Current US Government Violates article 4 of the Constitution

Paragraph 4 of article 4 guarantees a Republican form government to the states.  Republican means the business of the people “Res Publica”. The people’s business can not be accomplished if our representatives are divided into two parties playing tug of war and stalemating each other as parties do.  

As set up by the Founders there were no parties or factions. All bills came up before the house of the people’s representatives, without having to secure permission from a political party and all voted as their constituency desired not as their Party tells them to vote.   

435 individual voices weeding out the portions that don’t represent all the people makes sure  that all of the people are represented and that bills not favorable to the people are filtered out..  When only two voices of the Political parties are evaluating, then bills bad for half the population are guaranteed.  Not Res Publica. 

This form of government is called a monarchy. Only the royal couple of Democrat and Republican parties decide all laws. The people are filtered out by the parties. Business of the people does not take place. Half the people’s business is not res Publica. Not to mention that half the people are with a party only via constant propaganda manufacturing their opinions.

Bills never got stalled before they even came before the house. With Political parties and Cloture (pre-approval rules) it is a miracle if any bill is allowed to come up for debate and a vote.  That’s why Congress does nothing.  Also bad for the people.  This measure does protect one party from passing whatever they want to when in the majority but is unnecessary when Political parties are eliminated.   

Then the state’s representatives debated the house bill to see if it was good for the people of their state.  Once approved by both bodies of congress the bill went to the president to approve or not.   Instead Political parties in the State stalemated election of state representatives to the senate resulting in an amendment that moved election of senators to the people and not the state government.   Voting by majority of the population is Democracy and guarantees that the minority will be taken advantage of.  Not Res Publica. 

Also the freedom of religion is abridged by derogatory minimization of Religious beliefs and the imposition of secular propaganda and secular values based on anti-Religion, pro political party, Anti-American Communism that the Russians have been inundating us with, for over 75 years.


It’s the System not the Symptom. Reject Political Aspirin and go for Constitutional Amendment surgery.

Government systems, like the body’s systems, must work perfectly and remain fine tuned to function properly.

Our physical bodies are maintained by systems governed by the intelligence in our DNA.  As long as the DNA instructions are followed the body remains well.   If the instructions are mistranslated, or changed, mutations and cancers occur. 

The US Government’s intelligence comes from the Constitution.  Deviation from the instructions of the Constitution leads to mutations such as Bureaucracies and cancers such as Political parties.  


The government’s arteries are clogged with regulations created by bureaucracies.  It is chronically ill from the cancers of Political Parties and toxins from the broken system create pain throughout our country.  

Politicians relieve some of the pain but the medicine they give, in the form of new laws, only manage some symptoms and in almost all cases, the relief to one part create side effects that hurt some other part.

Our government system is chronically crippled and has deteriorated to the point where it needs major surgery (amendments) to fix it.  



Campaign Catch-22, if you want to win, you don’t deserve to.


Issues?  What Issues? My opponent sucks, vote for me! 


Cruz chain saw campaign

The Texas Chainsaw Campaign Massacre



Voting along party lines…all trick, no treat.     

Sick of all of it?

Sick of the Bribery of Politicians through Campaign financing,  Politicians constantly campaigning instead of working. Political party Negative attacks, Fake news, lying, running to win and not to serve, stealing elections, voter registration and election fraud, having to choose between the lesser evil candidate instead of the best etc. .. ?  The solution is to eliminate the root of the problem – Campaigns.

Have 3 debates funded by the municipality, town, Borough, State or Federal government as appropriate, and that’s it.   

If a candidate, above all else, just wants to win, then they are in it for themselves, not the public.   A public servant should want the most qualified to serve, even if it’s not themselves.  If there are multiple candidates nominated for an office, the candidates should decide among themselves who should serve. It is not a cutthroat competition to see who can destroy the other and waste the most money and time.  

Public servants should be asked to serve by recognition of their merit, not who fights the best or campaigns to win.   If they want to win, they are unqualified to serve.  It is a duty one does to help the public, to give back, not to win private benefit.  It is not a career, it is an honor.  One does not campaign for an honor, one earns it.   Public office is supposed to be earned through recognition of competence, public spirit, charity, values , intelligence , capability, talent etc.  If you need to convince people and resort to lying and gossiping about others , you have not earned the respect to be nominated.

Nomination should never be by party.  Rather it must be by merit and public recognition.  

That is what the founders intended.  My recommendation is to put this in the Constitution.           


Jail the regulators not the “Criminals”. Crime Recompense and Deterrence instead of “Punishment”.

“At the end of the day, the system [of punishment and jail] economically is unsustainable.  At the rate we’re going. we’re just going to put everyone in Prison.” Bernard Kerik NYC’s top cop – interview by Jessica Humphrey Cintinio _ “Talk of the Town” magazine Holiday 2014.

What’s wrong with Punishment?

According to Bernard Kerik, there are 45,000 consequences across State and Federal guidelines where the punishments don’t fit the crime.  Some examples: Commercial fisherman can be jailed if they catch too much fish. Sell a whale’s tooth on eBay and you become a convicted Felon, claiming an inflated income on a mortgage application is fraud or in Bernard Kerik’s case, after 35 years of service to his country in the marines and the Police, sentenced to over THREE YEARS in jail for hiring a nanny who was an illegal immigrant. In the UK a man was put back in prison because the Job he started while on Parole began at 6:15 AM but his curfew wasn’t over until 7 am.

Aside from the general problem of allowing a Robo-Government, of fixed rules that allow very little discretion, the entire concept of how to handle criminals is flawed.   Punishment is useless and dangerous and based on a desire for revenge. That is NOT Justice.   Justice is based on compensation and deterrence.  Jail is not a deterrence. Jail is mostly punishment to society.  The Taxpayer pays for inmates room, food, health care, exercise and entertainment and training of first time offenders to cheat, steal and become seasoned criminals; not to  mention and recruiting and converting for Islamic Jihad.  

 You may have heard – “Don’t do the crime if you can’t handle the time”.  They can handle it.   Except Solitary confinement.  That leads to insanity and is torture not punishment.   If a couple of days of sleep deprivation is considered enhanced interrogation and even torture, how much more so weeks, months or even years of sleep deprivation due to all night screaming, shouting, flinging feces, banging, crying and incessant talking to themselves of the inmates in solitary.  Not to mention the rats, vermin, and water torture of a non stop drip.  

Once labeled a felon, inmates can no longer obtain a job.  Too many inmates are re-jailed.  How can the victim ever be compensated?    It is not a workable system. 

What works

Prisons need to be a place of healing for offenders and victims, where people are respected, where self-respect and self-control are instilled. Work to repay victims is crucial to Justice, self respect and atonement.  Prisoners should not be treated as property (legally that is what they are in the US) or vermin.    If you do then the role as a criminal outcast is reinforced and they become even worse criminals.  What ever screwed them up needs to be reversed.  

If they live constructive, contributing lives in Jail, they will do so when they get out too.     

Here is one place in Norway where this system has been implemented.  An island is an ideal place for “Jail”.

Prisons need to be based on rehabilitation and reparation not revenge.  Losing liberty is punishment enough.  To heal, one needs a semblance of a caring environment, therapy, counseling and practice in a self contained society to be a good citizen.   The victim can not be ignored either.  They need help to heal their wounds. That means monetary recompense from the offender by working to compensate their victim(s) and the expenses incurred by Society for catching them and for housing them and psychological help to the offender(s) and victim(s) among other things.    

“If someone did very serious harm to one of my daughters or my family … I would probably want to kill them. That’s my reaction. But as a prison governor, or politician, we have to approach this in a different way. We have to respect people’s need for revenge, but not use that as a foundation for how we run our prisons. Many people here have done something stupid – they will not do it again. But prisons are also full of people who have all sorts of problems. Should I be in charge of adding more problems to the prisoner on behalf of the state, making you an even worse threat to larger society because I have treated you badly while you are in my care? We know that prison harms people… In Norway, as in the UK and many other countries, we still think quite short-term, wanting to inflict revenge on criminals, wanting them to suffer for what they have done. But in most countries nearly all prisoners are going to be released. So what happens to them when they are in prison is very important.  

They should deal with this by rethinking how they address the public regarding what is most effective in reducing re-offending. Losing liberty is sufficient punishment – once in custody we should focus on reducing the risk that offenders pose to society after they leave prison.

For victims, there will never be a prison that is tough, or hard, enough. But they need another type of help – support to deal with the experience, rather than the government simply punishing the offender in a way that the victim rarely understands and that does very little to help heal their wounds. Politicians should be strong enough to be honest about this issue.” Arne Kvernvik Nilsen – Governor of Bastoy Island, Norway 


Hey! Stop grabbing my Nuts, you cheeky taxman.


On top of the obvious taxes; income, payroll, sales, SS and Medicare you are also paying all sorts of hidden taxes.


You pay Business’ taxes.

Business does not pay property tax, excise tax, import/export tax, business tax or regulatory expenses (over a trillion dollars just for federal regulations). 

Business does not pay sales tax, airplane tax, hotel tax, parking tax, gasoline tax, utility tax, phone tax, car tax, beverage tax or even liquor tax.

Business doesn’t pay for lawsuits, penalties, campaign contributions or lobbyists.

Business not pay for employee sick leave, vacation time, pensions or half of their Social Security tax.

Business does not pay for employee health, life, unemployment or disability insurance.

You do!

All these taxes and “Expenses” are passed on to you in the price of your purchases and  reductions in wages (even down to the $0 wage of unemployment).

All these expenses are factored into your total compensation package and reduce the salary portion.  Plus you lose the interest on the tax withheld from your paycheck.

Your landlord is a business and doesn’t pay any of those taxes either. You do! It’s reflected in the rent.  

On top of that you pay another airplane tax, hotel tax, parking tax, gasoline tax, utility tax, phone tax, car tax, beverage tax or even liquor tax when you buy any of those products and services for yourself.  

Subsidies, Ethanol and Beef

You pay for the expensive ethanol the government mandates to be put into gasoline in the form of higher prices on top of the hidden gasoline tax figured into the price.

Regular taxes go to pay for subsidizing the Corn it’s produced from and you pay the hidden tax of higher food prices for other farm products which are scarcer due to over-production of subsidized corn.  In fact, you are paying the same kind of hidden tax in for everything the government subsidizes (another power not granted by the Constitution) 

You pay the medical costs of high fructose corn syrup consumption, the corn subsidy encourages, and the higher fat content and lower nutrition from cattle who are fed cheap corn, which cows cannot digest properly,  instead of grass and who are confined so they do not eat grass and instead get fattened up by corn and no exercise (which destroys their health and which they will die from, if not slaughtered). 

Federal State and Local Debt

The government does not pay for anything.  You do.  Borrowed money is a hidden tax because it hits you in the future, when you and/or your children are taxed to pay interest and eventually the principal on the loan.  


You pay for the people who don’t pay their mortgage.  You fund the Federal Mortgage insurance companies and pay for the government guarantee of mortgages.  You receive no benefit or profit, the banks get that, but you pay the loss on every defaulted loan the government buys back and sells and the entire cost of what the government does not sell.  Not to mention this is also not authorized in the Constitution.

Federal Reserve

Inflation is also a tax! When the government needs to pay off debt they create more Federal Reserve Notes that we call dollars.  More total currency means each dollar, represents less of the total value/capital/assets.

Prices rise to reflect the difference and  therefore your dollar can’t buy as much as before.  Where did the money go?  From your pocket and savings to the Federal Government and the Banks.

Since the Federal Reserve was established, in 1913, it has decreased the purchasing power of the dollar 20 to 40 times over.  That translates to robbing you 20 to 40 times over.  And that’s before Bush and Obama added 16 trillion more debt.

Big Banks do not pay for bad loans. You do. The Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund (20% comes from the USA) print more money to “restructure” the loans. Whether they are mortgages at home or foreign debt of Countries, your money is devalued and prices rise to compensate (inflation).

Interest keeps flowing to the banks and more principal cash is thrown down the drain to dictators and funding ill advised big government projects worldwide. We have lost trillions in dilution of our wealth and fostered famine and death by enriching thieves, terrorists and third world despotic regimes.

Everyone pay 6% a year interest on every dollar to the Federal Reserve.  Right off the bat, the dollar is really only 94 cents.

Again, this is not authorized and, in fact, expressly prohibited by the Constitution.

Fraud and illegals

You pay unauthorized, increased taxes for fraudsters and illegal aliens who are subsidized by “welfare”, food stamps, Medicaid, education, housing and other social services.   Plus the cost of  illegal alien criminal’s damage, death, Cops, Lawyers, Jail etc.

Not to mention that even the legitimate beneficiaries are paid for by programs allowed only through false redefinition of the words “General Welfare” and usurpation of power, by the Supreme Court (which has no Constitutional power to create laws) and are not authorized in the Constitution.  

Minimum Wage

(Minimum) Wage increases are passed on to you in the price you pay for goods and services.  Minimum wage control eliminates entry level jobs for the unskilled (mostly minorities), causes layoffs, welfare, unemployment and crime which YOU pay for,

Also, based on false redefinition of the words “Interstate Commerce” and not authorized by the Constitution. 


Half the people in this country do not pay taxes.  You pay their taxes on top of your own share.  That is the “Progressive” income tax.

You personally, and the country collectively, bear the moral and financial burden for the government and it is incredibly higher than you ever imagined.

But wait there’s more!  (Just pay shipping and handling. 🙂


Loss of liberty and opportunity

Income tax and tax breaks allow the government to impose ideas upon you and control your behavior rather than just society, religion or common law norms.

Income tax requirements destroy small businesses.  For example see 1099 requirement for over $600 spent

Income tax creates a tyrannical entity never envisioned by the founders that can take everything from you.  The IRS can take your paycheck, your bank accounts, your home and all your assets leaving you and your family homeless and penniless.  Not to mention violate your privacy with every required financial disclosure.

How do you fix it?  That’s what The Society Project is for.

An example of some points:

  1. Fix the basis on which Political Decisions are made. Hold Politicians responsible to the Foundational principles and values of our country and base all political decisions on them. 
  2. Give the President a line item veto. Better yet all bills should contain only one item.  No more hiding pork inside thousand page documents of legalese.
  3. Vet all legislation through computer and business analysts to spot hidden flaws and consequences. 
  4. Repeal the 16th Amendment which allowed Congress to tax you directly.  Eliminate the IRS. Eliminate all taxes except consumption which is the Fairest Tax
  5. Eliminate all do-good government largess or social programs and give them back to voluntary charity and the local community.  Involuntary taking of Money from one person to give to another is stealing and not legitimate taxation to pay for government services.  Charity comes from individuals directly not filtered through a corrupt government.  Individual Charity is filling a poor, thirsty person’s glass with water.   Government Charity is filtering the water through your kidneys first. 
  6. Sunset all government agencies so they die out instead of growing like a cancer.  Eliminate inefficiency and waste so the government needs less money to operate.
  7. Eliminate pensions and reduce Politician’s compensation to a bare minimum so corrupt Politicians aren’t attracted and only those who wish to serve will apply.
  8. Limit campaign to debates and meetings so the need for campaign money is low.  That, together with eliminating all tax exemptions and a flat tax rate will keep Politicians from being beholden to special interest money.
  9. Add an option to choose none of the candidates in an election. If 51% vote “None” then new candidates must be chosen for a re-vote.
  10. Allow run off elections and eliminate Political Parties.
  11. Eliminate the Federal Reserve which is merely a cartel of banks.  Get out of the IMF and the UN. They are just a clever ruse to steal your wealth and pull the USA into a Socialist World Government run by the rich and connected.  World Charity is a front.  Our private charities such as the Salvation Army accomplish more than any government. 
  12. Government the world over is the Problem.  It is a parasite filled with corruption.  The only solution is to starve the governments of our money and return them to their proper minimum size and the world to sanity.  Unfortunately we have an entrenched criminal cartel that will not relinquish their power and your wealth.  If we fix the USA first then the world might have a chance.