Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at 7:00pm

Ready or Not?

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The people of the United States saw themselves as the new Israelites and spent the years before 1776 proving to themselves that they were not just slaves to the King and were ready for self government.  Were they content to be slaves who merely followed orders and did not have to make their own decisions?  Would they be able to handle freedom, responsibility and the necessity of making their own decisons?

They practiced the principles of directing their love to their neighbors and to the stranger among them. They rose above covetousness (action based on Jealousy) and practiced the common foundation for government based on the Anglo-Saxons and the Israelites. 

In Exodus 18:21 the qualifications and structure of government are laid out. Pick able people who are sensitive to the trancendent influence; who live by truth and have matured and risen above the motivations and actions based on Jealousy. Appoint these people to be governors and impartial (not “activist”) judges of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. At each level, they would judge without favoritism and handle all the small problems and only the largest would be handled by Moses the most connected to the transcendent. Government in the small and equality of judgement for all.