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How should we treat Islam?

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How should we treat Islam?   Should Islam be constitutionally protected as a Religion?
Does Islam fit the Founder's definition of Religion?   
A Religion is between man and G-d and may not influence or control the State.   Islamic Law is the State and therefore crosses the boundary from Religion to Religiously authorized Political system.  
Islam's "Holy" books are mostly Political in nature.  They describe Muhammad's violent military conquests and quest for domination over the world.  Islam's holy books say his life is the ideal and must be imitated. 
The Holy books call for genocide of the Jews, prohibit Muslims from taking non-Muslims as friends, treat women as property, sanction terrorism and killing of innocents as "self-defense" if they are on Muslim land (Islam defines Muslim land as any land that has ever been occupied by Muslims).  In fact what we would consider to be atrocities are "moral" as long they further Islam.
How shall we classify Islam?
Is Islam an imperialistic political ideology with elements of religion grafted on?
Or a Religion whose practices include imperialism, genocide, rape, mass murder, killing of innocents, abolishment of all cultures but its own and Political and Religious domination? 
Nazism (National Socialism) was classified as a Political ideology of genocide, mass murder and violent imperialistic conquest with elements of a religion grafted on (Fuhrer Worship and Paganism).  We had no problem outlawing it. 
But the other way around?  
Silly?  Neo-Nazis hide under the banner of Christianity even though Nazi beliefs are contrary to Christianity and we look away. 
Under the banner of Islam hides Nazism and worse. 
Islam according to their Holy Books is incompatible with the United States Constitution and values.
Islam dictates establishment of a State Religion which is prohibited by the first amendment.
"Islamic law must control "all matters of life, politics, and religious law."
"Consequently, the religion of Islam is not merely one segment of life; it regulates life completely, from the social and the political to the diplomatic, economic, and military. The combination of religion and politics as a unified, indefeasible whole is the foundation of Islam, an inseparable political/religious doctrine of Islamic governments, and the basis of Muslim loyalties. In this respect, the theo-political doctrine of Islam is contrary to the dictates of the First Amendment's religion clauses"
– Thomas Moore Law Center
Islam calls for the overthrow of the United States government and war on it's people.  
That's the reason why politicians are hasty to pronounce that we are not at war with Islam.  If we were, then many Muslims in the US would be guilty of sedition for adherence to the enemy not to mention treason for acts of violence in the name of Islam. 
Islam prohibits free speech, free press and the free exercise of other religions, again in violation of the first amendment and our Fundamental American Values.
Islam's Sharia law permits acts that are criminal according to our morality and laws such as wife beating, polygamy, sex with children, prostitution (they call it temporary marriage), murdering one's children for family honor, Stoning, cutting off hands, etc..
Islam requires terrorism and permits genocide against non-Mulsims.
Most of the Muslims in this Country practice a less orthodox (thus not Political) form of Islam that the media call moderate Islam. 
They practice the Islamic Religious rituals but ignore the other 90% of Islam that dictates the Political.
As soon as they adhere to Sharia Law as true Muslims they become what the media calls radicalized. 
Should we ban Islam entirely?   Or merely ban certain Islamic practices in the same way as we now ban certain Christian, Mormon and Pagan practices?
Can we really deconstruct Islam?