A Shot in the dark

Imagine if whiskey were used as currency. 

A shot of whisky buys you a breakfast at the diner.

You earn a nice salary of 10 bottles of fine Fed Reserve whiskey a week.  However you only bring home 4 bottles.  The IRS takes the other 6 directly from your Employer.  (income and other hidden taxes)

In the middle of the night the Federal Reserve breaks in to your house and pours out half the whisky from your latest 4 bottles and from all the bottles you have stashed away over the years.   The whisky they stole from you is used to pay for even more government spending.  You don't realize what they have done because they have refilled the half empty bottles with water. (This is called "monetizing the debt" e. g. printing more dollars)

It still looks like a bottle of whisky.  The label says one bottle of whisky but in reality it is half diluted.    In the morning it now takes 2 shots to buy breakfast.

The government calls it price inflation and blames it on the greedy businesses.


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