumerated as powers in Article I section 8 of the Constitution.
In principle the only purpose for government is to help us accomplish what we as individuals or smaller entities like communities and even states are not sufficient to accomplish ourselves. 
None of the new powers the government took upon themselves are legitimate until added as amendment.  Of these powers very few might be characterized as for the General welfare.  Non-commercial science, Space exploration, NOAA monitoring the weather and types of snow, NASA protecting the Earth by monitoring solar flares, hardening the electrical grid against electromagnetic pulses from weapons or the sun etc.  The FDA – responsible for food and drug safety,  the CDC which prevents epidemics and pandemics and the Consumer Protection agency which evaluates product safety in general, and prosecutes consumer fraud, might be entities that protect the whole of the people, not just one segment, and would therefore be legitimate to tax the States for (that’s right, the States are supposed to pay for the Federal government, not the people.  Which is why the income tax amendment broke the constitution).   
The EPA may have been legitimate when it was minimizing Pollution for the whole of the people but has now become a corrupt racket, creating wealth for carbon exchanges (that are owned by Al Gore) and other environmentally connected campaign contributors, extorting business and confiscating people’s property.  It operates under junk science that can no longer justify the existence of any meaningful threat to the American People’s welfare, nor the cost effectiveness of their program.  Monitoring the types of Soda pop or lunch is what parents do – not government.  These powers however are not specified in Article I Section 8 and although they might be funded they can not be carried out without an Amendment to the Constitution granting those specific powers.
Nanny State – Thanks to re-interpretation of the words “General Welfare” the government has become ever more intrusive in our lives and deprived the people of Liberty.  Congress uses this wording, which only referred to the power to tax, as an excuse for usurping the power, not just to tax, but to DO whatever they please.  A Clarifying amendment will fix the problem.
Minimum wage and over licensing – Government interference, although it sounds good, destroys the free market and our society.  None more so than the minimum wage.  Be honest.  When you first started to work, you had zero skills, you screwed up and would rather chat it up with the attractive co-worker than actually do work.  Your employer did you a favor by educating you.  Why on earth would any employer hire you or any other unskilled youth that’s worth maybe 4 dollars an hour for 7.50 or 15 dollars and hour?  That’s right, they don’t.  And when the minimum is raised, they fire anyone already employed, that’s not worth the higher minimum wage, and are forced to hire less people than they would have before.  So the rest of us are overworked to make up the difference.  
With no way into the job market, our youth either go on welfare at society’s expense or joins gangs, peddles drugs and turns to crime and murder for “work”, at society’s expense.   Who benefits?  Not the employer or the employee.  Only the lawyers, who write the minimum wage laws.   They are kept busy prosecuting or defending the youth they screwed up,   Then we jail them and provide shelter, food and entertainment at Society’s expense.  What a moronic idea. 
If someone feels they are underpaid, they are responsible for finding other work or obtaining the training or skills necessary to find higher paying work. The employer is not responsible for paying a “Living wage”, the employee is responsible for making their own living.  
If the government would trust the people’s intelligence, internet reviews, the market and the abundance of lawyers to regulate professions and eliminate most of the unnecessary licensing that bars people from entering many fields, more people would apprentice and start their own business.      
Charity – is not a legitimate government power.  A “War” on poverty is useless since it takes from one and gives to another within the same economy.   It is like taking water from the deep end of a pool and pouring it into the shallow end to make it deeper.   It is as useful as giving yourself a blood transfusion from one arm to the other. 
The people, and the economy could have used the taxes taken for government social welfare, in a value added manner, to increase it first and then give to the poor themselves and build the character that is so lacking in America today.    
Income tax and exemptions – Eliminating the IRS and instituting a flat income tax will not fix the problem, because the income tax itself, is theft of property,  or at best an improper taking of property without just compensation and exemptions, granted to Political contributors,  violates equal treatment under the law.  Not to mention that tax policy has the force of Law and governs the actions of the people in the same manner.  Only Congress has the power to make law.  An unequal tax code and special interest Exemptions are an unconstitutional means for the executive to circumvent Congress and a stealth mechanism for political bribery by Lobbyists.  Repeal of the 16th amendment that broke the constitution and an amendment which institutes a uniform-rate transaction tax on consumption  (such as on retail sales) , with no exemptions, as the only form of taxation on people, will fix the problem.    
Political Campaign Financing – Financing is a major cause of corruption,  buying influence and wasting money.  But the root is campaigning itself.   Eliminate the Campaign and the corruption and waste ceases.  
The founders envisioned a system where the people of each small community  drafts into service whom they feel is best among themselves, rather than massive propaganda/advertising/deception to sell an unfamiliar and defective product to the people.    
Debt and spending.   Short term thinking  –  The desire to get elected and secure their Political Party gives Politicians incentive to think short-term for what is good for them and their party and not the People.  It pays for Politicians to keep spending as much as possible and accumulate debt to finance that spending.  The more they spend on free gifts, the more votes they buy.   Their incentive is never to pay back any principal on the debt and instead spend that money.  They pay interest only because that is mandatory.  Why pay back any principal when you can just push that burden down the road to when the other party is in power and they have to deal with it.  
The way to fix this is to make it less desirable to be a Politician, less salary, no campaign contributions except by individuals (capped), no bundlers and no more Political Parties.
In the economic sphere an act, a habit, an institution, a law produces not only one effect, but a series of effects. Of these effects, the first alone is immediate; it appears simultaneously with its cause; it is seen. The other effects emerge only subsequently; they are not seen; we are fortunate if we foresee them…There is only one difference between a bad economist and a good one: the bad economist confines himself to the visible effect; the good economist takes into account both the effect that can be seen and those effects that must be foreseen.   Yet this difference is tremendous; for it almost always happens that when the immediate consequence is favorable, the later consequences are disastrous, and vice versa. Whence it follows that the bad economist pursues a small present good [infusion of endless money, bailouts, quantitative easing] that will be followed by a great evil to come, while the good economist pursues a great good to come, at the risk of a small present evil.” – From an essay by Frédéric Bastiat in 1850, “That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Unseen”    
War and Foreign Aid – Spending by government comes directly OUT of the economy.  The government has no money other than what it takes from the people.  War depletes the economy and makes everyone poorer (not to mention the dead and wounded).   When our country and our lives are directly threatened,  we sacrifice wealth to prevent death and robbery by foreigners.   However, War must be much more carefully considered  and as with many other government programs, made more cost-effective.   Before authorizing military intervention, losing lives and lifelong medical care for the wounded, must be factored in.   Even if we are to be the Police of the world, we should lessen the burden on American taxpayers by having other countries pay for intervention that protects or favors them or enforcement of International Laws.  We should be using only private funds to pay for Disaster Aid and Humanitarian relief.  
Social Security –  is an accounting fiction.    It is a tax and not, since the 1960’s, a contribution to a “trust”.    No one is paying IN to anything, they are only paying OUT.  SS can be eliminated for those not already collecting benefits by refunding all past “contributions” with interest and putting that in a real retirement fund.  Current recipients would continue being paid from taxes, or choose to opt out by receiving their past “contributions” plus interest.  
Federal Reserve – 
This entity is neither Federal nor is there a true Reserve.  This conglomeration of banks, in collusion with the Treasury, control interest rates and the value of your dollar.  It is the reason for inflation and boom and bust cycles.  Restoring a fixed amount of dollars in circulation, a fixed amount of underlying commodity to the dollar, and market control of interest rates will stop the stealth theft of your wealth.  
 The FED has devalued almost 99 cents out of the dollar.  It has affected our culture and society in many ways.  Where once one partner could support a household and retirement and vacations with a dollar only worth a penny comparatively , both partners in a marriage must work and teenagers no longer can get married since neither they nor their parents  can support a household. Instead women, who before would be mothers at home, pursue a career and experiment with multiple partners.  One of the reasons for premarital sex, besides contraceptives and the women’s movement is the amount of time before marriage and commitment to one partner.   Once on the career track, many do not stop for marriage.   The percentage of women in their forties without children has risen dramatically.  
According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, in 2014, 47.6 percent of women between age 15 and 44 had never had children, up from 46.5 percent in 2012. This represents the highest percentage of childless women since the bureau started tracking that data in 1976.
Tension and stress is at an all time high due to the lack of money.  
Today the surest way to a man’s heart is through his surgeon, not his stomach. – Dr. Society
States have no representation –  The States, not the people, are supposed to elect Senators.  Repeal of the 17th Amendment will restore their representation and elimination of Political Parties that cause stalemate will assure that the Senate seats are filled.  
Top down funding –  Federal government confiscates the citizen’s money and uses it to control the States by making them beggars for funding.  Replacement of the Income tax with a flat rate consumption tax and distribution of the proceeds by the State from the community up through the State to the Federal Government, will eliminate top down funding.  
Ignorance –  The President and Congress take an oath to uphold the Constitution but have no idea what is in it, what it means,  nor its history.   The people are ignorant of the Constitution and are not informed voters.  An Amendment requiring mandatory education of the Constitution and its history, Civics and Foundational American Values and a required test and demonstration of Constitutional expertise for all elected officials would cure this ignorance.  
Propaganda –  The Media and Education have become tools for government propaganda.   The right to Free Speech is abridged when the Media is controlled and/or when propaganda censors the people’s ability to listen to non-governmental views.   An amendment to keep them free of governmental and foreign influence is essential.
Government Fraud and waste –  The government has the power of law to investigate Consumer fraud.  Government fraud, in a conflict of interest, is investigated by government.  The people need investigative and subpoena powers to monitor Congress, the President and the Supreme Court  and either investigate other government agencies for fraud and waste directly or together with Congressional committee.
Values, ethics, principles, moral code – Political “Correctness” propagandized by the government,  has become the standard by which we judge our actions.  Judgment of right and wrong, good and bad has been suspended.   Judgment has been equated with “discrimination” and many people, especially the Politicians, lack all facility for judgment and clear thinking. 
According to today’s Politically Correct CULT-ure, Morality is relative, ethics have become expediency, Politics has no honor or duty – just winning, the ends justify the means, all men are viewed as predators and/or child molesters, reparations to those unaffiliated with past wrongs from immigrant guilty whites that had nothing to do with slavery, theft by government is legalized, war has become winning hearts and minds and supporting the enemy.   People are ashamed to be Americans.
The destruction of American Foundational common values based on the Judeo-Christian moral code is due to the the false belief that Human behavior , like animal behavior can be genetically inherited.  If behavior for such actions as cannibalism, sacrificing babies, murder, theft, war and criminal activity is biological, then no one can be held accountable for those behaviors, because they had no choice. 
However, Humans do have a choice.  Humans do not have pre-programmed instinctual behaviors other than a very few basic ones such as pain and avoidance.  Human behaviors are learned every generation.  Genetic factors  fo brain chemistry, body type gender etc. influence but do not determine human behavior.  Whereas genetics does determine animal behavior to a far greater extent.  Humans have Free choice, by not having determined behaviors, other than those absolutely necessary for survival such as eating, eliminating wastes, avoidance of pain and attraction to pleasure such as procreation etc.  An even with those choice and will can overcome them.  
“…we take the view that genes are not deterministic, and that there is scope for an explanation of human behavior that allows for genes to have some influence over our characteristics but also holds that we are responsible for our actions. ”  Nuffield Council on Bioethics – UK
Restore teaching of Foundational American Values, not religious rituals, but Judeo-Christian fundamentals of Civilization.  
Immigration –  Smooth the process of legal immigration with Immigration Responsibility: Self-sufficiency so that there is no incentive to come to the country illegally.  In addition to not being a criminal, all immigrants, including refugees, must be self-supporting or – sponsored and supported by their family or religious, fraternal or other community – who are not recipients of public assistance.  Immigrants and refugees get No direct or indirect public assistance of any kind (private assistance is fine), nor voting for 10 years.   This Eliminates the incentive to come here to mooch from the public and the incentive of Politicians to accumulate dependent voters.  Current Illegals, who elect to stay, get permanent residency, but are permanently banned from citizenship and voting.   Their children, who were born here during their illegal entry or illegal stay are permanently banned from voting.  Those that come here illegally after implementation of the easy work entry will be considered enemy combatants in an act of war.  They and their country will be treated accordingly.  
Criminal justice system – Punishment of criminals by incarceration in Jails, and treating them as property, is mere revenge and harmful to society. It is not society’s responsibility to house and feed criminals. Jail becomes a career path, to more crime, for those who can “Do the Time”. 
In Jail, criminals are subjected to atrocities by other inmates, are broken in solitary confinement, learn to be sociopathic and are recruited as Islamic Terrorists. They become a far worse danger to society and the criminal cycle perpetuates.
A criminal’s meals, housing, medical care, entertainment and other support are provided for by taxpayers who fund the prisons.  The crime victims remain uncompensated by the perpetrator.    Instead the criminal should be working to pay damages to their victims. For example:
Thieves should be able to continue their jobs and pay back the victim (with interest) or learn a trade under forced labor so they don’t have to steal. More violent offenders should work under supervision. The 13 Amendment permits slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime.  If a person is in good health, something akin to corporal punishment may even be given in certain cases.
If someone deliberately fires a weapon in the commission of a crime, they are automatically subject to lethal force to stop them,  (by the police or anyone else) .  
Those who enter the country illegally with a weapon or use a weapon are enemy combatants. 
Murderers are put to death, if proven guilty, but under stricter rules of evidence. It becomes a duty to kill them before they kill again.  Self defense is saving a life.   Incarceration should only be used to hold a person until trial, if they are a flight risk. For reference on implementation look to Talmudic Case Law and their system of compensating victims from the proceeds of selling the criminal into involuntary servitude until such time as they worked off the purchase fee. Food, shelter, clothing, humane treatment etc. are required.
The cure for crime is personal responsibility, shame, adopting/teaching/enforcing Foundational American Values, returning charity and other responsibilities to the people and eliminating criminal breeding grounds such as broken families, racial hucksters, uncaring bureaucrats, housing projects, generational government “welfare” dependency and all other moral hazards resulting from of our corrupted societal values and corrupt government system.  
Punitive damages – Punishment over and above compensatory damages raises the cost of insurance, which the people pay for in the price of healthcare and other goods and services, mainly enrich lawyers and reward ever more frivolous lawsuits.  Only strictly compensatory damages and in some cases double or triple actual damages should be allowed.  The worth of an eye, not an arm and a leg, in compensation for an eye.   Loser pays court costs.
Tuition Costs and Student Loans – The high cost of tuition is due to easy Government Student loans given without regard to risk. Much like the policy that caused the subprime housing crisis.  In a normal market, college tuition and home prices are constrained to what an average student, or family, can pay.  Easy access to cash in student loans or subprime mortgages, makes it possible for everyone to afford to pay higher prices and creates an artificially high demand and prices rise to that artificially high level.  The more money made available by the government (who has to take it away from the taxpayers) makes the tuition prices go up even further.  
Ivy league students default rate is 2% while low tier colleges have up to a 45% default rate.  Without the government, Student loans would still be available – from banks, colleges and alumni with interest rates that would depend on risk.  High risk College’s students would have less ability to get loans and therefore Colleges would have to lower their tuition to keep their lower income students, which would help the poor.

Like every government system since the beginning of time, the current American system of government corrupts by allowing the accumulation of too much power.   History is fraught with lessons proving that no one, not even the most perfect person we can imagine, can be trusted with more than a very limited amount of power. 
A refining process of instilling boundaries, morals and principles, then a thorough test – through experiences – is necessary before a person becomes emotionally mature and wise enough to be granted even limited power.  This refining process is something we no longer do and which must be restored.   
The reason America became the most productive and free nation on earth (until the last 100 years, that is) were people like President George Washington, who spent his life refining himself, refusing the power of a king, objecting to remuneration (salary, benefits, titles, honor etc.) that could corrupt political leaders, who warned against allowing political parties and factions that would duplicate the corrupting and tyrannical power of a Monarchy and stepped down after two terms to show that even he needed limits on tenure.   
Our corrupted system of government steals wealth and freedom from you, makes you servants to the ruling masters and covers it up with all sorts of propaganda that deflects you from noticing.  They foist ridiculous justifications for their actions on you, keep you fighting amongst yourselves and trot out the usual scapegoats for you to sacrifice instead of them. It is the most Primitive form of government.  An élite conquers and makes you serve them.   
The system is then gamed against the servants.  Thankfully, but also tragically, we servants live in comparative luxury, so we don’t notice that all our property now belongs to the masters in government. The government system we have today attracts the self-centered, the easily corruptible and other dregs that should never make it to positions of power. It is like a cesspool that has slowly accumulated crap on top of more crap. It’s time to clear it out and fix the cesspool.   Just between us, there is so much crap that not even Roto-Rooter would take this task on. 
Am I nuts for trying?  Not if you join me.  Together we can restore our proper government.   Keep reading and I’ll show you why and how.
Now, watch out! Get ready to be hit upside the head. Most of what you have been taught is false, or at best, misleading propaganda, designed by Politicians and Political Parties, to keep them and their buddies in power and you kept down as sheep to be shorn and eventually eaten (your finances and liberty, that is).   Propaganda is not simply political rhetoric or editorial fervor; it is the art of deceiving people into adopting the ideology you want them to espouse. It is not about convincing people of the truth; it is about convincing people that fallacy is truth.   When a group or organization seeks to establish any social policy…If its members are forced to lie, tell half-truths or use manipulative tactics in order to fool the masses into accepting its initiative, then the initiative at its very core is not worth consideration.- Brandon Smith   All initiatives and “social policy” of any Political Party are  motivated by attaining and keeping  power… over you.   They do what gains them votes and what is best for them.  Political parties, especially when there are only two to choose from, destroy representative Democracy.   Politicians represent their party’s interests, not the interests of the people who vote for the Politicians.    The point of the revision is to:
  • Solve the problems of rampant corruption and deteriorating liberty created by the current broken system.  
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Be more effective in helping the poor, indigent and the elderly without creating dependency, fraud and waste.   
  • Foster prosperity for the entire economy, not just the privileged, subsidized or politically connected.  
  • Improve societal mores/standards for self-control to obviate the need for external control.
  • Replace or repair broken governmental systems and maintain the right balance of its control and power.
Before After
What it would look like after the Revision
Recession and Unemployment.  An economy choked by regulations and interfered with by special interest subsidies, privileges and collusion with big corporations and banks. Free and smooth trade, level playing field, dams removed, Growing economy, Prosperity, Jobs.Re-distribution of power not wealth.  Equal opportunity not results.
Education. Inappropriate Standardized Curriculum and testing was designed like a factory producing identical widgets.  Cultivates specialized skills not talent. Benefits the Teacher’s employment not the Students knowledge.  Bad teachers that can’t be fired, students stuck in bad schools, failing grades, dropouts, massive bureaucracy. Federal funding forces political agenda and dumbed down politically correct curriculum. Student Loan system and public subsidies, meant to increase access to college, is having the reverse effect.  It causes artificially high tuition costs, putting college further out of reach for those without loans and high debt for Students who take loans. Individually customizable learning experience.  Teach students how to think, not what to think.  Cultivate their talents as well as broad skills. Restore Teaching of Civics and Free Enterprise so people understand our Political System and free market economy.  Online learning blended with traditional.  Mastery of a subject as accountability not merely mandated time in school.  Teacher’s paid by merit not tenure. School Choice for parent’s and students.  Funding at local level only.  Not beholden to Political agenda.
Immigration. No filter on immigrants other than Politically motivated quotas.  We are being taken advantage of by Criminals, unskilled, underclass and moochers who are allowed in, steal us blind and vote for the politicians that heap more unearned benefits on them. Immigration Responsibility: Self-sufficiency. No direct or indirect public assistance of any kind, nor voting for 10 years.  This Eliminates the incentive to come here to mooch and the incentive of Politicians to accumulate dependent voters.  In addition to not being a criminal, all immigrants, including refugees, must be self-supporting or – sponsored and supported by their family or religious, fraternal or other community – who are not recipients of public assistance. Illegals get permanent residency, but never citizenship.
Crime.  Third world legal and illegal immigrants and government dependents are responsible for most crime.  Housing projects are hotbeds of crime, drugs and gangs.  Underclass Criminals have no moral training against murder.  The criminal, in the American system, has no responsibility to compensate the victim or society.  They are just put in jail and get lodging, 3 meals a day, TV, leisure time for reading and playing games, endless appeals and every medical and educational benefit at the taxpayer’s expense.  The crime victim gets nothing or is meagerly compensated by the taxpayers on top of the taxpayer’s eating the cost of a large bureaucracy.  Courts are tied up. Criminals can get guns and weapons that law-abiding citizens aren’t allowed to. Eliminate dependency on welfare.  All Criminals must work and compensate their victims, pay apprehension and court costs, pay for Jail and rehab. No lazing around by the TV, reading books, preaching terrorism or learning more criminal skills.  Thieves compensate the victim at triple the value of the theft and no jail.  To prevent overzealous prosecution – wrongful imprisonment is compensated at triple what the prisoner paid plus double opportunity cost (what they could have done).  Prosecutors are disbarred and lose their jobs after 3 strikes.  If an unregistered gun is used in a crime they and their family are responsible. They all lose government benefits.  If not a citizen, deport them and their family.
Federal and State Social Services – Massive, wasteful, inefficient, bureaucracies that are prone to fraud and create generational dependency, funded by confiscatory taxes and motivated, more for garnering and keeping dependent voters, than actually helping people. Once you filter charity through the government it comes out as bribery for votes.   It is like giving a thirsty person a glass of water after you filter it through your kidneys. Government has no money of its own.  It has to take money away from someone to give to another. That is theft.  Helping the poor is the excuse used to justify creating dependent voters. Benefits remain the same for current participants while the System transitions from the Federal and State government  to local level social services by the community, fraternal organizations, Church, Synagogue and caring individuals. For new participants, Publicly funded safety net benefits cap at subsistence level and do not last more than a certain time period.  Anything above is funded by voluntary donation. The responsibility of supporting the poor and leveling of opportunity returns to the individual, family and community – who can make more intelligent decisions and is less prone to waste and corruption than an impersonal bureaucracy.
Minority and Black poverty – The Black Community is poorer today than before the “Great Society” war on poverty, started in the `1960’s, and the Black family structure has been decimated. Dependence on government programs and the minimum wage are the cement shoes of poverty. “When the State seeks to perform the duties that ordinarily would be carried out through people’s voluntary social bonds, it damages these bonds and weakens civilization.” –Alastair Paynter Elimination of government minimum wage controls that price the black, minority and unskilled out of the Job market.
Taxes – Funding for the government is through confiscation of income, wealth, property and estate. If you funded yourself by confiscating people’s money, you would be locked up for theft. So much time spent keeping track of deductions, endless paperwork, filing and even organizing behavior according to the latest tax breaks.  The government knows every detail of your finances, violating personal privacy. Taxation of wealth destroys the incentive to work harder and build more businesses, therefore it destroys Jobs. Billions are wasted on the IRS, accounting and compliance. Fairer Taxation – solely on consumption transactions, such as retail sales, not earnings, wealth and estate.   The wealthy pay more of the share, because they purchase more.   It is fair, because the more property one accumulates, the more value government protection has to that person. You control how much and when you fund the government, by the scope of your purchases.  No one pays taxes on the amount of purchases needed to support a minimum standard of living. There is one rate for everyone.  No avoidance, no tax breaks, no loopholes, no exemptions. No personal Paperwork, No filing, No IRS. All taxes are collected at point of sale.  No personal tracking other than zip code, so the funds can be distributed properly. More money available for investment, education, leisure, business, jobs and charity.
No longer United in diversity – We are no longer all “Americans” with common values, principles, morality and codes of ethics, leading to social distancing and conflict between each diverse group. Define, educate and restore Foundational American Values applicable across all diverse groups so we’re all on the same page and, despite our diversity, we all belong to one common American group with a consistent understanding of what is expected of us in terms of basic values, morals, principles and code of ethics.
Two Political camps at war with each other, each side not listening to “the Enemy” and, at best, reaching a stalemate. One Nation, without Political Animosity, allowing Multiple voices and opinions to cooperate in resolving problems.
Two Party, and sometimes one party, dictatorial control of the government. Too little separation of power or checks and balances. With only two and sometimes just one party voice in government, the people are not represented, only the parties. Run off Elections to allow multiple parties a chance to govern.  Transition to no Political Parties and governance solely by the voices of the people, through their representatives, not the Political party’s, as this nation started off with. Social Networking to connect with Representatives, discuss problems and propose solutions; then a referendum as to how the representative should vote on each law. Can be made more efficient with 1 communicator from each group of 10 people, then one from each of those 10 communicators and up so the representative is only dealing with 10 people instead of 600,000.
States and communities reduced to begging for funding from the Federal Government Tax revenues flow from the community up to the State, which funds the Federal Government, based on the State’s percentage of Congressional representation.
States no longer have a voice in the Government.  Members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate are elected by the people. Restore Senatorial elections to the State Legislatures, to represent States’ interests, as our original system was designed. (the House represents the people’s interest)  A Senator, not elected by the people, will have to go through the political ladder of the State and gain experience and knowledge of the State before becoming Senator.
Lobbyists No tax breaks, exemptions, favors or subsidies to lobby for.
Inflation – The Federal Reserve, through the banks, dilutes the dollar with 85 billion of new notes every month causing prices to rise, to compensate for the lesser value of the dollar.  In essence, re-distributing your money to the banks without compensation to you.  A 10% reserve requirement means that Banks loan out 10 times what they actually have. Stable currency.  Prices go down. 100% reserve requirement for Treasury notes in US banks.  Federal Reserve Notes are used only outside the country.  Internally we go back to using Treasury notes redeemable in precious metal coins deposited in the treasury so the currency’s value can not be changed without the American people’s approval.
Civil Unions.  Majority of States ban same-sex “marriage”.  Conflict over the legal definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman. Marriage” terminology is removed from all civil documents.   All couples (2 people), regardless of sex, are treated by the civil government as civil unions with the same legal rights as were assigned to marriage.
Expensive Health Care.  Health Courts and elimination of Punitive damages.  End government and insurance price-fixing at unrealistically high “usual and customary” fees so Doctors can compete on price.  Return care to Doctors not bureaucrats.
Bankrupt Social Security. Social Security is an accounting fiction.  End it.  Everyone currently receiving  benefits continues to be paid from the general fund.  Everyone else has all their prior contributions returned with interest and is transitioned to a real pension plan.
Excessive Government.  Unrestrained spending, regulation, cronyism and waste.  Government sector, which does not generate new value, is overwhelming the private sector which does.  The government sector is like a business with more employees than customers. Limit excess – Clarify clauses “General welfare” and “necessary and proper” that have been reinterpreted to grant unlimited power to government.  General Welfare means only applicable to laws pertaining to everyone’s welfare not special interests or Political cronies.  Necessary and Proper means only those laws that are absolutely necessary and only those that are properly applicable to the specific tasks assigned to the government as listed in article I section 8.Government is force.  Just like we limit Police from use of excessive force we must also define and limit excessive force of government.  Less waste since all laws must be subject to cost-benefit analysis and subject to approval by referendum of each representative’s constituency. (possible now that we are all connected by the Internet)Limit govt. sector salaries and pensions to equal non-union private sector.  Upper limits on size of government as percentage of GDP or other accurate measurement.  Curtail Bribery and Collusion with Unions (see below).
Unions – Employers are forced, by Law, to give in to Union demands.  Employees are forced, in certain instances, to form and join Unions.  Union Monopolies – Union scale wages are mandated to be paid on government projects, whether justified or not, wasting taxpayer money and excluding non-union workers (passed originally to keep cheaper black labor from competing with Union workers).Government Employee Unions force members (and taxpayers who pay their salary) to bribe Politicians through forced donations to Political Campaigns and in return receive excess salaries, pensions and benefits at your expense. No Government Employee Unions.  Conflict of interest, since Labor and Management are the same.  No forced participation in Unions, no forced resolution to Union Demands.  No fixing of prices or wages or Union monopolies.  No campaign or any other contribution to Politician or government allowed by any Union, PAC or any group.  Either one equal amount to all candidates or donations by individuals only.
Guns are regulated, but not for criminals.  Constant push to ban certain types of weapons and ammunition cartridges. It’s the gun wielder, not the gun, that commits murder and violence.   And criminals use illegal guns  End the breeding ground of criminals –  Absence of moral training, broken families, government welfare, racial hucksters, uncaring bureaucrats and crime ridden housing projects.  Allow stop and Frisk of past offenders to confiscate unlicensed guns and other weapons.  Legal Gun Training, Testing, Licensing, Accountability and Liability insurance rather than banning weapons.  Inspection of gun safes and procedures.