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Contrasting Philosophies – The Middle East

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Israel and the Jews
Socialists view powerful Countries as oppressors or Occupiers. 
When little Israel was up against the powerful Arab countries that surrounded it, the Socialist world sided with poor weak Israel.
However when Israel's military in 1967 proved to be more powerful than they thought, Israel's status changed in the eyes of the Socialist. Taking advantage of this Socialist blind spot, the powerful Islamic countries who fund and support the terrorists hide behind the facade of "Palestinian refugees" so that Israel stays more powerful by comparison and loses the Socialist World's support as the Oppressor.
That is why Hitler had to create propaganda that made the Jews seem to be in control of the world and it's wealth. If so , the Jews were Powerful and Germany the weak victim. Thus it was morally justified to beat up, exclude, deport and ultimately kill the Jews.
Under Foundational American Values (FAV)  we see the "Palestinians" as they are; brainwashed Islamic Fundamentalists who are wrong because they are using terrorism to kill innocents and wish to commit genocide on all Jews and destroy Israel.  It is immoral and there is no excuse based on supposed victimhood. 
"Palestinians" are actually Arab refugees who were intentionally excluded from Jordan.  They were renamed "Palestinians" in 1967 as part of the propaganda war against Israel.
Israel is our ally and the only free country in the Middle East. We defend our allies. 
Why is the word Terrorism not used in the Media?
If Homicide Bombers are on the weaker side then they are considered by the Socialist Philosophy to be using the only means available to fight their more powerful enemy (by definition an oppressor).  They are morally excused for blowing up innocent Israeli Women and children because they are oppressed and are merely fighting the power.
That's why the Socialist Media will not refer to them as Terrorists.  In their judgment they are only freedom fighters.   However when the military of a powerful country fights back and there are civilian casualties (even if held as human shields) that country is called Terrorist. 
Why we butt heads on the Solution to Islamic Terrorism 
Aware Americans understand that Islamic Terrorism is motivated solely by the Terrorist's religious beliefs.  Islamic Terrorists are trained and conditioned to believe Islam is the only true religion and that all non Muslims must convert, submit to Muslim rule and pay tribute – if they believe in one G-d – or die.   So called "Radical" Islam justifies mass murder of even women and children as self defense.  All land conquered by Muslims is Muslim land forever.  Any other people on the land are trespassing and invading and so are not to be considered innocent but rather as soldiers.  Violating treaties, lying, prostitution, imprisonment, drugs, child porn and abuse, kidnapping, torture, rape, dismemberment, mass murder and any heinous crime is justified as long as it furthers Islam.  The ends justify the means. 
To the Socialist there is no such thing as Islamic Terrorism.  The Socialist views what we call terrorists as poor oppressed people fighting for land, freedom or rights who would stop fighting if only we provide economic opportunity and build roads and schools. They do not perceive that Islamic terrorists are not poor and consider dying to be martyrdom and a quick way to Paradise. What they want is not prosperity but rather conversion to Islam and world dominance.
The real solution is to defeat their religion, change their regime and morality and maintain superior power. 
And the same solution applies not just to Socialism but also to Islamic Terrorism 🙂
A new generation not raised on hate propaganda is essential.
To accomplish this Israel must restore their control of all territory including the West Bank and Gaza. They can install a Muslim Police Force backed by Israeli Police to keep order. To stop Jihad and terrorism instill that Islamic dominance of the world is somewhere far in the future and must come about without coercion to be valid. Teach that Terrorist suicide is not martyrdom but instead is just suicide and puts the perpetrator in Muslim hell. Reward compliance with work and free passage. Prosecute Muslims under their own rigid Islamic law.