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Immigrants from third world countries suck up welfare, food stamps, housing, education and other "free" benefits, that you and I pay for.   Illegal aliens roam the country committing crimes with impunity.  And we can't talk about the reality without being shouted down, by conditioned government media shills, as "racist" or some other pejorative nonsense.  
Solution – Responsibility to be self-sufficient or sponsored:
No direct or indirect public assistance of any kind, nor eligibility for citizenship for 10 years.  This Eliminates the incentive to come here to mooch and the incentive of Politicians to accumulate dependent voters.
In addition to not being a criminal, all immigrants, including refugees, must be self-supporting or sponsored and supported by their family or religious, fraternal or other community who are not recipients of public assistance.   The immigrant and/or their sponsors are responsible to compensate victims of crime and accident, perpetrated by the immigrant.  All immigrants, legal or illegal, who are convicted of a crime are ejected and banned from this country and their sponsors are prohibited from sponsoring anyone else for a year.  This will bring even more motivation for the family and community to control their own.
All immigrants must immediately enroll in citizenship, and Foundational American Values, training, prove competency in English and all other requirements for citizenship.  Training is repeated at the 5 and 10 year mark. After 10 year training and proven competency, they are granted citizenship (and the right to vote).
Illegal immigrants are already established with families and children who are American Citizens.  They can not be expelled without major disruption and questions of compassion.
Illegals can become Permanent residents, if they follow the above responsibilities and the Immigrant or sponsor pays back all prior public assistance received.  However, since they entered the country illegally, they are banned from ever becoming citizens.
Islamic immigrants
Like the Boston Marathon bombers, it is not enough that they live off us, they also murder us and our children and blow the legs off innocent runners and bystanders. 
After this, and over 20 thousand Islamic Jihadist attacks around the world since the horror of 9/11, our government still denies that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism – motivated by Islam itself – and instead creates the illusion of "radicals" and looks for every excuse to do nothing about Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dagastan, Chechnya and all the other Islamic countries that train, fund and enable Islamic terrorists.
Islam has not suddenly been "radicalized".   Islam has been at war with the rest of the world, for over 1500 years.  We (and I include myself) just didn't notice until after 9/11.  
Practicing (as opposed to merely ethnic) Muslims will automatically be put on the government watch list and are never eligible to vote in State or Federal elections as their Political "Religion" calls for the overthrow of non-Muslim, e.g. American, government and is antithetical to Foundational American Values.  Preaching, recruiting or assisting in violent Jihad shall be classified as criminal and treasonous.  Those convicted will be expelled and banned for life from the country.  Any Mosque or organization preaching, recruiting or assisting in violent Jihad will be closed, those directly involved expelled and banned and the property confiscated.  All attendees and/or employees will have their property and business searched and be placed under surveillance for at least one year.
Immigration is not a solution to World poverty.