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These are based on actual questions/objections from real people asked of the author.
Q: Let's start with the objections I have filtered out…  insults and put downs.
The point of having a discussion is not just agreement, but also dissent. The MANNER of dissent is important.
Personal Insults, sarcasm and the like, lead to a brawl – and in the trading of insults, attacks and defenses, the point of the discussion is lost to petty argument.

Sniping to prove which party is right is useless because both are wrong. If you want to know what is right, look to the example of George Washington, the finest Statesman that ever lived, who set the example for us.

When the people stop battling each other like it's color wars maybe we can work together to fix this country.

People who insult may only be seeking a feel good spew with fellow spewers not a discussion or they may  intentionally cause petty argument to get attention and/or make themselves feel good by putting others down.
Q: Why should we believe you You're a Conservative/Liberal.
Conservative/Liberal is used in this context in the same prejudicial way as a racial epithet. The author is not a Conservative nor a Liberal. Those categories are made for keeping conflict going in the populace so that we are incapable of acting in a United fashion to correct the abuses of those who rule OVER the people.
LISTEN CAREFULLY – As long as each side thinks the other is the evil bogeyman, they will dismiss everything the other says.
The government is censoring your minds not to listen.
The truth will set you free, if you don't kill the messenger.
Q: You are advocating the overthrow of the government. That's TREASON. Why don't you just move to another country?
The author is advocating Restoring the United States government which has already been overthrown.
The passing of the 16th and 17th amendments in 1913, the Federal Reserve and various Supreme Court decisions reinterpreting the Constitution, allowed the Federal Government to take over. The Federal Government has dominated the States by taking away their representation in the Senate and nationalized the people's property and wealth via income tax and printing more Fed Notes that effectively remove capital from savings (we see that reflected as price inflation).
If you read The Society Project, you will understand.
Q: If our form of government makes you so very unhappy to pay your fair share, perhaps you should move elsewhere. There will always be those that think that they are smarter than everyone else, including the SCOTUS, the government, the President, etc. they are usually made to look quite foolish in the end. Maybe you're a genius, or maybe you are just another nutjob, only time will tell.
The concept of "fair share" is propaganda which implies, incorrectly, a tax cheat. There is also no standard for what is "fair". Try not to make programmed assumptions that people who aren't of your persuasion are tax cheats, nutjobs, haters and whatever else you are told is reality.
No I'm not a nutjob (that's political propaganda which closes the mind to what is not Politically useful to the ruling party). I don't know about Genius. But I am good at wiping away bull and getting to the essence of things. I even got paid for it for 20 years as a consultant.
So do give it some time. I am confident in my analysis based on a track record of success and standing on the shoulders of giants, like the Founders.
Q: The Republican Party is a living monument to human garbage, kept in office with the support of tragically (and deliberately) misinformed citizens that don't know they're voting against their best interests.
The exact same critique applies to the Democrat party. 100 years of propaganda and deception has kept everyone misinformed, including you.
This is mere regurgitation of what you have been spoon fed by your party, faction and/or group. No party is dedicated to your best interests. All parties are formed for power and control. It is the opposite of freedom. You must think like the party line and anyone else is your enemy. Communist, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Reform – it doesn't matter. A party is a cult. Your team – win or lose, right or wrong. Go team.
The surest sign that your mind has been censored, is if you have an enemy just because they don't think like you or believe like you or are just in some way different than you.
Edward Bernays and others like him, taught the Politicians how to influence the country. You have been exposed to years of sophisticated Propaganda, disguised as Education, Public Relations and Advertising.
Read Eric Hoffer and what he has to say about mass movements.
Q: I can think of lots of areas where the government generates a LOT of capital. The government leases the electromagnetic spectrum, land for grazing, or mineral rights which generates money for the government and a whole BUNCH of wealth for society. The government builds and maintains roads, airports, ports, waterways, sewers, water systems, electrical and communications infrastructure, power generation… and each of those facilities is WORTH MONEY. And building them generated capital.
Generating Capital means creating more Capital than was put in – or transforming something and/or adding value to it which generates Capital.
When we take uranium and use it to generate steam to turn a turbine through a magnet and generate electricity, we have created more Capital than was put in. Transforming the radiation into electricity and adding value.
The money to pay for the spectrum or land leasing, mineral rights, infrastructure etc. comes from society. When that money is spent by government in society, no new capital is generated. It is the same capital recycled.
All that happens is – capital is moved from one sector of the economy to another sector of the economy based on the whims of Politicians and bureaucrats – who funnel some or all of the money to campaign contributors, buying votes with entitlements and for their own enrichment.
Capital is generated by people who use the land and transform dirt, sweat, sunshine and manure into food or use the spectrum and infrastructure.
Government land and the spectrum in the air was purchased with the blood of soldiers, weapons, ammunition, clothing, water food, supplies and lots of money from the people. That expense needs to be factored into the equation.
Let's not fall into the perpetual motion machine fallacy. Government doesn't run on its own and there is no such thing as free – land or spectrum or anything else.
The exception might be NASA, Scientific research and the military which generate inventions. Of course if the money was left with business they probably would have generated more and better inventions.



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