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Be Aware.

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You are welcome to proceed on a journey of de-programming Secular, Religious, Political, Social, Media and Educational conditioning, to see clearly what must be done to achieve a Government and Society that meets the standards and ideals of the Founder’s United States, and the social covenant of the Ancient Israelite Society, upon which its principles were based. 

 No current Pundit, Blogger, Politician, Intellectual, Scientist, Economist, philosopher, Educational institution, individual Teacher or Religious authority has come up with all that you will read here.   All currently proposed solutions to the structure of government and society, to maximize Liberty, protect rights, mitigate hunger, poverty, disease and other ills or problems of the world, from all countries and all institutions, are either wrong or, at best, insufficient.
Prove this to yourself.  Can you name one society, formed based on all the experiments in history and modern times, that did not deteriorate into one of privileged Rulers and exploited Servants?
Don’t think that I am deluded, arrogant or just another theorist or utopian.   My sources are of the highest quality and authority and my research has been subjected to years of peer review and practical testing.  
Be Aware or Beware
I challenge you to read through this material and not come away enlightened in some fashion.  If nothing else, I will settle for really pissed off… but aware.
Because, the first step to solving a problem is awareness.   Once aware, you can pay attention, focus and cut through the fog of entrenched propaganda and wrest back your individual liberty.
Ah, but you think that you are fully aware now, Don’t you? 
Let’s test that theory.
Have you ever bought a car or an iPhone or some other item and suddenly it seems like everyone has the same one?   Magic?   Maybe.  In the same way a magician tricks you.  They were always there, but you didn’t notice until you bought that car, iPhone or item and started to pay attention.  The system in your brain that pays attention comes into effect after the quick response system that relies on past conditioning.
This is important to understand.  There is just too much information from our senses for our brains to process quickly.  So, our brains initially filter out most of the information and rely on conditioned patterns to fill in the gaps.  Memories consist of these low information responses, which is why memory is not reliable to be accurate.  We usually change the missing pieces, and so the memory, to fit whatever narrative is going on at the time of remembering.  Then this distorted memory replaces the original.   How many times do we confuse who was with us at a restaurant or on a trip or where, or even when, something happened? 
Much of what you think you know, just isn’t so.   Political Propaganda, not only rewrites history in books and media but also in your own brain. 
When we are concentrating we muster our brain processing power for the task at hand and we miss even more of what is going on around us.   Magicians, Con Artists and Politicians take advantage of this fact to trick you into not noticing what they are really doing.  Are you aware of your body now?  Probably not; until you switched your attention to it. 
The eye has a physical blind spot and yet we never see a hole in our vision.  Why?  Because the brain fills in the missing details.  Much like a TV that up converts from low resolution to High Def by computing and filling in the missing pixels (picture elements).   Eyewitnesses are unreliable because our brains fill in details that aren’t there or miss details because we are focused on something else.  Memory is changeable for the same reason.  How many times do you get into an argument about what you said that the other person heard differently?  How many times has a waiter gotten your order wrong?
Politicians are conversation magicians.  They use vague words like Hope and Change that allow you to fill in what you want them to mean. They use well crafted talking points to deceive you.  They seem to answer questions because they are speaking, but they are only distracting your attention so that you will assume they have answered the question.  Or they talk enough so that you lose the chance for a clarifying or follow-up question because they took up all your allotted interview time.
Media Analyst Mark Dice demonstrates how people can be manipulated because they don’t pay attention and don’t read: 
– All, except one person, signed a petition that says “I am a Moron”
– People signed a petition to keep the Jewish Holocaust Beach Party.  No matter how outrageous Mark’s descriptions of this “Beach party” get they still sign, because they are not paying attention.
 I will reveal the Politicians’ sleight of hand and expose 100 years of deception.  Once you see it, you can turn the tables on them.
I’ll try not to offend you, step on your toes, or squeeze too much flatulence out of your sacred cows, but if you are the type that lets a word or a phrase trigger an emotional response that sends your reasoning flying down your spine and out your butt, then you probably aren’t ready for what you will read.
If you read, you will become aware and lose the excuse of ignorance. Once you are aware of a crime or wrong or evil and you do nothing, you become morally responsible for it.  Ignorance is bliss, they say.  Except when you are the victim.
Here’s your chance to bail out.
If you feel like it, you can shut me out and continue your life.  No sweat.
I don’t have a personal stake in convincing you other than the empathy I feel for you and the satisfaction of doing something to help.
On that, I spend my own money and my own time.
I’m beholden to no one and a shill for no one.
If you don’t like what I’m going to say, go back to the bullies. moronic bosses and corrupt authorities who run your life.
Or go back to being one of those.
Ignore the regulatory, tax and inflation needle in your vein that is sucking the lifeblood out of you, your family and your children.
I’ll even give you a convenient brush off to use.   I’ve heard a few.
  • Good luck doing that project of yours.
  • Why should I listen to you, you’re one of them! (substitute any Political, Religious or secular grouping or label).
  • I’m too busy.
  • I’m ok.
  • Nothing ever changes.
  • We can’t fight the system it is –  Too complicated.  Too Entrenched.  Too  Powerful.  Too, Too Tootsie good-bye.
  • Just Pray.  It’s all in God’s hands.
  • You don’t have a prayer in hell.
  • You’re wasting your time, people suck and don’t care.
  • If you don’t like it , move to another Country.
  • Life isn’t that bad, just get along.
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • My brain is full.
  • The only sure things are death and taxes. Render unto Caesar.
Whether you, personally, listen or not, matters to me in my heart, because I do care.
But it doesn’t matter to the health of the Country – as long as enough people listen and take action, according to the plan to be outlined here, and fix the mess.
If that is not accomplished, I’m still OK.  I’ve had a successful career and I’m OK financially.
I’ll be fine no matter how long you keep your head under the sand or how much you allow the idiots and liars who run this country to screw up.
By Idiots and liars, I mean Republicans,. Democrats, Independents, Green and every other Political distraction that think they are the United States Government.
This government is so far from the United States, as it was designed to be, that we might as well call it the Disjointed Mess of America.
If the founders were alive, they would be holding their heads and crying, seeing US Citizens so dumbed down, brainwashed by propaganda, divided and oblivious about their society.
I can just see General Washington asking “How can you support a “war” on poverty that has made poverty worse?”
Jefferson – wondering how taking money from one pocket of the economy and putting it in another pocket of the economy can be called “Stimulus” and not an illusion.
Madison – disgusted that the involuntary taking of the people’s income to enrich or entitle others is called taxation and not theft.
Changing your minds

Our reality is actually a translation of what is actual.   We translate energy patterns around us like light and sound into electrical and chemical patterns. Reality, for each of us, is a construct in our minds, informed by our senses.  What we call reality is limited by what our senses can perceive and how we filter and use the information.   We build tools, like the Hubble telescope, to translate the energies we can not perceive with our senses alone into models that we can perceive.  Nurses are taught healing touch, which is being able to translate the electromagnetic field around each of us so that it is perceived through our sense of touch.  They can then “Feel” disturbances in the body’s energy pattern and even manipulate the energy like a chiropractor would manipulate placement of muscle and bone.

All of us are affected by another’s electro magnetic field and sense it through chemical changes in our body.   Why does a hug help so much?  Why does it feel good to hold hands?  Why can you tell a lot about a person by how they kiss?  The act of caring is not just mental.   It actually makes a positive physical impression from one energy field on another.   Conversely, someone who is disturbed affects us negatively because our energy fields resonate.  We sense “Bad Vibes”.  Once again we are translating uncomfortable energy patterns (also manifested as facial, body and vocal expressions) into a feeling of unease.

The reality construct that we operate from is physically represented in our brain through a pattern of connections.  Hence “changing our minds” is physical not just mental.  A physical change triggers a physical response.  Fight or Flight.  An “open-minded” person manages their fight or flight response and does not let it overwhelm their ability to change their minds. It is much the same as a martial artist or boxer or runner who manages the fight or flight response and uses it to their advantage.    All of us are capable of being open-minded, as you will need to be when reading further.  You may feel attacked at some point during your reading, when processing information that contradicts what you thought to be true. Your mind is going through a physical process of neurons re-purposing and chemical/electrical connections changing.  Therefore, the body responds to new ideas, as a physical attack, with a primitive fight or flight reaction.  Please don’t fight or run.  There is no danger, except to the system that is keeping you down.

If you try to teach what you learn you may find that those who believe Political, Communist, Islamic or any other propaganda or even, in some cases,  advertising have NEVER checked facts, sources or history.  They think they are righteous and correct,  No amount of facts, logic, analogies, links or rubbing their nose in reality will change their closed mind.

They have invested in a lie and Damn they will stick with it because it is THEIR lie.  Sacred.  The Untouchable reality in their minds.  Subjective reality is not objective reality but subjective is safer.

It takes courage to face your mind and change it.  It takes overcoming the physical fight or flight reaction.  Most people run and hide back into their safe illusion or delusion.  Tell them something that seems to clash with their mindset and they will insult you, scream at you, put you down, engage in twisted logical fallacies and unsupportable assertions, seek refuge in the comfort of a group/mob of the fearful who also have also succumbed to the propaganda and share a similar reality construct in their minds- do anything to reduce the fear of your credibility – so they can go back triumphant in resisting any intrusion into their programmed dream.

The world will continue to be at war as long as people allow the primitive autonomic brain response to the physical act of restructuring the neuron matrix in their brain to panic them into fight or flight.  Those people will be on the attack and running forever since life is change and they resist understanding and dealing with it.

A Simple Test
Anything new can be difficult to accept, being that it runs contrary to existing, comfortable beliefs that people are invested in.   So I ask you to help me, dear reader, by loosening your hold on those beliefs.  You might even ask yourself if your beliefs are really your own or have they been trustingly accepted or installed by others? The only way to know is to question and objectively verify them and submit the beliefs to reality checks on a regular basis.
Here is simple test to see if your thoughts about Politics are completely your own:
Do you believe that anyone of a differing Political persuasion is a villain, corrupt or, at the very least, worthy of a sneer?
Do you believe you can not be friends and must avoid them?
Do you listen only to media that agrees with your beliefs?
If you are a Democrat do you believe any of these pre-conceptions about Republicans:
They’re all arrogant, ignorant, Religious fanatics who think they know it all and will try to control us if we don’t resist them tooth and nail (and contribute lots of money to our Political Party who are the only ones who can defend us from them).
They are unrealistic, unsophisticated fools who are out of touch with reality.
They’re science denying, war mongering, gun-toting yahoos who cling to old white men’s ideas and don’t understand the modern world.
They’re greedy, evil, Capitalist, Nazi, Fascist, bigoted weirdos, who don’t pay their fair share or care about others, especially the poor or the elderly.
If you are a Republican do you believe any of these pre-conceptions about Democrats:  
They’re all arrogant, ignorant Atheist fanatics who think they know it all and will try to control us if we don’t resist them tooth and nail (and contribute lots of money to our Political Party – who are the only ones who can defend us from them).
They are unrealistic, unsophisticated fools who are out of touch with reality.
They’re immoral, peacenik appeasers, America and gun haters who refuse to learn from history, cling to old disproved ideas and misunderstand the modern world.
They’re greedy, evil, Communist, Nazi, Fascist, bigoted weirdos who just want to live off everyone else’s wealth and pretend to care about the poor or the elderly but really o it to feel superior, gain power and adulation  and puff up their ego.
If you answered yes to any of the above, then your beliefs are not your own.
To plant the misrepresentations, these others used the tactics of Politics – create a villain to scare you, a scapegoat to blame and a “Struggle” so you will buy into their ideas and support their agenda as though it were your own.   Political parties and Politicians make propaganda lies and distortions believable by constant repetition, use cult-like techniques to unite people into artificial groups and exert group/peer pressure to mold your choices.
With this realization, I hope you will be more willing to question implanted beliefs and, if needed, let them go.
Look Out
Government is a necessary Evil or Good depending on the virtue of its system and people. 
It turns out that there is only one governmental system, one set of societal and personal principles, values, ethics and mores that leads to world and individual peace and wholeness.  I didn’t come up with this model, it was encapsulated in an encoded message and passed down through generations.   This system has been amply proven, not to be perfect, but to be the best one that encourages perfection.
You have heard of and perhaps learned some of it.  In fact, those tidbits have been the only thing that stood between civilization and barbarity.  However, that knowledge has been misconstrued, inadequately applied or just ignored in favor of exerting power over others.  I will sort it all out for you and explain the why and how of keeping government a “necessary good”.

A common framework

All our actions are based on maintaining our own integrity.   Any caring for others depends on how much value that type of behavior has to our sense of self and our image of reality. 

Selfless love is a misnomer.  All love depends on our sense of self.  If we had no sense of self, we would not be motivated to do anything. 

Love, caring. compassion and right and wrong must be taught and used to fashion our inner reality construct.   

It is of vital importance to align our reality constructs through a common framework of principles, morals, ethics and responsibilities and teach it to our children.   It is also vital that this common framework be the one that brings inner peace and wholeness, which will then be reflected in the outer and we will achieve peace and wholeness in society.

Control the Government
American Exceptionalism is the result of Exceptional Americans.”Andrew G. Benjamin
Not the Politicians or the government.
It is imperative to: Control the Government, more than the people.  I am asking for your support in implementing a revision to our current system of government to:  Restore a government Of the people not Above the people, and restore the system that channels self-interest to function for the benefit of society, as opposed to rewarding and elevating a power élite whose self-interest destroys society for their benefit.
David Axelrod said this:  Part of being president is that there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know, because the government is so vast.” .  We now have an abusive government so vast that no one, not even the President, knows what’s going on anymoreIf it is so vast and unknowable now, how much worse it will be after the increase in government due to the government takeover of health care and financial markets.  The American Government is a speeding truck, heading for your house, with no driver and no brakes.
We have been duped and conditioned, drowned in political propaganda and misdirection and intentionally kept ignorant so that this country could be devolved into one verging on tyranny.  The USA of today is NOTHING like it was designed to be.  In fact one could say that the United States came to an end in 1913 with the passage of the 16th (income tax) and 17th (States no longer represented in government) amendments that removed the sane limitations of the Constitution that keep the Federal Government from having their hand directly in your pocket and the States having a voice and vote to balance the people’s and the Federal Government’s power.  1913 also saw the creation of the Federal Reserve, a consortium of banks colluding with government,  that removed the Constitutional currency and allowed the Federal government  to confiscate all your wealth behind your back and blame the price inflation, it caused, on not having a powerful enough government.

Aren’t you sick and tired of this government of the Stupid, for the Stupid and by the Stupid?
When was the last time a government program actually made sense or did what it was supposed to do or didn’t waste most of the money allocated to it?
And if it did work, how long before some numskull bureaucrat or Politician tweaked it and sent it right down the drain?
Part of the reason why –
1) Government bureaucracy is a hammer that treats all problems as nails to be hammered down with regulations.  (They too are infinite. lol)
2) Government has taken on too many tasks and can perform none of them well.
Businesses fail when they stop concentrating on their core competencies and core business.
Imagine if General Motors took on the catering business or, more appropriately to the government, if  a Caterer took on making cars.
Not only would they not be able to make cars as well as GM, but even their catering business would suffer.
In the same way, government has taken on too many tasks and its core functions – Common (National) Defense, keeping Interstate and international commerce smooth, the postal service and immigration/naturalization, all suffer.
The only tasks that we need government to do are those that we, as States, communities and families can not accomplish ourselves.
That is all the Federal Government is authorized or qualified to do.   Because Politicians have been able to accumulate power, they have been able to usurp the Constitution and take over State, community and individual social service responsibilities, and use them mainly to buy votes.
Where once this was the land where people came to take advantage of opportunity, now people merely come to take advantage with impunity.  Government rips off the people and bestows the pirated booty on the Politicians, their friends, contributors and the dependent voters they cultivate.   Half the people, live off  the other half, and greedily clamor for more ill-gotten, unearned gain from the greedy politicians, they elect to steal for them.
In America Freedom has come to mean Free if your Dumb.  Ignorance is prevalent.  I too was blissfully ignorant until shocked awake.   Sure America is still better than some other countries.  But compared to the system under which Americas was founded,  the government has become the European Monarchy the founders fought to be free of.
A soft tyranny has ruled the USA for 100 years.  It has tricked us with smoke and mirrors and, while our attention was diverted, stolen all of our wealth and in the last few years, mortgaged our future wealth, as collateral, to pay back the trillions of dollars borrowed.
Politically guided Education has cast off politically inconvenient history, civics, American values, ethics and virtue in favor of  teaching corrupt relativism and fabrications, that keeps us in ignorance and excuses the evil of our political “leadership” and the broken system of government.
Vetting of Immigrants who actually contribute to society has been replaced by Politically “Correct” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) quotas.
Have you experienced relatives or friends who won’t talk to you since you agreed with or voted for a different party than they did?   Do you like it?
The Politicians laugh at us while we fight each other, with their weapons of misinformation.
Political Parties bash and bad mouth each other with half-truths because that is how they win power.  It is campaign strategy – to sell you on their brand.   Would you go around repeating toothpaste commercial slogans?  “You’ll wonder where corruption went when you brush your vote with Pepsodent”.   So why repeat anything these power-hungry Politicians are saying?   Wake up and smell the manipulation.  Stop being alienated from each other and work together to fix the mess.
Keep reading.  I’ll show you why and how.