The Joke of Foreign Aid is on us.

First an Actual Joke.  This one just Kilt ‘em.

And Now Laddies and Lassies, here’s where the Joke’s on us. 
The enemy of my enemy is STILL my enemy, in the long run.
The US funded and gave weapons to the Islamic Terrorists, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban, (to fight the Soviets) who then turned around and attacked us and our allies.
The US supported Iraq and Afghanistan that we later fought wars against, then gave enormous amounts of money to prop up a supposedly “Democratic” government, all so that they can still harbor and nurture Islamic Terrorists and  attack our soldiers and our allies.
The US funded and gave weapons to the  Islamic Terrorists in Libya who murdered our Ambassador in Benghazi and attack us and our allies.
The US funded the “Arab Spring”. 
136415 600 Egypt, Obama, Putin, Detroit and Nashville! cartoons
The US recently Funded the Islamic terrorists in Syria and now are funding more Islamic Terrorists to combat the first Islamic terrorists and they all attack us and our allies.
127944 600 AID TO SYRIA cartoons
In the end all our “Help”  and the removal of our troops has led to the formation of an Islamic Terrorist Country!
The US and the EU have been funding the Islamic Terrorists of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas who attack Israel, our ally, on a regular basis with thousands of rockets.
Israel provides gas, electricity and food to the Arabs (mistakenly called “Refugees” and “Palestinians”) living in Judea and Samaria in Israel (Mistakenly called the “West Bank”)  and Gaza because the US and EU Foreign Aid goes to the Islamic Terrorists and not the People.
Even when it is proven that the US and the EU (and the UN) fund “Palestinian” Islamic terrorists, they change a bit of wording and the scandal goes on.
Our leaders refuse to acknowledge their mistake in supporting the terrorists, who use babies as human shields, and instead distract our emotions to the children they encourage to come here illegally and at their peril from slave traders, drug dealers and criminals.  The policy which indirectly supports even more enemies to sneak into our country while the border patrol is too busy with the overwhelming influx of children.
Foreign aid to other “Revolutionary” groups the US gave money and weapons to, eventually become our enemies.
The US is the largest funder of the World bank, who make loans to bail out every failed government so they can continue to be our enemies.
Even “Humanitarian Aid” is co-opted and corrupted.
We are the largest funder of the bloated bureaucracy called the UN, which is run by the Islamic theocratic dictatorships and other enemies of the US.
With our money the UN gives awards to political cartoonists who best put down the USA (which they deem to be “reflecting the spirit and the principles of the United Nations.”) and peddle junk science such as Global Warming, whose “solution” would either kill everyone who breathes Carbon Dioxide or bankrupt the world.
(By the same junk Science I can conclude that Global Warming is actually caused by an excess of Verbal flatulence from the UN. 🙂  
Cartoon: king big foreign aid check (medium) by rmay tagged king,big,foreign,aid,check

Perhaps cutting all Military Foreign Aid could be unfair to our allies.  However… 
What we give to our allies is a pittance compared to what goes to our Enemies. 
Personally speaking I believe our allies can do very well without us funding them.
If our corrupt government stops stealing the money from the people of the US to fund the enemies of the world, the entire world would be a safer place and there might not be a need for Foreign Aid to our Allies, in the first place. 
Could there be some areas where funding might help?  Sure. 
But the Corrupt government of self centered Political parties is incapable of discerning where that might be.
I do not see the power to tax for the purpose of “Foreign Aid”, Military or otherwise, anywhere in the Constitution.
Government Military Foreign Aid is bribery and extortion paid to pirates and terrorists for false treaties and agreements.
The government haphazardly throws the taxpayer’s money at them to curry favor and use them for a while, to further some short sighted interest that benefits the Politicians or their Political party, but bites the rest of us in the long run.
To assuage those who complain, the Current Administration cut a Trillion Dollars from the Budget of the Military, our only real defense against our enemies.
Stealing money from those who earn, and pay taxes, to give Domestic Aid to the enemies of Free Enterprise and Productivity is even more destructive.
Government Domestic Aid is bribery paid to cronies and dependent voters to curry favor and use them for a while to further some short sighted interest, that benefits the Politicians or their Political party, but  destroys our country in the long run.
In a word…Yes. 
At least our government is. 
The entire system of the Founders has been corrupted into one worse than the English Monarchy we fought against.
There is only one way to rescue our society before it too collapses or is conquered.
Read  and support Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair (CARR)

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