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Foundational American Values

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You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by. Teach your children well.  – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (restating the words of Moses).

“Virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. There is no truth more thoroughly established, than that there exists . . . an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness. Human rights can only be assured among a virtuous people. The general government . . . can never be in danger of degenerating into a monarchy, an oligarchy, an aristocracy, or any despotic or oppressive form so long as there is any virtue in the body of the people.” – President George Washington

Virtue is defined as conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles.   In America that meant the principles (not the diverse rituals) of the Jewish and Christian religions.  A virtuous society controls the government, not the people.  
Why Society and Government?
Individual Human Beings form a group and a society to protect themselves, their happiness, liberty and property and to magnify what they can accomplish as individuals.  This grouping has taken the form of family and clan, tribe, religion, city, state and nation.   Government is formed to direct society, judge disputes and control those who endanger society.   In most forms of government of these societies, throughout history, direction of society has been by the will of the governing body, not the people.   Liberty and property was protected only for the few or for the group controlled by the few.  
The purpose of the American society, which was formed and is solely sustained based on its unique founding values, is to:
  • Protect individual liberty, a self-evident, inalienable right, granted by nature and/or nature’s creator (whatever you believe that to be).
  • Preserve and protect the right to ownership and stewardship of property, for those who have earned Title to that property. A right to property is not a right to entitlement of that property. 
  • Maximize the amount of freedom for each individual while maintaining their safety and security through
    • a common defense (via  Constitutionally limited, military and legal power, which includes control of national borders, immigration and naturalization.  
    • Promoting the General Welfare via support of communications, keeping trade going smoothly and negotiating and upholding  treaties with foreign governments.  
    • Limited power to levy taxes on states and protective tariffs on incoming foreign trade to pay for the above.  
 For the American society to function and be sustained and in order to support the highest quality of life, for it’s citizens/members, there must be an agreement between it’s individuals to observe a common foundation of individual rights, responsibilities/duties, principles, morality and a code of ethics. 
American Federal and State Government, consists of individuals given power by individuals to do what they as individuals or smaller groups are insufficient to do. It is constrained in it’s power and it’s decisions informed, by this common foundation.  
This common foundation outlines the boundaries which shape our American society.  
Why do we need boundaries?  Without the boundary of our skin, we couldn’t live. Without the boundaries of time and space, we could not exist.  Without the boundaries of common foundational values, society can not function.
“Politics is not a separate field in itself. Political ideas do not come out of thin air. They are the result of the moral premises which men have accepted. Whatever people believe to be the good, right and proper Human actions – that will determine their Political actions“. – Ayn Rand Screen Guide For Americans
Our society’s foundation is reflected in the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.   That foundation is Secular Natural Law (“Laws of Nature”) and Divine Natural Law (“Nature’s God”) based on the values revealed to Moses.  The founding documents are based on, but only partially codified the  morals, ethics, and principles practiced at the Founding of our Republic.   
This foundation is applicable whether you are Jewish or Christian or Atheist, have an alternative lifestyle, sexual orientation or spiritual practice or are unallied.  Our common foundation depends on the Bedrock… not the Bedroom… Judeo-Christian American Values.
Foundational American Values and the societal framework of Moses were considered general knowledge and self-evident during the Founder’s time and were therefore not spelled out.   The bedrock values were taken for Granite… and therefore for Granted. 
The lack of explicitness has made it easier for Politicians, Educators, Media and activist “Judges” to lead our country adrift with policies and education based on a foreign concept called Historical Natural Law,  sometime called Positive Law, which is not based on scientific or divine Law but merely on custom, whatever that may be.  
Other than the theocracy of Islam, which the US has so far resisted, the US culture has adopted the mores of other societal systems such as Socialism and Marxism which are based on group rather than individual rights with elitist government control, of supposedly unworthy or inferior “oppressed” individuals… Where government spends it efforts on equalizing economic outcomes by forced wealth redistribution.  
We have degenerated to a government that believes only outside control is effective, based on a philosophy foreign to the Founders, that Humanity is an anarchy of predators and victims until a government or group creates a protective framework of law, and law enforcement, in which group – civil and human – rights are created.    
This philosophy is antithetical to the survival of our society,  its economy and the people‘s ability to communicate and relate with each other.   It has moved our government from the middle balance between Tyranny and Anarchy toward Tyranny.
We therefore believe it is timely and proper to clarify and codify the common foundation necessary for our United States Society with explanations, ramifications and prescriptions for remedying current problems and overcoming obstacles. 
What made the USA different?
Individuals are endowed with rights and accompanying responsibilities/duties by a Transcendent authority and power, referred to as the Creator in our Declaration of Independence.  All are created equal insofar as No human being is superior or inferior in endowment of these rights and responsibilities. 
This is the bedrock premise of our society and what makes the USA different than all other countries.   
Individual rights and responsibilities/duties endowed equally to every human being, are not subject to abrogation by any other power or authority including government (the State).
The purpose of  government is to secure each person’s endowed rights and allow the free exercise of individual responsibility/duty which develops the character and virtue necessary for self-control and independence.  
Individual rights are inalienable and universal insofar as we acknowledge a Higher Authority and Power that endows them.   If there is nothing supreme to the authority of man then society is subject to the social experiments of  ” legislators, organizers, do-gooders, leaders of the people, fathers of nations, and so on, and so on. Too many persons place themselves above mankind; they make a career of organizing it, patronizing it, and ruling it. – Fredrick  BastiatThe Law (1850) 
If you don’t subscribe to any faith, that is fine.  Acknowledge the Supreme Authority as Universal Intelligence, the Universe, the Spiritual, Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Spirit or whatever you feel comfortable with placing above Human Beings.  If nothing else, let it remain a necessary mystery that endows individual rights and responsibilities/duties to be protected by Society.   In any case, our Foundational American compact includes only the Divine laws that are intertwined with Secular law . (Laws of Nature and Nature’s God) not the differing rituals and practices of any Religion.
Government is not to impose any Theist, or Atheist, Religion, set of practices, moralities, code of ethics, responsibilities, laws, legislation, standards, regulations, policies or interference to the individuals liberty  and freedom of choice in any way unless specifically enumerated in the foundational documents and in line with the principles upon which they are based (e. g. Israelite Society as outlined in the Documents of Moses read in the original Hebrew, as the Founders did,  for the correct understanding ).
Individual Human Beings have transcendent and inalienable rights, among which – but not limited to – are the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, free will and ownership/stewardship of wealth and property.  (see footer 1)
Mankind has dominion of the earth but not of each other.   All property belongs to Nature and Nature’s God.  However, Human beings are endowed with the right to ownership and stewardship of property and earn title to property by work, trade, inheritance or voluntary gift.
Responsibility/Duty is essential to Rights. 
“A Declaration of rights is, by reciprocity, a Declaration of duties also. Whatever is my right as a man [human being], is also the right of another; and it becomes my duty to guarantee, as well as to posses.” – Thomas Paine – Rights of Man
Rights can only be manifested if supported,  preserved and maintained by the cooperation of responsible individuals and the society they form.  All rights require reciprocal responsibilities/duties.  Rights are balanced and safely bounded by responsibility.  
To assure your right to life your neighbor must not kill you and you must not kill them. 
To assure your right to free speech your neighbor must not censor you and you must not censor them.  
Free speech is bounded by the right to life.  You don’t speak words that incite to kill or harm your neighbor physically.  
If you help your neighbor it assures that your neighbor will help you and/or another. 
To assure your right to ownership and stewardship you do not steal property or violate other’s property boundaries.
“Property is the fruit of labor. Property is desirable, is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is house-less pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence.” – Abraham Lincoln
What happens without personal responsibility?
The cause of most problems in society are the actions of an immature ego.  An egocentric person feels threatened by anyone who opposes (or seems to oppose) his inflated (or deflated) sense of self. 
Their ego identifies with and gets its sense of worth from being right, possessions, prestige, fame, power, influence, and/or association with the famous, powerful or those with influence, Political, racial or social groups and other externals.  
If anyone has more, then their sense of worth is diminished.  They become obsessed with accumulating more.  More Money, more power, more sex, more food etc.  They are never satisfied and remain at odds with the harmonious functioning of society that is the prerequisite for attaining any national goals.  
Any positive quality of the other person diminishes their own importance, so the egocentric person will desperately seek to de-legitimize the other person.  Although he or she may not seek to actively harm the other, he or she will be secretly pleased when the other person suffers, or at least not be troubled.   Furthermore, egocentricity blinds a person to other people’s good qualities; since the ego dominated person is not sincere, he cannot believe that others are, either.   It takes one to know one.  
That is why Politicians apply more and more regulation on the people.  The more corrupt they and the government get, the more restrictions they feel are necessary for “The good of the People” meaning to protect themselves from the people. 
You (not government) are responsible to do what is good for you, your neighbors and society.
Because there will be some who are not fulfilling their responsibility, Police are formed, by pooling resources and efforts, and allowed the power of restraining an individual by force, law or penalty. A military is formed from pooling resources and efforts to protect everyone from outside threats, which you as an individual, Community or State are not sufficient enough to accomplish.   
Our identity craves and needs both distinctiveness and homogeneity, both a self and a family… these are not, in truth, opposing aims; in fact, they corroborate and fulfill each other. A well defined individuality enhances a person’s contribution as a community member. And a tightly knit community enhances the worth of the individual….
For example, the five words “man”, “is”, “an” “individualistic” and “creature” each posses meaning. But the sentence “Man is an individualistic creature” contains much more information and insight than the sum of its words. In order for this quantum leap in significance to occur, two contrary forces have to be applied. Too much unity among the words (as in “manisanindividualisticcreature”) produces gibberish, as does too much independence (as in “Is creature man an individualistic”).   The sentence must delineate the individuality of its member words, and the words must subjugate themselves to the communal logic of the sentence.  When both these needs are respected, the result is a communality that is enhanced by the individuality of its members, and individualities enhanced by their membership in the community.”Yanki Tauber
As history has proven, the following rights and responsibilities/duties are necessary for a functioning society and healthy and free individuals.  These are the Fundamental American Values (FAV)
Individual Human Beings have the right and responsibility to:
Manage Power and Authority.  Recognize the transcendent, intelligent existence in which our universe dwells – to which all of us are connected – and which gives us equal worth.  Don’t name or put an image to it, as that only cause conflict.  Don’t ignore, deny or shut out the connection to this transcendence nor your connection to all fellow human beings.   Recognize the transcendent and that connection in others.  Recognize the whole of a person and of the universe.  Various cultures have greeting words for this wholeness, such as Namaste, and Shalom/Sallam.
Since the source of Human rights and responsibilities is transcendent, do not elevate or give undue credence to any other intermediary power or authority nor their symbols, rituals and propaganda. As well do not place sole reliance for your safety and security, on intermediary Powers and Authorities such as a King, Dictator, Strongman, Great Leader or Big Government nor joining a group around those intermediaries.  Depending on any of those always results in tyranny, slavery, loss of character, crime and poverty.
Always remain humble that you are not the absolute authority.   If you or anyone else is the arbiter of goodness, then evil can always be rationalized.  
Do not think that your worth is defined by your title or extent of power or control.  Pursuing those, is egocentric vanity and in vain.  The desire for power is a desire for control either due to inner fear, which is only magnified by the fear of losing power gained, and/or a feeling or worthlessness or a false substitution for love and connection with the source of your being.   Those who practice FAV,  and pay attention to inner guidance, attain maturity, know themselves and their inner being,  can face and recognize reality, their fellow human beings and the transcendent and are then able to manage power for higher purpose than inflating a false sense of self.  
 There is a proven standard of what is good and bad for individuals and civilization, explained here in brief.  The closer the adherence to this proven standard, the more society will flourish and  be sustained.   This standard has a higher authority and may not be violated in the name of Religion or Government without, usually dire, negative consequences. 
Respect Liberty.   A person’s wealth is the outcome of their Liberty to choose and investment of their time (Life).  Forced taking of wealth is equivalent to forced taking of Life and Liberty which is Slavery.
Respect ownership.  Ownership of Property is the result of a person’s Life and Liberty invested.   Refrain from direct theft (physical removal of property or deprivation of title to property without consent of the owner and without direct and equitable compensation to the owner in a voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange) , involuntary confiscation of property by law or force or indirect theft through deception such as but not limited to,  falsifying weights and measures (as Federal Reserve and Fractional Banking does). (see 2)  
Do not steal a person’s body by kidnapping nor their mind by Religious or Secular propaganda. 
Protect yourself and others from theft.
Own up to the consequences of your actions and stop pointing the finger of responsibility at everyone else.
Respect Stewardship. You the individual and no one else is the steward for the wealth you own.  The responsibility of your stewardship is to maintain your property and provide Social Balance/Charity. (see 3) Society may not usurp your responsibility by involuntary taking and “re-distributing” your wealth.
Treat your neighbors as equals.  Express kindness directly (deeds and charity) and not through layers of bureaucracy where it becomes a relationship of superiority and dependence.  
Government in the small and equal justice for all. Only local government has a chance at being intelligent enough to be compassionate, balanced, effective, accountable and as least corrupt as possible.
Manage Jealousy and feeling entitled. Primitive uncivilized philosophies prey on jealousy of unequal wealth and outcomes and revenge against them by government plunder.   You are not entitled to your neighbor’s spouse, house, property, family or any aspect of their lives you didn’t earn yourself.   Don’t allow Jealous feelings to cause racism, theft, adultery, over consumption (the need to keep up with your neighbors), violence or trade foundational values for expediency where “the ends justify the means”.  
Do not adulterate or betray your relationships or values.  Keep your connection to the transcendent and to your fellow human beings.  Keep your commitments in relationships, contracts and promises.   The price of  liberty is eternal vigilance.  Be vigilant to teach your children FAV,  practice FAV in all your endeavors and see through the invalid promises and propaganda of philosophies alien to FAV.    
Judge yourself fairly. It’s OK to be you. You were created this way for a reason. Compare only to yourself not to others when judging your own worth and success. Then you will not have a need to put yourself or others down. (see 4)
Know and Love yourself and direct your caring (not your judgment) to your neighbors. Both friend or foe.  A bad neighbor is still a human being, like you.   Before you can fix the world you must be OK with yourself and take care of your family and local community.
Inner Peace-> Family Harmony-> Neighborhood-> State -> Country, and only then World Peace.  
We even have this encoded in the word Kind.  Take care of your Kinder (Kids), Kin (extended family), Kind (larger groups of similar people), Human Kind (entire group).  Practice compassion towards others as though they were your family.   Focus on people’s virtues not only flaws.  Love and giving are related.
Respect Truth. Refrain from lying about someone or their actions.  Do not steal a person’s reputation by directly lying,  spreading rumors or, indirectly, by gossiping.  Recognize and refrain from lying to yourself through self-delusion and rationalization.  Do not use deceptive language.  Keep History true and not distorted.   Keep honest weights and measures in your currency and your business dealings.  (As a deterrent, in all things, act as if someone is watching).  Truth is essential for living with integrity and in Wholeness/Peace. (see 5)
Respect Human life. Every person is sacred and a potential progenitor of an entire world of descendants.   Do not murder or stand by and allow yourself or others to be murdered (killing in self defense or defense of your neighbor is not murder, it is life saving).    Do not murder reputations through gossip, rumor or lies.
Respect all other life. Protect animals in a reasonable way from cruelty and reasonably protect their habitat in a manner balanced by Human needs. (see 6) Maintain a reasonable stewardship of our Planet’s environment balanced by and weighted towards Human needs. (Do not elevate intermediary powers or authority by worshiping the Earth/Gaia, environment or animals).
Reflection and connection. Respect, remember and nourish reflection and connection with fellow humans and the transcendent in your daily life and ideally by devoting one day a week or a weekend to family, community building and spiritually nourishing pursuits, instead of work. Develop sensitivity to transcendent guidance in your endeavors. (see 7) 
Respect history and honor. Give weight to, and be grounded by, the lessons of your father and mother and ancestral moral history.   Behave with honor based on being responsible to your parent, neighbors and society.  It is essential to make sure your children learn these lessons and truths and not be run by their immature desires.  Discuss them in the morning, show how they apply throughout the day and remind them before they sleep. 
Respecting Accountability and Responsibility.
Sowell on accountability
Think things through.- Explore all the ramifications of personal action and government decisions, legislation, laws and regulations.
Accountability. – Government is not immune from liability, Legislators and Regulators should be accountable and responsible for consequences of the laws they create and vote on.
Feedback and follow up – is essential for correction of decisions. All governmental actions should be followed up and results reported and evaluated. If there are unseen consequences that violate the bounds of the rights and responsibilities then the decisions , law or regulation must be corrected immediately.
Created Equal but not the same.
All humans have equal endowed rights and responsibility to protect and ensure those endowed rights.   There are no classes of humans with superior or inferior endowed rights and responsibilities.    All Human beings have equal value and worth but every individual is different.
Individuals are not equal in talent, looks, intelligence, ability etc.   It is their individual right to liberty not to be forced to be the same as anyone else or to be forced to have equal outcomes with anyone else.
Individuals have equal right to ownership but not to equal wealth.  Demanding Equal Results/Outcome, for wealth, is a function of Jealousy and unrealistically, lazily and petulantly ignores the entire life, circumstances and effort that was the price paid for the wealth.
If you want something another has, you must be that other person and go through all that they have gone through.
A right is NOT an entitlement. You must earn the title.
If you want to be a great violinist then you must put in the ten thousand hours of practice and performance time to develop the knowledge, muscle memory, musical pattern recognition, maturity and skill to express your talent. 
Jealousy of a violinist will not make you a violinist.
Legislation will not make you a violinist.
Life is not fair or balanced and that is as it should be. It is up to the individual to attain the character and wealth to be able to make the balance corrections not the courts or government short circuiting the process through theft or the fiat of a ruling, regulation or law.
Impartial Judges.
People are equal in the eyes of the court but are unequal in talent, looks, health etc.   Unequal people are treated equally under the law without favoritism.  Justice is blind.   Judges are impartial arbiters who do not favor the poor or the rich, the liberal or the conservative, the religious or the atheist, the Socialist or the Capitalist, nor the Man or the Woman.
Be just in your dealings with people.
Since many philosophies arise from immature human emotions, their judgment is one-sided, in favor of a supposed victim or underdog or giving privilege to status.  By Definition a judge must not favor any side.   Since a person who divides the world into oppressor and oppressed must always side with the victim, they do not qualify as Judges.   A so called “Activist” Judge, no matter for what agenda,  is not a Judge at all.  They are usurpers of legislative authority. 
A judge is not a lawmaker.   Changes to the law and interpretation of the law comes from the people and the legislators not the Judges! A Judge may participate in the debate but the legislators and the people decide.   
Government laws, regulations and decisions are to be guided and bounded by Foundational American values, rights and responsibilities.
Just Recompense.
“The worth of an Eye as compensation for an eye, the worth of a tooth in recompense for a tooth.”  Not revenge.  Compensatory damages are just.  So called punitive damages are not and is equivalent to theft.  
Excess Punitive damages to “teach a lesson”, in malpractice cases, raises the cost of medicine and all of society is victimized.
Jailing for Revenge or punishment is not Just.  
Damages to victims of crime (and/or to the compensating insuring entity) are to be compensated by the  perpetrator(s) from their assets or labor.   Mere jailing makes people dependent and more criminal.   The people who pay for jail then become uncompensated victims.   Society and victims of crime may be better served if certain criminals work while monitored with an anklet or live and work in a rehabilitation home with a family or a group until they finish compensating their victim(s).  
Fix society and  you will reduce the moral hazards that leads to crime.

People always act with integrity. Criminal actions result from criminal values.

The Solution to crime is to Replace the criminal values, not just Police criminal action.

– Dr Society

Criminal values, or even ignorance of any values, results in crime.  Crime causes damage to victims and damage to society who have to pay for Police.   For instance, in 2014, it cost Pennsylvania 10 Million dollars for the manhunt to apprehend one cop killer. 

It is impossible to fully compensate for a murdered person, however all assets of a murderer must be confiscated to pay the monetary costs of apprehension, trial, victim compensation and their own warehousing.   Assuming very strict standards for conviction, a convicted murderer has no rights and should be put to death (it is self defense) or become a slave for life to pay whatever he can.    A hidden murderer’s own actions will result in attracting those who will kill them.     

War causes untold damage.  Fix the values of society and war will end.   Until then maintain a very strong deterrent defense. 

Virtues do not function on their own.   One or more other virtues or principles must also be considered before action.   For instance safety is balanced by happiness.   The decision to close down all ski resorts due to safety must be tempered by allowing the happiness of skiing and the individual responsibility to do so safely.  
Charity is balanced by the right of ownership and protection against theft.   We don’t steal to obtain money for charity.   Society conducting charity violates Society’s responsibility of Justice.    Justice shows no favoritism and does not favor poor over rich.   
The Free market, by it’s nature is unequal or there would not be opportunity.   It rewards merit.   Evening it out causes everyone to be poor and is antithetical to charity.   When hot and cold air even out in temperature there is no wind and no work.
Charity is an individual responsibility to balance inequity and calamity and is balanced by truth and prudence.
Do not do to others what is hateful. – Hillel  
First do no harm. – Hippocratic oath
There is plenty to go around.
Our assumptions are more accurate if they come from a consciousness of supply not lack.   No prediction of disaster due to overpopulation, alleged dwindling of resources, pollution or any negative assessment of our future has been correct. We have and we will continue to overcome any challenge through our proven ingenuity and ability to access an infinite source of knowledge coming from our connection to the transcendent.   
However we also have a large capacity for self-delusion and must be on guard for groups which use unquestionable authority, propaganda and brainwashing techniques to instill false beliefs.  Beliefs of the type which lead to perversions of rational morality and justice e. g. forced charity in the form of re-distribution, self-defense rationalizations justifying Terrorism, connection to the divine justifying conversion or death, and controlling people “For their own good” etc..
Attempting to control individuals from a central authority as in Monarchy, Dictatorship, State Religion and all forms of collectivism such as Socialism and Communism abrogates the individuals free will to choose what is best for them and what their responsibility to others shall be.   
Group “rights” originate from it’s individuals therefore individual rights supersede the rights of a group.  Civil authority must yield to individual rights and responsibilities.   Human beings are never property even in indentured servitude, jail (temporary lockup) or prison (Long term incarceration).
(1) A Human Being is defined as a living organic organism made of Human DNA (with reasonable genetic modification). Anything not organic such as machines, artificial intelligence etc. is not a human being. Any organism genetically non-human such as animals, fish, plants etc. even if modified to contain some human DNA is not a human being.
(2) Taking from one to give to another is direct theft. “Social Justice” is theft. Progressive taxation is theft. Inflation through government control of money supply is indirect theft.
(3) Social Balance and Charity is providing opportunity and education for others to earn wealth and emergency needs of food clothing shelter and medical attention.
(4) Manifestations include racial, ethnic, lifestyle, gender and all other slurs, bullying, gang behavior, name calling, gossip, backstabbing etc.
(5) How is truth ascertained. The original language word for truth, Emmett, consists of the first middle and last letter of the original language alphabet (Aleph Mem Taf) – Meaning that Truth is comprehensive and not partial.
The complete truth is discerned through an open mind that is not lying to itself or rationalizing.   A mind that can pay attention to all opinions, viewpoints, propaganda slants, and media bias without emphasis on one aspect that hides another.   Media is biased and disseminates propaganda. They are funded by… propagandists (advertisers or the government) and promote their advertiser’s biases. People who get their news from one source don’t see the bias. You can’t evaluate bias unless you compare.
In schools and in daily life, not lying to ourselves and finding out all aspects and facts leads to wholeness in our perceptions, decisions and character through which we can come to Peace/Completeness.   
The relationship between Peace and Wholeness is keyed into the original language (Called Edenic or Proto-Semitic).   The root (שלמ) SLM forms the word ShaLoM which means Peace.  ShaLaiM from the same root means Wholeness.   
FYI the Hebrew Shalom, Arabic Saalam, English Salem/Solemn/So Long/Serene come from the same root. For more information see:
(6) Development and building a hospital reasonably supersedes protecting the habitat or path of an endangered species when the species can relocate. If a bear is about to kill a human you shoot the bear.
(7)  In the original language (נצח) N-TS[K]H means eternal and victory (source of NiKe, victory).   To achieve victory human beings connect to the Eternal. 

5 Responses to “Foundational American Values”

  1. Chris says:

    Why are you wasting your time? As long you vote either Republican or Democrat only, nothing is going to change.

    Use common sense.

  2. admin says:

    Yes Chris you are correct.

    The politicians are operating within the current creeping Socialist system. Nothing they do will be anything but a temporary fix until the System is changed.

    The real fix is to remove the Socialist System entirely and restore our original Constitutional system.
    There are only a few simple steps to do so.
    The only obstacle is the politicians and the people who buy into Socialist values. That is why we are defining Foundational American Values and contrasting them with Socialist values. We will need to change their minds.

  3. Merrill Bolander says:

    I really appreciated your thread regarding this, and I’ve seen several more like this lately – the best part about yours is, it is extremely informative and useful and filled with good details with out a bunch of usless rants and fluff!

  4. Admin says:

    Thank you Merrill. Too much fluff makes me sneeze. LOL

  5. Gary says:

    I like what I have read so far. I have been contemplating running for political office for the past few years. I want to be one who brings a change that all can benefit from and not force fed. Did not know what FAV was so I googled. I did not find the right meaning but found a market value explanation that utilizes FAV (formula asset value) in the form of NAV (net asset value aka book value). If we used this Formula in all our transactions, we as a country could always be stable. The use of inflating would not be in the vernacular.

    I did find FAV on this site. I had already read it without noticing the topic. I shoud have known FAV was core values to live by. Solomon was a wise man and there will be no one like him ever again.