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Jail the regulators not the “Criminals”. Crime Recompense and Deterrence instead of “Punishment”.

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“At the end of the day, the system [of punishment and jail] economically is unsustainable.  At the rate we’re going. we’re just going to put everyone in Prison.” Bernard Kerik NYC’s top cop – interview by Jessica Humphrey Cintinio _ “Talk of the Town” magazine Holiday 2014.

What’s wrong with Punishment?

According to Bernard Kerik, there are 45,000 consequences across State and Federal guidelines where the punishments don’t fit the crime.  Some examples: Commercial fisherman can be jailed if they catch too much fish. Sell a whale’s tooth on eBay and you become a convicted Felon, claiming an inflated income on a mortgage application is fraud or in Bernard Kerik’s case, after 35 years of service to his country in the marines and the Police, sentenced to over THREE YEARS in jail for hiring a nanny who was an illegal immigrant. In the UK a man was put back in prison because the Job he started while on Parole began at 6:15 AM but his curfew wasn’t over until 7 am.

Aside from the general problem of allowing a Robo-Government, of fixed rules that allow very little discretion, the entire concept of how to handle criminals is flawed.   Punishment is useless and dangerous and based on a desire for revenge. That is NOT Justice.   Justice is based on compensation and deterrence.  Jail is not a deterrence. Jail is mostly punishment to society.  The Taxpayer pays for inmates room, food, health care, exercise and entertainment and training of first time offenders to cheat, steal and become seasoned criminals; not to  mention and recruiting and converting for Islamic Jihad.  

 You may have heard – “Don’t do the crime if you can’t handle the time”.  They can handle it.   Except Solitary confinement.  That leads to insanity and is torture not punishment.   If a couple of days of sleep deprivation is considered enhanced interrogation and even torture, how much more so weeks, months or even years of sleep deprivation due to all night screaming, shouting, flinging feces, banging, crying and incessant talking to themselves of the inmates in solitary.  Not to mention the rats, vermin, and water torture of a non stop drip.  

Once labeled a felon, inmates can no longer obtain a job.  Too many inmates are re-jailed.  How can the victim ever be compensated?    It is not a workable system. 

What works

Prisons need to be a place of healing for offenders and victims, where people are respected, where self-respect and self-control are instilled. Work to repay victims is crucial to Justice, self respect and atonement.  Prisoners should not be treated as property (legally that is what they are in the US) or vermin.    If you do then the role as a criminal outcast is reinforced and they become even worse criminals.  What ever screwed them up needs to be reversed.  

If they live constructive, contributing lives in Jail, they will do so when they get out too.     

Here is one place in Norway where this system has been implemented.  An island is an ideal place for “Jail”.

Prisons need to be based on rehabilitation and reparation not revenge.  Losing liberty is punishment enough.  To heal, one needs a semblance of a caring environment, therapy, counseling and practice in a self contained society to be a good citizen.   The victim can not be ignored either.  They need help to heal their wounds. That means monetary recompense from the offender by working to compensate their victim(s) and the expenses incurred by Society for catching them and for housing them and psychological help to the offender(s) and victim(s) among other things.    

“If someone did very serious harm to one of my daughters or my family … I would probably want to kill them. That’s my reaction. But as a prison governor, or politician, we have to approach this in a different way. We have to respect people’s need for revenge, but not use that as a foundation for how we run our prisons. Many people here have done something stupid – they will not do it again. But prisons are also full of people who have all sorts of problems. Should I be in charge of adding more problems to the prisoner on behalf of the state, making you an even worse threat to larger society because I have treated you badly while you are in my care? We know that prison harms people… In Norway, as in the UK and many other countries, we still think quite short-term, wanting to inflict revenge on criminals, wanting them to suffer for what they have done. But in most countries nearly all prisoners are going to be released. So what happens to them when they are in prison is very important.  

They should deal with this by rethinking how they address the public regarding what is most effective in reducing re-offending. Losing liberty is sufficient punishment – once in custody we should focus on reducing the risk that offenders pose to society after they leave prison.

For victims, there will never be a prison that is tough, or hard, enough. But they need another type of help – support to deal with the experience, rather than the government simply punishing the offender in a way that the victim rarely understands and that does very little to help heal their wounds. Politicians should be strong enough to be honest about this issue.” Arne Kvernvik Nilsen – Governor of Bastoy Island, Norway 

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Hey! Stop grabbing my Nuts, you cheeky taxman.

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On top of the obvious taxes; income, payroll, sales, SS and Medicare you are also paying all sorts of

hidden taxes.


You pay Business’ taxes.

Business does not pay property tax, excise tax, import/export tax, business tax or regulatory expenses (over a trillion dollars just for federal regulations). 

Business does not pay sales tax, airplane tax, hotel tax, parking tax, gasoline tax, utility tax, phone tax, car tax, beverage tax or even liquor tax.

Business doesn’t pay for lawsuits, penalties, campaign contributions or lobbyists.

Business not pay for employee sick leave, vacation time, pensions or half of their Social Security tax.

Business does not pay for employee health, life, unemployment or disability insurance.

You do!

All these taxes and “Expenses” are passed on to you in the price of your purchases and  reductions in wages (even down to the $0 wage of unemployment).

All these expenses are factored into your total compensation package and reduce the salary portion.  Plus you lose the interest on the tax withheld from your paycheck.

Your landlord is a business and doesn’t pay any of those taxes either. You do! It’s reflected in the rent.  

On top of that you pay another airplane tax, hotel tax, parking tax, gasoline tax, utility tax, phone tax, car tax, beverage tax or even liquor tax when you buy any of those products and services for yourself.  

Subsidies, Ethanol and Beef

You pay for the expensive ethanol the government mandates to be put into gasoline in the form of higher prices on top of the hidden gasoline tax figured into the price.

Regular taxes go to pay for subsidizing the Corn it’s produced from and you pay the hidden tax of higher food prices for other farm products which are scarcer due to over-production of subsidized corn.  In fact, you are paying the same kind of hidden tax in for everything the government subsidizes (another power not granted by the Constitution) 

You pay the medical costs of high fructose corn syrup consumption, the corn subsidy encourages, and the higher fat content and lower nutrition from cattle who are fed cheap corn, which cows cannot digest properly,  instead of grass and who are confined so they do not eat grass and instead get fattened up by corn and no exercise (which destroys their health and which they will die from, if not slaughtered). 

Federal State and Local Debt

The government does not pay for anything.  You do.  Borrowed money is a hidden tax because it hits you in the future, when you and/or your children are taxed to pay interest and eventually the principal on the loan.  


You pay for the people who don’t pay their mortgage.  You fund the Federal Mortgage insurance companies and pay for the government guarantee of mortgages.  You receive no benefit or profit, the banks get that, but you pay the loss on every defaulted loan the government buys back and sells and the entire cost of what the government does not sell.  Not to mention this is also not authorized in the Constitution.

Federal Reserve

Inflation is also a tax! When the government needs to pay off debt they create more Federal Reserve Notes (IOU the government owes to the banks) that we call dollars.  More total debt notes with the same goods and services in the economy means each dollar, represents less of the total value/capital/assets.

Prices rise to reflect the difference and  therefore your dollar can’t buy as much as before.  Where did the money go?  From your pocket and savings to the Federal Government and the Banks.

Since the Federal Reserve was established, in 1913, it has decreased the purchasing power of the dollar 20 to 40 times over.  That translates to robbing you 20 to 40 times over.  And that’s before Bush and Obama added 16 trillion more debt.

Big Banks do not pay for bad loans. You do. The Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund (20% comes from the USA) print more money to “restructure” the loans. Whether they are mortgages at home or foreign debt of Countries, your money is devalued and prices rise to compensate (inflation).

Interest keeps flowing to the banks and more principal cash is thrown down the drain to dictators and funding ill advised big government projects worldwide. We have lost trillions in dilution of our wealth and fostered famine and death by enriching thieves, terrorists and third world despotic regimes.

Everyone pay 6% a year interest on every dollar to the Federal Reserve.  Right off the bat, the dollar is really only 94 cents.

Again, this is not authorized and, in fact, expressly prohibited by the Constitution that requires gold or silver coinage (or a treasury certificate redeemable for coin).

Fraud and illegals

You pay unauthorized, increased taxes for fraudsters and illegal alien trespassers who are subsidized by “welfare”, food stamps, Medicaid, education, housing and other social services.   Plus the cost of  illegal alien criminal’s damage, death, Cops, Lawyers, Jail etc.

Not to mention that even the legitimate beneficiaries are paid for by programs allowed only through false redefinition of the words “General Welfare” and usurpation of power, by the Supreme Court (which has no Constitutional power to create laws) and are not authorized in the Constitution.  

Minimum Wage

(Minimum) Wage increases are passed on to you in the price you pay for goods and services.  Minimum wage control eliminates entry level jobs for the unskilled (mostly minorities), causes layoffs, welfare, unemployment and crime which YOU pay for,

Also, based on false redefinition of the words “Interstate Commerce” and not authorized by the Constitution. 

Half the people in this country are below income thresholds and do not pay taxes.  You pay their taxes on top of your own share.  That is the “Progressive” income tax.

You personally, and the country collectively, bear the moral and financial burden for the government and it is incredibly higher than you ever imagined.

But wait there’s more!  (Just pay shipping and handling. 🙂


Loss of liberty and opportunity

Income tax and tax breaks allow the government to impose ideas upon you and control your behavior rather than just society, religion or common law norms.

Income tax requirements destroy small businesses.  For example see 1099 requirement for over $600 spent

Income tax creates a tyrannical entity never envisioned by the founders that can take everything from you.  The IRS can take your paycheck, your bank accounts, your home and all your assets leaving you and your family homeless and penniless.  Not to mention violate your privacy with every required financial disclosure.

How do you fix it?  That’s what The Society Project is for.

An example of some points:

  1. Fix the basis on which Political Decisions are made. Hold Politicians responsible to the Foundational principles and values of our country and base all political decisions on them. 
  2. Give the President a line item veto. Better yet all bills should contain only one item.  No more hiding pork inside thousand page documents of legalese.
  3. Vet all legislation through computer and business analysts to spot hidden flaws and consequences. 
  4. Repeal the 16th Amendment which allowed Congress to tax you directly.  Eliminate the IRS. Eliminate all taxes except consumption which is the Fairest Tax
  5. Eliminate all do-good government largess or social programs and give them back to voluntary charity and the local community.  Involuntary taking of Money from one person to give to another is stealing and not legitimate taxation to pay for government services.  Charity comes from individuals directly not filtered through a corrupt government.  Individual Charity is filling a poor, thirsty person’s glass with water.   Government Charity is filtering the water through your kidneys first. 
  6. Sunset all government agencies so they die out instead of growing like a cancer.  Eliminate inefficiency and waste so the government needs less money to operate.
  7. Eliminate pensions and reduce Politician’s compensation to a bare minimum so corrupt Politicians aren’t attracted and only those who wish to serve will apply.
  8. Limit campaign to debates and meetings so the need for campaign money is low.  That, together with eliminating all tax exemptions and a flat tax rate will keep Politicians from being beholden to special interest money.
  9. Add an option to choose none of the candidates in an election. If 51% vote “None” then new candidates must be chosen for a re-vote.
  10. Allow run off elections and eliminate Political Parties.
  11. Eliminate the Federal Reserve which is merely a cartel of banks.  Get out of the IMF and the UN. They are just a clever ruse to steal your wealth and pull the USA into a Socialist World Government run by the rich and connected.  World Charity is a front.  Our private charities such as the Salvation Army accomplish more than any government. 
  12. Government the world over is the Problem.  It is a parasite filled with corruption.  The only solution is to starve the governments of our money and return them to their proper minimum size and the world to sanity.  Unfortunately we have an entrenched criminal cartel that will not relinquish their power and your wealth.  If we fix the USA first then the world might have a chance.
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The Joke of Foreign Aid is on us.

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First an Actual Joke.  This one just Kilt ‘em.

And Now Laddies and Lassies, here’s where the Joke’s on us. 
The enemy of my enemy is STILL my enemy, in the long run.
The US funded and gave weapons to the Islamic Terrorists, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban, (to fight the Soviets) who then turned around and attacked us and our allies.
The US supported Iraq and Afghanistan that we later fought wars against, then gave enormous amounts of money to prop up a supposedly “Democratic” government, all so that they can still harbor and nurture Islamic Terrorists and  attack our soldiers and our allies.
The US funded and gave weapons to the  Islamic Terrorists in Libya who murdered our Ambassador in Benghazi and attack us and our allies.
The US funded the “Arab Spring”. 
136415 600 Egypt, Obama, Putin, Detroit and Nashville! cartoons
The US recently Funded the Islamic terrorists in Syria and now are funding more Islamic Terrorists to combat the first Islamic terrorists and they all attack us and our allies.
127944 600 AID TO SYRIA cartoons
In the end all our “Help”  and the removal of our troops has led to the formation of an Islamic Terrorist Country!
The US and the EU have been funding the Islamic Terrorists of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas who attack Israel, our ally, on a regular basis with thousands of rockets.
Israel provides gas, electricity and food to the Arabs (mistakenly called “Refugees” and “Palestinians”) living in Judea and Samaria in Israel (Mistakenly called the “West Bank”)  and Gaza because the US and EU Foreign Aid goes to the Islamic Terrorists and not the People.
Even when it is proven that the US and the EU (and the UN) fund “Palestinian” Islamic terrorists, they change a bit of wording and the scandal goes on.
Our leaders refuse to acknowledge their mistake in supporting the terrorists, who use babies as human shields, and instead distract our emotions to the children they encourage to come here illegally and at their peril from slave traders, drug dealers and criminals.  The policy which indirectly supports even more enemies to sneak into our country while the border patrol is too busy with the overwhelming influx of children.
Foreign aid to other “Revolutionary” groups the US gave money and weapons to, eventually become our enemies.
The US is the largest funder of the World bank, who make loans to bail out every failed government so they can continue to be our enemies.
Even “Humanitarian Aid” is co-opted and corrupted.
We are the largest funder of the bloated bureaucracy called the UN, which is run by the Islamic theocratic dictatorships and other enemies of the US.
With our money the UN gives awards to political cartoonists who best put down the USA (which they deem to be “reflecting the spirit and the principles of the United Nations.”) and peddle junk science such as Global Warming, whose “solution” would either kill everyone who breathes Carbon Dioxide or bankrupt the world.
(By the same junk Science I can conclude that Global Warming is actually caused by an excess of Verbal flatulence from the UN. 🙂  
Cartoon: king big foreign aid check (medium) by rmay tagged king,big,foreign,aid,check

Perhaps cutting all Military Foreign Aid could be unfair to our allies.  However… 
What we give to our allies is a pittance compared to what goes to our Enemies. 
Personally speaking I believe our allies can do very well without us funding them.
If our corrupt government stops stealing the money from the people of the US to fund the enemies of the world, the entire world would be a safer place and there might not be a need for Foreign Aid to our Allies, in the first place. 
Could there be some areas where funding might help?  Sure. 
But the Corrupt government of self centered Political parties is incapable of discerning where that might be.
I do not see the power to tax for the purpose of “Foreign Aid”, Military or otherwise, anywhere in the Constitution.
Government Military Foreign Aid is bribery and extortion paid to pirates and terrorists for false treaties and agreements.
The government haphazardly throws the taxpayer’s money at them to curry favor and use them for a while, to further some short sighted interest that benefits the Politicians or their Political party, but bites the rest of us in the long run.
To assuage those who complain, the Current Administration cut a Trillion Dollars from the Budget of the Military, our only real defense against our enemies.
Stealing money from those who earn, and pay taxes, to give Domestic Aid to the enemies of Free Enterprise and Productivity is even more destructive.
Government Domestic Aid is bribery paid to cronies and dependent voters to curry favor and use them for a while to further some short sighted interest, that benefits the Politicians or their Political party, but  destroys our country in the long run.
In a word…Yes. 
At least our government is. 
The entire system of the Founders has been corrupted into one worse than the English Monarchy we fought against.
There is only one way to rescue our society before it too collapses or is conquered.
Read  and support Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair (CARR)
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Today’s CULTure

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Today’s culture has become a CULT-ure heavily influenced by our Political Parties and by the manipulations of foreign enemies whose mission was to destabilize our country by demeaning and replacing our foundational American, Judeo-Christian values, family structure and making the populace dependent on the government to kill our sense of charity and stop people from helping and watching out for each other.  A nation of self centered people, who will not defend or watch out for their neighbor will not defend their nation either.    

Alien Communist/Marxist class warfare and “re-distribution”, anti-war, anti-Nuke and environmentalist  philosophies, Black Supremacist and Islamic Anti-Semitic/Anti-Christian propaganda, which forms the “Politically Correct” value system, has been promulgated through our educational institutions, media, “activists”, “Community organizers”, racial hucksters, the Marxist and Islamic organizations that fund and organize “Grass roots” protests, the Foundations that fund and run Seminars teaching and promoting the propaganda, the corruption of our Constitutional Republican system into a Socialist Democracy, polarization due to Political parties and campaign finance and lobbying bribery of Politicians…. to the point where a President raised in a foreign country on Communist/Marxist, black supremacist and Islamic propaganda could be elected to ruin run our country…twice.


“You see, Dr. Stadler, people don’t want to think. And the deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think. But by some sort of instinct, they feel that they ought to and it makes them feel guilty. So they’ll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking. Anyone who makes a virtue—a highly intellectual virtue—out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness and their guilt.”

– Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


Let’s begin with the most insidious cult belief of current America.  The lie of White Racism.

Who’s keeping the black man down? 

The white man?  Society? The Po-Po (police)?  Nope.  

A tall black man on CNN unwittingly revealed the answer.  This is going to sound like a joke but… it’s Yo Mama.  

That’s right.  Yo’ mamma is so Phat… she made sure to tell y’all what it’d be like as a Black man in this society.  She told y’all… is a white man’s world and Whitey gonna keep y’all down.  Whitey gonna look sideways at y’all.  Suspect you is a criminal.  Po-Po gonna racially profile the black man.   Y’all gonna get ticketed for “driving while black” and the Po-Po’s out to kill y’all.   Stick with your black brothers and Sisters.  Feel comfortable only around them.   Stay away from the white folk.  Don’t mingle.  Watch out!!!!  Be afraid!  Be angry!

It’s a generational mistake.  One that is made by whites too.  Jews grew up fearing Goyim (non-jews) because they couldn’t be trusted.  Just like the Nazis, Goyim  would gas and burn them.    One generation’s prejudice, even if based on past reality, influencing the next even though it’s a different world.  

A racist Lynch mob declares guilt based on racial prejudice, without knowing, or caring, about the facts.  Ironically, today’s lynch mob is Black.  

Black mobs assume guilt in all whites, based on years of false propaganda, from the racial hucksters that all whites are racist who keep the blacks down, and tragically, from the Black President, that America is a racist country.   Since all blacks are victims they are due reparations, special treatment over whites and exemption from prosecution from the Black Attorney General.

Victim and Rescuer mythology, accepted as reality in our non-American, American CULT-ure, becomes the reality.

Then there is the matter of Islam using the black community to wage war on the USA.   Islam was behind the “black power” movement that was the model for black mob riots.  The Black Panthers was an Islamic group.  In Ferguson, The Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers urged on the mobs and attempted terrorist bombings.  

Stoking the prejudice are Al Sharpton, who made up stories like Tawana Brawley (supposedly raped by a white mob and covered with excrement.  The only excrement was Al’s bullshit) and other racial hucksters who gin up resentment and anger, perpetuating the myth and the divisiveness.  



 Ferguson Black Leaders

It may have been like that once, but it ain’t like yo’ mama told y’all no more.  You make it that way in your minds and perception becomes reality for you.  

You act with hostility towards the cops, based on your mamma’s  false perceptions and guess what? You get the reaction your mama foretold.  You slink around in the stores looking guilty because mama told y’all the white man think that of y’all.  Guess what, suspicious, nervous people are watched by Security guards.  You are at fault.  The good news is,  if you accept that truth, you have the power to fix it.  

Part of why you are poor, is your own politicians supporting minimum wage which kill all jobs for inexperienced youths. But the only reason for staying in poverty is attitude.  Attitude determines altitude in society.  If you blame the “white man” for your poverty you aren’t taking responsibility.  In that mindset you lose the power to change your circumstances.   Your mama’s prejudice becomes a convenient excuse for crime, drugs and murder.   There’s no way to get ahead in Whitey’s world, so you ain’t got no choice.  In Islam, the same excuse is the “infidel’s” world.  If black men are in prison… it’s due to white racism.  

Your propagandists cherry pick and distort statistics, jump on one incident, out of hundreds of thousands and make Ferguson all the “proof” you need to know Mama was right.  See.  The whitey cop kill the black man.  Then he go free.  Whitey’s world.  No matter the fault of the black man attacking a white police officer… shooting a black man in self -defense is seen as murdering them for “being black”.   The White Police officer is assumed guilty of “Shooting While White”, and the black mob riots, loots, closes main thoroughfares in major cities, tries to shut down the Macys’ Thanksgiving day parade, close major highways in New York City, interferes with the Christmas Tree Lighting  and feels justified in negatively affecting millions of people, not to mention giving the world a false impression of our Country, because whitey to blame. 

No Justice No Peace

The lynch mobs shout  the lie “No Justice, No Peace”.    Justice was served and they refuse to admit it.  

Know Justice, Know Peace – Dr. Society

What justification do we hear for their demands for a Kangaroo Court?  We black and on the attack to make whitey aware of the black man’s struggle.  

What struggle? You think you’re entitled to complain?  You get preferential treatment in college and business.  Affirmative action and racial quotas to give you access that whites don’t get.  You get Jobs without even needing education or skills.   There are non-discrimination laws, written just for you, that let you populate all the government jobs and keep the Whitey out.  You get welfare, and you can even cheat without penalty.  You can insult and harass whites without recrimination. You can even redefine racism to mean only White against black.  The media cover ever single rare white on black crime and ignore all the black on white and black on black crime, aiding you in perpetuating paranoia, exaggeration and outright lies about being black.  Blacks are immune from being labeled racist.  You get to sue companies and the Police, profiting just for being black.  Yet every time you get a traffic ticket you make an issue out of “Driving while Black”, as though that’s the only reason a black person gets ticketed.  

No one is down anymore with your self-induced, delusional “Struggle”.    

The tables have turned, the pendulum has swung and cut off Whitey’s head.  There is a Black President and blacks oppress the whites using guilt. Whites can’t say anything around you for fear of being labeled “racist” or getting sued.  White Youth participate in the black mob protests to prove they are not racist.   Writing like I do is of course called racism.  You can chase whites from your block or neighborhood and threaten to kill them and it’s accepted as normal.  (I personally have had that experience)  Like MLK said to the Whites, this generation must say to the blacks… “Cast off your prejudice. Judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.”  Stop making the white person into a cartoon character and see that he does have character.  

White society has bent over backwards for you, and you revenge-pissed on it.      

Based on the myth of white racism, Blacks have civil rights to protect them from the “white oppressors”. White people have no civil rights because they are the “racist oppressor”.   Racism can only be from the oppressor – whites, to the oppressed blacks.  Therefore Blacks can’t be racist.  Or so the White Guilt, black huckster, political shilling for voters, propaganda, lie goes.  

Media Pundits excuse black mob behavior as based on rage and fear, not racism.  Would they excuse the white lynch mobs who hung blacks or the Ku Klux Klan or the Neo-Nazis as just fine because they are also motivated by rage and fear?  

Blacks are excused and given racist special treatment by whites instilled with false guilt for crimes they had nothing to do with.  

Ironically, the false prejudice of black inferiority is only reinforced by this treatment.  Underlying the thought process that blacks need to be excused from normal responsibility is the unspoken view that blacks are poor, incapable, inferior former slaves.  What can you expect without the mighty and noble whites to bring the savages into civilization.  So the unexpressed white guilt goes.

Violence, rioting, looting and fire bombing with Molotov cocktails have followed these black mob “protests” and the excuse for that behavior is – what right does the government have to condemn our fire bombs when they bomb Afghanistan and Iraq or Vietnam as [they claim] MLK used as an excuse for black mob violence.  

Hypocrisy is made into an all around excuse for bad behavior and preached by Activists, Politicians and the Media.  

NYPD Officers Killed

“Two wrongs don’t make a right” has been forgotten.

The Moral and Constitutionally specified and protected right of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is also forgotten or perhaps never learned because civil education for an “Imperialist America” is deemed distasteful.

Ironically, Ferguson is old Germanic and English for Forgotten!    

Read the summary below or Click here to Listen to what this black man says .  

How do you fix Ferguson? …We have to stop.. and be open to the possibility that we have been brainwashed, on every single level of our lives… with conditioned thoughts. Thoughts that we have fought over, died angry, sad and depressed over.

We’re so loyal to these thoughts right,? But we have got to question them cause they were created by the culture we were born in. Look at that word CULT-ure. ,. We’ve tried everything from Politics, rallies, protests to riots, These things don’t work. They create short-term results. We have a chance, right now, to make a real difference.

So what have we not done? Everyone is worried about changing this, changing that..what’s on the outside. But we’ve forgotten… about ourselves. Who are you in the deepest sense? Not your race or ethnicity…your heritage… your ancestry.. I’m not even talking about your memories – your experiences. . Figure that out, because there will never be external peace if there is not first internal peace. Once you figure that out I promise you the entire world will transform – will change. And as more and more people find themselves …. Mankind has the opportunity to transform into Kind Man.

I urge you to try it. I urge you to find out who you are inside your body. What have you got to lose?”


Civic devotion, instilled at school, is essential to a good society [and lacking in today’s education].

Lacking in the United States culture today, is a sense of duty, responsibility and accountability.   Instead lazy narcissists insist on “Rights” and “Entitlement” with no responsibility or the need to “suffer” risk, work or even thought.   

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Not everyone conforms, but this is the dominant cult-ure. 



Adapted from remarks by Yale University historian and professor emeritus Donald Kagan at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn., Sept. 18, a talk based in part on a lecture he delivered at Yale on Nov. 4, 2001:

With the shock of the 9/11 terror attacks, most Americans reacted by clearly and powerfully supporting their government’s determination to use military force to stop such attacks and to prevent future ones. Most Americans also expressed a new unity, an explicit patriotism and love of their country not seen among us for a very long time.

…faculties on most elite campuses in the country, and …the overwhelming majority of people designated as “intellectuals” … offered any and all explanations, so long as they indicated that the attackers were really victims, that the fault really rested with the United States.

As most of us have come to know too well, the terrorists of Al-Qaeda and other Jihadists regard America as “the great Satan” and hate the U.S. not only because its power stands in the way of the achievement of their Islamist vision [of world domination by the sword], but also because its free, open, democratic, tolerant, liberal and prosperous society is a powerful competitor for the allegiance of millions of Muslims around the world. No change of American policy, no retreat from the world, no repentance or increase of modesty can change these things.

Yet many members of the intelligentsia decried the outburst of patriotism that greeted the new assault on America. The critics were exemplified by author Katha Pollitt, who wrote in the Oct. 1, 2001, edition of the Nation about her daughter wanting to fly the American flag outside their window after 9/11. “Definitely not,” Ms. Pollitt replied. “The flag stands for jingoism and vengeance and war.” [as opposed to the Islamic  terrorists who stand for jingoism, vengeance and war. lol]

Such ideas still have a wide currency, reflecting a serious flaw in American education…  Our schools have retreated from the idea of moral education, except for some attempts at what is called “values clarification,” which is generally a cloak for moral relativism verging on nihilism of the sort that asserts that whatever feels good is good.

Even more vigorously have the schools fled from the idea of encouraging patriotism…Many have been the attacks on patriotism for intolerance, arrogance and bellicosity, but that is to equate it with its bloated distortion, chauvinism. My favorite dictionary defines the latter as “militant and boastful devotion to and glorification of one’s country,” but defines a patriot as “one who loves, supports, and defends his country.”

That does not require us to denigrate or attack any other country, nor does it require us to admire our own uncritically. But just as an individual must have an appropriate love of himself if he is to perform well, an appropriate love of his family if he and it are to prosper, so, too, must he love his country [and its ideals of liberty, individual rights and duty] if it is to survive. Neither family nor nation can flourish without love, support and defense, so that an individual who has benefited from those institutions not only serves his self-interest but also has a moral responsibility to give them his support.

Thus are assaults on patriotism failures of character. They are made by privileged people who enjoy the full benefits offered by the country they deride and detest, but they lack the basic decency to pay it the allegiance and respect…

Every country requires a high degree of cooperation and unity among its citizens if it is to achieve the internal harmony that every good society requires. Most countries have relied on the common ancestry and traditions of their people as the basis of their unity, but the United States can rely on no such commonality. We are an enormously diverse and varied people, almost all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. The great strengths provided by this diversity are matched by great dangers. We are always vulnerable to divisions among us that can be exploited to set one group against another and destroy the unity and harmony that have allowed us to flourish. [hence the need for Foundational American Values to be taught at schools]

We live in a time when civic devotion has been undermined and national unity is under attack. The idea of a common American culture, enriched by the diverse elements that compose it but available equally to all, is under assault, and attempts are made to replace it with narrower and politically divisive programs that are certain to set one group of Americans against another. [hence the need to remove all Political Parties]

…We look to education to solve the pressing current problems of our economic and technological competition with other nations, but we must not neglect the inescapable political, and ethical, effects of education.

We in the academic community have too often engaged in miseducation. If we encourage separatism, we will get separation and the terrible conflict in society it will bring. If we encourage rampant individualism to trample on the need for a community and common citizenship, if we ignore civic education, the forging of a single people, the building of a legitimate patriotism, we will have selfish individuals, heedless of the needs of others, the war of all against all, the reluctance to work toward the common good and to defend our country when defense is needed.

The civic sense that America needs can come only from a common educational effort. In telling the story of the American political experience, we must insist on the honest search for truth; we must permit no comfortable self-deception or evasion, no seeking of scapegoats. The story of this country’s vision of a free, democratic republic and of its struggle to achieve it need not fear the most thorough examination and can proudly stand comparison with that of any other land.

In the long and deadly battle against those who hate Western ideals, and hate America in particular, we must be powerfully armed, morally as well as materially. To sustain us through the worst times we need courage and unity, and these must rest on a justified and informed patriotism.

Everything is propaganda – from what the government puts out, to what the media tells you and the advertisers try to get you to buy.  They are all designed to manipulate and control you and convert you to THEIR way of thinking about reality.   Here are some of the salient points:

We deserve it – America is an imperialist meddler, with too much power, and deserves whatever it gets from Islamic Terrorism, from the WTC abomination to kidnapping of citizens and soldiers to economic ruin.  In their view, which ignores the history of thousands of years of Islamic war against the world, America and Israel sparked Islamic Terrorism, which never existed before. 

Side with the lesser not the oppressor – The world is divided into oppressor and oppressed.  The stronger or wealthier are the oppressors, therefore Labor is oppressed, therefore they need power – Unions – which employees are forced to participate in  and are allowed, by law, to commit violence and force management to negotiate.  Rich is bad, take their wealth and give it to the poor.  Only government is strong enough to control the oppressors. (Problem: Give Unions or Government power and they become the oppressor.)  Animals are weaker and must be protected, no matter the cost or danger to humans, because humans are “oppressors”. 

We are all biased and can’t be objective – Everything is an opinion and everyone is entitled to it.  None are more right or more wrong – it’s just a point of view.   Thinking about an issue, discerning right from wrong, leads to just another opinion.   There is no “Truth”.  Only “Feelings” can be a guide to moral decision.  Whatever makes you happy and the beautiful fantasy Utopian vision of complete equality that your peer group, the media and government tell you to believe.  No rich, no poor.  No war, if we don’t provoke anyone.  No one country is better than another, so apologize, give away your power and get everyone to like you.  

Problem: Success and survival comes from discerning the right and/or best course and facing reality.  Otherwise, you wind up an extinct fossil, in the tar pit or swamp you fell into, while wandering aimlessly.   

People are inherently good – They are born perfect and are then corrupted by society.  It is a moral imperative to return to the child state.  “Be Yourself” “Do what feels good.” “Learn to love yourself” since you are born morally pure and perfect.

The problem: we have no built-in moral instincts or social programming, like animals do.   We are born neither good or bad, just ignorant.  Good or Bad depends on an external standard.  Ignorance can’t be relied on as a standard.  What feels good is often a standard that leads to evil.   Loving yourself usually translates to Adoring yourself which leads to narcissism and rejection of everyone else’s opinion, knowledge and experience. The narcissist is perfect and actively avoids changing their perfection, which means avoiding thinking and listening .  Everything they come up with is a brilliant plan.  If it doesn’t work, it’s someone else’s’ fault.   These traits are apparent in our President, most members of Congress and the Courts, and most people in positions of power, hence the decline of the USA.    You might even know some of these people personally, your business partner, boss, team-mate, class mate, family member, teacher, preacher, celebrity…spouse etc.  

The Jealous response, of the child state, to comparing oneself to others and finding yourself lacking in accomplishment or success or whatever,  is to bring down the rest of the world and look down on others with contempt as morally inferior for not being a child-like incompetent adult.

 There is no God.  No one is watching – There are no expectations or rules of behavior other than those that make you return to the child state and promote the Utopian vision. 

Problem: Because they don’t understand faith in a Being or authority higher than Mankind nor the “True Believer” of Religious faith (ironically akin to their ‘True Believer” cultural faith that withstands reason).  Islamic hatred between Sunni and Shia in Iraq and around the world is viewed as mere sectarian difference.  The war of the “Palestinians” against Israel is viewed as a mere squabble over land.  Therefore both are amenable to negotiation rather than the reality of a problem of intractable belief ,  amenable, not to reason or imposition of Democracy or changing hearts and minds, but only to superior force.   

Agree to disagree or  you are a racist, bigoted, evil, greedy, liar – If anyone insists their point of view is “Right” or “True”, since there is no such thing, they must be a bigot, racist, a fool, a liar or have some sort of phobia.   When everything is just another flavor, arguing that vanilla is better than chocolate means something is wrong with you.  If you look for “proof” of what’s better, you must be a fool, it’s just a matter of taste.   If you say you have proof that vanilla is the “right” flavor, you must be a bigot discriminating against chocolate or a liar hiding their phobia of chocolate or have a financial interest in vanilla beans. 

Disagreeing brings hostility since the only reason for disagreeing with the CULT-ture must be that you’re stupid or greedy and evil for discriminating.  If you discriminate you must be a racist too.  Disagree with Global warming  and the environmentalist will say you must want the oceans to rise and destroy civilization.   Disagree with bankrupting companies to achieve another miniscule percentage lowering of chemicals and they will say “you want dirtier air?”.   Problem: measurement of time is relative to the speed of light but truth is not relative.

Facts, evidence and reason is cold and heartless – Using Science or non-existent God to question or prove anything contrary to infantile beliefs and the practical failures that stem from them, hurts their feelings and if believed would lower their narcissistic self-esteem.  It is not only wrong but an evil lie.  Reality is the Utopian vision and it is achieved by returning to child-like ignorance and therefore bliss.  (The toys are for all of us. If anyone is jealous, you have to share – Redistribute wealth.   Everyone is the same – no discrimination of bad or good,  protecting the oppressed environment – Mother Nature etc.) 

The Child needs a rich Daddy – In the real world, children grow up and become self-sufficient.   They realize that their parent’s don’t know everything and learn  to think for themselves.  They learn to work with others and accomplish.   They make mistakes with consequences, think about them and get better. 

When civilization conquered the major diseases, produced enough food so that no one would starve, protect people from predators and could eliminate hardships like farming, sewing and washing clothes by hand, chopping wood for fuel, drawing water etc. – people no longer needed to be smart and alert or use their intelligence to avoid bad consequences.  They no longer needed to think to survive.  They could remain infantile, and live in a fairy tale, with a rich Daddy Government to support and coddle them and eliminate all risk.  

Problem:  If risk is eliminated there are No Consequences and therefore No experience and no maturity.  Academics can push failed theories like Communism and Socialism with impunity.  The more clever the presentation of nonsense, the more they are rewarded by tenure, and the accolades of others who have never done anything.  When the Product of this mal-education gets power – say becomes President  – we all suffer from the actual consequences of the junk programming, while the know nothings make up reasons to support their nonsense and continue for years with their cacophonous symphony of wrong notes.     

The government is not rich.  It has no money on its own and must take it from someone.  Like the Citizens of Rome before its collapse, The utopian lives off the wages of the slave taxpayer who pays for Deposit insurance , unemployment benefits, Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, Fannie and Freddie Mac’s “affordable” mortgages and all the other programs Daddy spoils their kids with.   The more they are indulged the less they do and the more they want.  Those who can’t do, teach.  Words become their product with no need for results or penalty for consequences.  Since they don’t do anything, there is no need to find ways to do it better.   Just better ways to communicate their infantile cult and make it sound professional and “sophisticated”.    They became journalists, Academics, Teachers,  entertainers, social workers. community activists and Politicians spreading their fairly tale and cult to each successive generation. 

Eventually there are too many talkers and not enough producers and the money runs out.  Eventually,  the parasite government consumes its productive host.   

Discussion is avoidance – To stay forever immature and stupid, requires cleverness and verbal nimbleness to apply excuses and use logical fallacies to deny facts and reality.  The purpose of Discussion is to find those who agree and play with them and otherwise intimidate, put down, embarrass, discredit and revile those who present anything different.  Only Media that agree with the bias can be listened to.  All other Media is evil.  Censorship of listening.

Let’s play pretend – Ooh we are so concerned about world hunger and peace and carbon warming and blah blah.. let’s tweet about it.  Let’s pretend that wishes do come true and wish, wish, wish on Facebook.  Ooh that protest looks like fun.  We are doing so much to help the world.  Hey can you get me a Starbucks.   Let’s Chill , dude.

Instead of stopping crime, they are filming it and putting it on YouTube.  

It’s not fair –  Constantly comparing yourself to others and being jealous if anyone has more – more money, more things, more friends, more happiness, more respect, more fame, better looks etc..  You put on  a false smile but hate them and want to see them brought down.    You enjoy scandal magazines and terrible tragedies on the news because it makes your misery seem fairer if everyone shares it especially the famous.  You are always complaining to Daddy Government to make it fairer by pulling down success.  It makes you feel bad and therefore must be evil since feelings are the moral standard.   You didn’t build that. 

Censorship –  If the CULT-ure deems it bad, thoughts, images and symbols of “bad” things are also wrong and must be censored and punished, no matter how stupid the outcome. 

Apathy – The more the CULT-ure teaches and actualizes failure, the less insight there is to figure out how to solve problems and the worse it gets.  Eventually corruption  is so entrenched that the people do not feel they can do anything about it and look to a strong leadership (read – dictatorship) to do it for them. 

How do you know when your thinking is objectively wrong? 

When the way of thinking does not anticipate and/or predict behaviors and outcomes.  Or when your way of thinking leads to behaviors that foster failure and not success. 

For instance re-distribution leading to economic collapse, pulling out troops for Political gain leading to complete loss of all prior gains and the triumph of ISIS, opening our borders leading to overload of the immigration system and terrorists, drugs, drug dealers, criminals and the epidemically ill coming in  unimpeded , eliminating risk in housing leading to over speculation and a bust that crashes world markets, fighting about Political Parties leading to civil and family strife, government welfare leading to generational dependency, poverty, crime and the breakup of family etc..  

October 24, 2013 at 1:01 PM

Be Aware.

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You are welcome to proceed on a journey of de-programming Secular, Religious, Political, Social, Media and Educational conditioning, to see clearly what must be done to achieve a Government and Society that meets the standards and ideals of the Founder’s United States, and the social covenant of the Ancient Israelite Society, upon which its principles were based. 

 No current Pundit, Blogger, Politician, Intellectual, Scientist, Economist, philosopher, Educational institution, individual Teacher or Religious authority has come up with all that you will read here.   All currently proposed solutions to the structure of government and society, to maximize Liberty, protect rights, mitigate hunger, poverty, disease and other ills or problems of the world, from all countries and all institutions, are either wrong or, at best, insufficient.
Prove this to yourself.  Can you name one society, formed based on all the experiments in history and modern times, that did not deteriorate into one of privileged Rulers and exploited Servants?
Don’t think that I am deluded, arrogant or just another theorist or utopian.   My sources are of the highest quality and authority and my research has been subjected to years of peer review and practical testing.  
Be Aware or Beware
I challenge you to read through this material and not come away enlightened in some fashion.  If nothing else, I will settle for really pissed off… but aware.
Because, the first step to solving a problem is awareness.   Once aware, you can pay attention, focus and cut through the fog of entrenched propaganda and wrest back your individual liberty.
Ah, but you think that you are fully aware now, Don’t you? 
Let’s test that theory.
Have you ever bought a car or an iPhone or some other item and suddenly it seems like everyone has the same one?   Magic?   Maybe.  In the same way a magician tricks you.  They were always there, but you didn’t notice until you bought that car, iPhone or item and started to pay attention.  The system in your brain that pays attention comes into effect after the quick response system that relies on past conditioning.
This is important to understand.  There is just too much information from our senses for our brains to process quickly.  So, our brains initially filter out most of the information and rely on conditioned patterns to fill in the gaps.  Memories consist of these low information responses, which is why memory is not reliable to be accurate.  We usually change the missing pieces, and so the memory, to fit whatever narrative is going on at the time of remembering.  Then this distorted memory replaces the original.   How many times do we confuse who was with us at a restaurant or on a trip or where, or even when, something happened? 
Much of what you think you know, just isn’t so.   Political Propaganda, not only rewrites history in books and media but also in your own brain. 
When we are concentrating we muster our brain processing power for the task at hand and we miss even more of what is going on around us.   Magicians, Con Artists and Politicians take advantage of this fact to trick you into not noticing what they are really doing.  Are you aware of your body now?  Probably not; until you switched your attention to it. 
The eye has a physical blind spot and yet we never see a hole in our vision.  Why?  Because the brain fills in the missing details.  Much like a TV that up converts from low resolution to High Def by computing and filling in the missing pixels (picture elements).   Eyewitnesses are unreliable because our brains fill in details that aren’t there or miss details because we are focused on something else.  Memory is changeable for the same reason.  How many times do you get into an argument about what you said that the other person heard differently?  How many times has a waiter gotten your order wrong?
Politicians are conversation magicians.  They use vague words like Hope and Change that allow you to fill in what you want them to mean. They use well crafted talking points to deceive you.  They seem to answer questions because they are speaking, but they are only distracting your attention so that you will assume they have answered the question.  Or they talk enough so that you lose the chance for a clarifying or follow-up question because they took up all your allotted interview time.
Media Analyst Mark Dice demonstrates how people can be manipulated because they don’t pay attention and don’t read: 
– All, except one person, signed a petition that says “I am a Moron”
– People signed a petition to keep the Jewish Holocaust Beach Party.  No matter how outrageous Mark’s descriptions of this “Beach party” get they still sign, because they are not paying attention.
 I will reveal the Politicians’ sleight of hand and expose 100 years of deception.  Once you see it, you can turn the tables on them.
I’ll try not to offend you, step on your toes, or squeeze too much flatulence out of your sacred cows, but if you are the type that lets a word or a phrase trigger an emotional response that sends your reasoning flying down your spine and out your butt, then you probably aren’t ready for what you will read.
If you read, you will become aware and lose the excuse of ignorance. Once you are aware of a crime or wrong or evil and you do nothing, you become morally responsible for it.  Ignorance is bliss, they say.  Except when you are the victim.
Here’s your chance to bail out.
If you feel like it, you can shut me out and continue your life.  No sweat.
I don’t have a personal stake in convincing you other than the empathy I feel for you and the satisfaction of doing something to help.
On that, I spend my own money and my own time.
I’m beholden to no one and a shill for no one.
If you don’t like what I’m going to say, go back to the bullies. moronic bosses and corrupt authorities who run your life.
Or go back to being one of those.
Ignore the regulatory, tax and inflation needle in your vein that is sucking the lifeblood out of you, your family and your children.
I’ll even give you a convenient brush off to use.   I’ve heard a few.
  • Good luck doing that project of yours.
  • Why should I listen to you, you’re one of them! (substitute any Political, Religious or secular grouping or label).
  • I’m too busy.
  • I’m ok.
  • Nothing ever changes.
  • We can’t fight the system it is –  Too complicated.  Too Entrenched.  Too  Powerful.  Too, Too Tootsie good-bye.
  • Just Pray.  It’s all in God’s hands.
  • You don’t have a prayer in hell.
  • You’re wasting your time, people suck and don’t care.
  • If you don’t like it , move to another Country.
  • Life isn’t that bad, just get along.
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • My brain is full.
  • The only sure things are death and taxes. Render unto Caesar.
Whether you, personally, listen or not, matters to me in my heart, because I do care.
But it doesn’t matter to the health of the Country – as long as enough people listen and take action, according to the plan to be outlined here, and fix the mess.
If that is not accomplished, I’m still OK.  I’ve had a successful career and I’m OK financially.
I’ll be fine no matter how long you keep your head under the sand or how much you allow the idiots and liars who run this country to screw up.
By Idiots and liars, I mean Republicans,. Democrats, Independents, Green and every other Political distraction that think they are the United States Government.
This government is so far from the United States, as it was designed to be, that we might as well call it the Disjointed Mess of America.
If the founders were alive, they would be holding their heads and crying, seeing US Citizens so dumbed down, brainwashed by propaganda, divided and oblivious about their society.
I can just see General Washington asking “How can you support a “war” on poverty that has made poverty worse?”
Jefferson – wondering how taking money from one pocket of the economy and putting it in another pocket of the economy can be called “Stimulus” and not an illusion.
Madison – disgusted that the involuntary taking of the people’s income to enrich or entitle others is called taxation and not theft.
Changing your minds

Our reality is actually a translation of what is actual.   We translate energy patterns around us like light and sound into electrical and chemical patterns. Reality, for each of us, is a construct in our minds, informed by our senses.  What we call reality is limited by what our senses can perceive and how we filter and use the information.   We build tools, like the Hubble telescope, to translate the energies we can not perceive with our senses alone into models that we can perceive.  Nurses are taught healing touch, which is being able to translate the electromagnetic field around each of us so that it is perceived through our sense of touch.  They can then “Feel” disturbances in the body’s energy pattern and even manipulate the energy like a chiropractor would manipulate placement of muscle and bone.

All of us are affected by another’s electro magnetic field and sense it through chemical changes in our body.   Why does a hug help so much?  Why does it feel good to hold hands?  Why can you tell a lot about a person by how they kiss?  The act of caring is not just mental.   It actually makes a positive physical impression from one energy field on another.   Conversely, someone who is disturbed affects us negatively because our energy fields resonate.  We sense “Bad Vibes”.  Once again we are translating uncomfortable energy patterns (also manifested as facial, body and vocal expressions) into a feeling of unease.

The reality construct that we operate from is physically represented in our brain through a pattern of connections.  Hence “changing our minds” is physical not just mental.  A physical change triggers a physical response.  Fight or Flight.  An “open-minded” person manages their fight or flight response and does not let it overwhelm their ability to change their minds. It is much the same as a martial artist or boxer or runner who manages the fight or flight response and uses it to their advantage.    All of us are capable of being open-minded, as you will need to be when reading further.  You may feel attacked at some point during your reading, when processing information that contradicts what you thought to be true. Your mind is going through a physical process of neurons re-purposing and chemical/electrical connections changing.  Therefore, the body responds to new ideas, as a physical attack, with a primitive fight or flight reaction.  Please don’t fight or run.  There is no danger, except to the system that is keeping you down.

If you try to teach what you learn you may find that those who believe Political, Communist, Islamic or any other propaganda or even, in some cases,  advertising have NEVER checked facts, sources or history.  They think they are righteous and correct,  No amount of facts, logic, analogies, links or rubbing their nose in reality will change their closed mind.

They have invested in a lie and Damn they will stick with it because it is THEIR lie.  Sacred.  The Untouchable reality in their minds.  Subjective reality is not objective reality but subjective is safer.

It takes courage to face your mind and change it.  It takes overcoming the physical fight or flight reaction.  Most people run and hide back into their safe illusion or delusion.  Tell them something that seems to clash with their mindset and they will insult you, scream at you, put you down, engage in twisted logical fallacies and unsupportable assertions, seek refuge in the comfort of a group/mob of the fearful who also have also succumbed to the propaganda and share a similar reality construct in their minds- do anything to reduce the fear of your credibility – so they can go back triumphant in resisting any intrusion into their programmed dream.

The world will continue to be at war as long as people allow the primitive autonomic brain response to the physical act of restructuring the neuron matrix in their brain to panic them into fight or flight.  Those people will be on the attack and running forever since life is change and they resist understanding and dealing with it.

A Simple Test
Anything new can be difficult to accept, being that it runs contrary to existing, comfortable beliefs that people are invested in.   So I ask you to help me, dear reader, by loosening your hold on those beliefs.  You might even ask yourself if your beliefs are really your own or have they been trustingly accepted or installed by others? The only way to know is to question and objectively verify them and submit the beliefs to reality checks on a regular basis.
Here is simple test to see if your thoughts about Politics are completely your own:
Do you believe that anyone of a differing Political persuasion is a villain, corrupt or, at the very least, worthy of a sneer?
Do you believe you can not be friends and must avoid them?
Do you listen only to media that agrees with your beliefs?
If you are a Democrat do you believe any of these pre-conceptions about Republicans:
They’re all arrogant, ignorant, Religious fanatics who think they know it all and will try to control us if we don’t resist them tooth and nail (and contribute lots of money to our Political Party who are the only ones who can defend us from them).
They are unrealistic, unsophisticated fools who are out of touch with reality.
They’re science denying, war mongering, gun-toting yahoos who cling to old white men’s ideas and don’t understand the modern world.
They’re greedy, evil, Capitalist, Nazi, Fascist, bigoted weirdos, who don’t pay their fair share or care about others, especially the poor or the elderly.
If you are a Republican do you believe any of these pre-conceptions about Democrats:  
They’re all arrogant, ignorant Atheist fanatics who think they know it all and will try to control us if we don’t resist them tooth and nail (and contribute lots of money to our Political Party – who are the only ones who can defend us from them).
They are unrealistic, unsophisticated fools who are out of touch with reality.
They’re immoral, peacenik appeasers, America and gun haters who refuse to learn from history, cling to old disproved ideas and misunderstand the modern world.
They’re greedy, evil, Communist, Nazi, Fascist, bigoted weirdos who just want to live off everyone else’s wealth and pretend to care about the poor or the elderly but really o it to feel superior, gain power and adulation  and puff up their ego.
If you answered yes to any of the above, then your beliefs are not your own.
To plant the misrepresentations, these others used the tactics of Politics – create a villain to scare you, a scapegoat to blame and a “Struggle” so you will buy into their ideas and support their agenda as though it were your own.   Political parties and Politicians make propaganda lies and distortions believable by constant repetition, use cult-like techniques to unite people into artificial groups and exert group/peer pressure to mold your choices.
With this realization, I hope you will be more willing to question implanted beliefs and, if needed, let them go.
Look Out
Government is a necessary Evil or Good depending on the virtue of its system and people. 
It turns out that there is only one governmental system, one set of societal and personal principles, values, ethics and mores that leads to world and individual peace and wholeness.  I didn’t come up with this model, it was encapsulated in an encoded message and passed down through generations.   This system has been amply proven, not to be perfect, but to be the best one that encourages perfection.
You have heard of and perhaps learned some of it.  In fact, those tidbits have been the only thing that stood between civilization and barbarity.  However, that knowledge has been misconstrued, inadequately applied or just ignored in favor of exerting power over others.  I will sort it all out for you and explain the why and how of keeping government a “necessary good”.

A common framework

All our actions are based on maintaining our own integrity.   Any caring for others depends on how much value that type of behavior has to our sense of self and our image of reality. 

Selfless love is a misnomer.  All love depends on our sense of self.  If we had no sense of self, we would not be motivated to do anything. 

Love, caring. compassion and right and wrong must be taught and used to fashion our inner reality construct.   

It is of vital importance to align our reality constructs through a common framework of principles, morals, ethics and responsibilities and teach it to our children.   It is also vital that this common framework be the one that brings inner peace and wholeness, which will then be reflected in the outer and we will achieve peace and wholeness in society.

Control the Government
American Exceptionalism is the result of Exceptional Americans.”Andrew G. Benjamin
Not the Politicians or the government.
It is imperative to: Control the Government, more than the people.  I am asking for your support in implementing a revision to our current system of government to:  Restore a government Of the people not Above the people, and restore the system that channels self-interest to function for the benefit of society, as opposed to rewarding and elevating a power élite whose self-interest destroys society for their benefit.
David Axelrod said this:  Part of being president is that there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know, because the government is so vast.” .  We now have an abusive government so vast that no one, not even the President, knows what’s going on anymoreIf it is so vast and unknowable now, how much worse it will be after the increase in government due to the government takeover of health care and financial markets.  The American Government is a speeding truck, heading for your house, with no driver and no brakes.
We have been duped and conditioned, drowned in political propaganda and misdirection and intentionally kept ignorant so that this country could be devolved into one verging on tyranny.  The USA of today is NOTHING like it was designed to be.  In fact one could say that the United States came to an end in 1913 with the passage of the 16th (income tax) and 17th (States no longer represented in government) amendments that removed the sane limitations of the Constitution that keep the Federal Government from having their hand directly in your pocket and the States having a voice and vote to balance the people’s and the Federal Government’s power.  1913 also saw the creation of the Federal Reserve, a consortium of banks colluding with government,  that removed the Constitutional currency and allowed the Federal government  to confiscate all your wealth behind your back and blame the price inflation, it caused, on not having a powerful enough government.

Aren’t you sick and tired of this government of the Stupid, for the Stupid and by the Stupid?
When was the last time a government program actually made sense or did what it was supposed to do or didn’t waste most of the money allocated to it?
And if it did work, how long before some numskull bureaucrat or Politician tweaked it and sent it right down the drain?
Part of the reason why –
1) Government bureaucracy is a hammer that treats all problems as nails to be hammered down with regulations.  (They too are infinite. lol)
2) Government has taken on too many tasks and can perform none of them well.
Businesses fail when they stop concentrating on their core competencies and core business.
Imagine if General Motors took on the catering business or, more appropriately to the government, if  a Caterer took on making cars.
Not only would they not be able to make cars as well as GM, but even their catering business would suffer.
In the same way, government has taken on too many tasks and its core functions – Common (National) Defense, keeping Interstate and international commerce smooth, the postal service and immigration/naturalization, all suffer.
The only tasks that we need government to do are those that we, as States, communities and families can not accomplish ourselves.
That is all the Federal Government is authorized or qualified to do.   Because Politicians have been able to accumulate power, they have been able to usurp the Constitution and take over State, community and individual social service responsibilities, and use them mainly to buy votes.
Where once this was the land where people came to take advantage of opportunity, now people merely come to take advantage with impunity.  Government rips off the people and bestows the pirated booty on the Politicians, their friends, contributors and the dependent voters they cultivate.   Half the people, live off  the other half, and greedily clamor for more ill-gotten, unearned gain from the greedy politicians, they elect to steal for them.
In America Freedom has come to mean Free if your Dumb.  Ignorance is prevalent.  I too was blissfully ignorant until shocked awake.   Sure America is still better than some other countries.  But compared to the system under which Americas was founded,  the government has become the European Monarchy the founders fought to be free of.
A soft tyranny has ruled the USA for 100 years.  It has tricked us with smoke and mirrors and, while our attention was diverted, stolen all of our wealth and in the last few years, mortgaged our future wealth, as collateral, to pay back the trillions of dollars borrowed.
Politically guided Education has cast off politically inconvenient history, civics, American values, ethics and virtue in favor of  teaching corrupt relativism and fabrications, that keeps us in ignorance and excuses the evil of our political “leadership” and the broken system of government.
Vetting of Immigrants who actually contribute to society has been replaced by Politically “Correct” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) quotas.
Have you experienced relatives or friends who won’t talk to you since you agreed with or voted for a different party than they did?   Do you like it?
The Politicians laugh at us while we fight each other, with their weapons of misinformation.
Political Parties bash and bad mouth each other with half-truths because that is how they win power.  It is campaign strategy – to sell you on their brand.   Would you go around repeating toothpaste commercial slogans?  “You’ll wonder where corruption went when you brush your vote with Pepsodent”.   So why repeat anything these power-hungry Politicians are saying?   Wake up and smell the manipulation.  Stop being alienated from each other and work together to fix the mess.
Keep reading.  I’ll show you why and how.