Today’s CULTure

Today’s culture has become a CULT-ure heavily influenced by our Political Parties and by the manipulations of foreign enemies whose mission was to destabilize our country by demeaning and replacing our foundational American, Judeo-Christian values, family structure and making the populace dependent on the government to kill our sense of charity and stop people from helping and watching out for each other.  A nation of self centered people, who will not defend or watch out for their neighbor will not defend their nation either.    

Alien Communist/Marxist class warfare and “re-distribution”, anti-war, anti-Nuke and environmentalist  philosophies, Black Supremacist and Islamic Anti-Semitic/Anti-Christian propaganda, which forms the “Politically Correct” value system, has been promulgated through our educational institutions, media, “activists”, “Community organizers”, racial hucksters, the Marxist and Islamic organizations that fund and organize “Grass roots” protests, the Foundations that fund and run Seminars teaching and promoting the propaganda, the corruption of our Constitutional Republican system into a Socialist Democracy, polarization due to Political parties and campaign finance and lobbying bribery of Politicians…. to the point where a President raised in a foreign country on Communist/Marxist, black supremacist and Islamic propaganda could be elected to ruin run our country…twice.


“You see, Dr. Stadler, people don’t want to think. And the deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think. But by some sort of instinct, they feel that they ought to and it makes them feel guilty. So they’ll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking. Anyone who makes a virtue—a highly intellectual virtue—out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness and their guilt.”

– Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


Let’s begin with the most insidious cult belief of current America.  The lie of White Racism.

Who’s keeping the black man down? 

The white man?  Society? The Po-Po (police)?  Nope.  

A tall black man on CNN unwittingly revealed the answer.  This is going to sound like a joke but… it’s Yo Mama.  

That’s right.  Yo’ mamma is so Phat… she made sure to tell y’all what it’d be like as a Black man in this society.  She told y’all… is a white man’s world and Whitey gonna keep y’all down.  Whitey gonna look sideways at y’all.  Suspect you is a criminal.  Po-Po gonna racially profile the black man.   Y’all gonna get ticketed for “driving while black” and the Po-Po’s out to kill y’all.   Stick with your black brothers and Sisters.  Feel comfortable only around them.   Stay away from the white folk.  Don’t mingle.  Watch out!!!!  Be afraid!  Be angry!

It’s a generational mistake.  One that is made by whites too.  Jews grew up fearing Goyim (non-jews) because they couldn’t be trusted.  Just like the Nazis, Goyim  would gas and burn them.    One generation’s prejudice, even if based on past reality, influencing the next even though it’s a different world.  

A racist Lynch mob declares guilt based on racial prejudice, without knowing, or caring, about the facts.  Ironically, today’s lynch mob is Black.  

Black mobs assume guilt in all whites, based on years of false propaganda, from the racial hucksters that all whites are racist who keep the blacks down, and tragically, from the Black President, that America is a racist country.   Since all blacks are victims they are due reparations, special treatment over whites and exemption from prosecution from the Black Attorney General.

Victim and Rescuer mythology, accepted as reality in our non-American, American CULT-ure, becomes the reality.

Then there is the matter of Islam using the black community to wage war on the USA.   Islam was behind the “black power” movement that was the model for black mob riots.  The Black Panthers was an Islamic group.  In Ferguson, The Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers urged on the mobs and attempted terrorist bombings.  

Stoking the prejudice are Al Sharpton, who made up stories like Tawana Brawley (supposedly raped by a white mob and covered with excrement.  The only excrement was Al’s bullshit) and other racial hucksters who gin up resentment and anger, perpetuating the myth and the divisiveness.  



 Ferguson Black Leaders

It may have been like that once, but it ain’t like yo’ mama told y’all no more.  You make it that way in your minds and perception becomes reality for you.  

You act with hostility towards the cops, based on your mamma’s  false perceptions and guess what? You get the reaction your mama foretold.  You slink around in the stores looking guilty because mama told y’all the white man think that of y’all.  Guess what, suspicious, nervous people are watched by Security guards.  You are at fault.  The good news is,  if you accept that truth, you have the power to fix it.  

Part of why you are poor, is your own politicians supporting minimum wage which kill all jobs for inexperienced youths. But the only reason for staying in poverty is attitude.  Attitude determines altitude in society.  If you blame the “white man” for your poverty you aren’t taking responsibility.  In that mindset you lose the power to change your circumstances.   Your mama’s prejudice becomes a convenient excuse for crime, drugs and murder.   There’s no way to get ahead in Whitey’s world, so you ain’t got no choice.  In Islam, the same excuse is the “infidel’s” world.  If black men are in prison… it’s due to white racism.  

Your propagandists cherry pick and distort statistics, jump on one incident, out of hundreds of thousands and make Ferguson all the “proof” you need to know Mama was right.  See.  The whitey cop kill the black man.  Then he go free.  Whitey’s world.  No matter the fault of the black man attacking a white police officer… shooting a black man in self -defense is seen as murdering them for “being black”.   The White Police officer is assumed guilty of “Shooting While White”, and the black mob riots, loots, closes main thoroughfares in major cities, tries to shut down the Macys’ Thanksgiving day parade, close major highways in New York City, interferes with the Christmas Tree Lighting  and feels justified in negatively affecting millions of people, not to mention giving the world a false impression of our Country, because whitey to blame. 

No Justice No Peace

The lynch mobs shout  the lie “No Justice, No Peace”.    Justice was served and they refuse to admit it.  

Know Justice, Know Peace – Dr. Society

What justification do we hear for their demands for a Kangaroo Court?  We black and on the attack to make whitey aware of the black man’s struggle.  

What struggle? You think you’re entitled to complain?  You get preferential treatment in college and business.  Affirmative action and racial quotas to give you access that whites don’t get.  You get Jobs without even needing education or skills.   There are non-discrimination laws, written just for you, that let you populate all the government jobs and keep the Whitey out.  You get welfare, and you can even cheat without penalty.  You can insult and harass whites without recrimination. You can even redefine racism to mean only White against black.  The media cover ever single rare white on black crime and ignore all the black on white and black on black crime, aiding you in perpetuating paranoia, exaggeration and outright lies about being black.  Blacks are immune from being labeled racist.  You get to sue companies and the Police, profiting just for being black.  Yet every time you get a traffic ticket you make an issue out of “Driving while Black”, as though that’s the only reason a black person gets ticketed.  

No one is down anymore with your self-induced, delusional “Struggle”.    

The tables have turned, the pendulum has swung and cut off Whitey’s head.  There is a Black President and blacks oppress the whites using guilt. Whites can’t say anything around you for fear of being labeled “racist” or getting sued.  White Youth participate in the black mob protests to prove they are not racist.   Writing like I do is of course called racism.  You can chase whites from your block or neighborhood and threaten to kill them and it’s accepted as normal.  (I personally have had that experience)  Like MLK said to the Whites, this generation must say to the blacks… “Cast off your prejudice. Judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.”  Stop making the white person into a cartoon character and see that he does have character.  

White society has bent over backwards for you, and you revenge-pissed on it.      

Based on the myth of white racism, Blacks have civil rights to protect them from the “white oppressors”. White people have no civil rights because they are the “racist oppressor”.   Racism can only be from the oppressor – whites, to the oppressed blacks.  Therefore Blacks can’t be racist.  Or so the White Guilt, black huckster, political shilling for voters, propaganda, lie goes.  

Media Pundits excuse black mob behavior as based on rage and fear, not racism.  Would they excuse the white lynch mobs who hung blacks or the Ku Klux Klan or the Neo-Nazis as just fine because they are also motivated by rage and fear?  

Blacks are excused and given racist special treatment by whites instilled with false guilt for crimes they had nothing to do with.  

Ironically, the false prejudice of black inferiority is only reinforced by this treatment.  Underlying the thought process that blacks need to be excused from normal responsibility is the unspoken view that blacks are poor, incapable, inferior former slaves.  What can you expect without the mighty and noble whites to bring the savages into civilization.  So the unexpressed white guilt goes.

Violence, rioting, looting and fire bombing with Molotov cocktails have followed these black mob “protests” and the excuse for that behavior is – what right does the government have to condemn our fire bombs when they bomb Afghanistan and Iraq or Vietnam as [they claim] MLK used as an excuse for black mob violence.  

Hypocrisy is made into an all around excuse for bad behavior and preached by Activists, Politicians and the Media.  

NYPD Officers Killed

“Two wrongs don’t make a right” has been forgotten.

The Moral and Constitutionally specified and protected right of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is also forgotten or perhaps never learned because civil education for an “Imperialist America” is deemed distasteful.

Ironically, Ferguson is old Germanic and English for Forgotten!    

Read the summary below or Click here to Listen to what this black man says .  

How do you fix Ferguson? …We have to stop.. and be open to the possibility that we have been brainwashed, on every single level of our lives… with conditioned thoughts. Thoughts that we have fought over, died angry, sad and depressed over.

We’re so loyal to these thoughts right,? But we have got to question them cause they were created by the culture we were born in. Look at that word CULT-ure. ,. We’ve tried everything from Politics, rallies, protests to riots, These things don’t work. They create short-term results. We have a chance, right now, to make a real difference.

So what have we not done? Everyone is worried about changing this, changing that..what’s on the outside. But we’ve forgotten… about ourselves. Who are you in the deepest sense? Not your race or ethnicity…your heritage… your ancestry.. I’m not even talking about your memories – your experiences. . Figure that out, because there will never be external peace if there is not first internal peace. Once you figure that out I promise you the entire world will transform – will change. And as more and more people find themselves …. Mankind has the opportunity to transform into Kind Man.

I urge you to try it. I urge you to find out who you are inside your body. What have you got to lose?”


Civic devotion, instilled at school, is essential to a good society [and lacking in today’s education].

Lacking in the United States culture today, is a sense of duty, responsibility and accountability.   Instead lazy narcissists insist on “Rights” and “Entitlement” with no responsibility or the need to “suffer” risk, work or even thought.   

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Not everyone conforms, but this is the dominant cult-ure. 



Adapted from remarks by Yale University historian and professor emeritus Donald Kagan at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn., Sept. 18, a talk based in part on a lecture he delivered at Yale on Nov. 4, 2001:

With the shock of the 9/11 terror attacks, most Americans reacted by clearly and powerfully supporting their government’s determination to use military force to stop such attacks and to prevent future ones. Most Americans also expressed a new unity, an explicit patriotism and love of their country not seen among us for a very long time.

…faculties on most elite campuses in the country, and …the overwhelming majority of people designated as “intellectuals” … offered any and all explanations, so long as they indicated that the attackers were really victims, that the fault really rested with the United States.

As most of us have come to know too well, the terrorists of Al-Qaeda and other Jihadists regard America as “the great Satan” and hate the U.S. not only because its power stands in the way of the achievement of their Islamist vision [of world domination by the sword], but also because its free, open, democratic, tolerant, liberal and prosperous society is a powerful competitor for the allegiance of millions of Muslims around the world. No change of American policy, no retreat from the world, no repentance or increase of modesty can change these things.

Yet many members of the intelligentsia decried the outburst of patriotism that greeted the new assault on America. The critics were exemplified by author Katha Pollitt, who wrote in the Oct. 1, 2001, edition of the Nation about her daughter wanting to fly the American flag outside their window after 9/11. “Definitely not,” Ms. Pollitt replied. “The flag stands for jingoism and vengeance and war.” [as opposed to the Islamic  terrorists who stand for jingoism, vengeance and war. lol]

Such ideas still have a wide currency, reflecting a serious flaw in American education…  Our schools have retreated from the idea of moral education, except for some attempts at what is called “values clarification,” which is generally a cloak for moral relativism verging on nihilism of the sort that asserts that whatever feels good is good.

Even more vigorously have the schools fled from the idea of encouraging patriotism…Many have been the attacks on patriotism for intolerance, arrogance and bellicosity, but that is to equate it with its bloated distortion, chauvinism. My favorite dictionary defines the latter as “militant and boastful devotion to and glorification of one’s country,” but defines a patriot as “one who loves, supports, and defends his country.”

That does not require us to denigrate or attack any other country, nor does it require us to admire our own uncritically. But just as an individual must have an appropriate love of himself if he is to perform well, an appropriate love of his family if he and it are to prosper, so, too, must he love his country [and its ideals of liberty, individual rights and duty] if it is to survive. Neither family nor nation can flourish without love, support and defense, so that an individual who has benefited from those institutions not only serves his self-interest but also has a moral responsibility to give them his support.

Thus are assaults on patriotism failures of character. They are made by privileged people who enjoy the full benefits offered by the country they deride and detest, but they lack the basic decency to pay it the allegiance and respect…

Every country requires a high degree of cooperation and unity among its citizens if it is to achieve the internal harmony that every good society requires. Most countries have relied on the common ancestry and traditions of their people as the basis of their unity, but the United States can rely on no such commonality. We are an enormously diverse and varied people, almost all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. The great strengths provided by this diversity are matched by great dangers. We are always vulnerable to divisions among us that can be exploited to set one group against another and destroy the unity and harmony that have allowed us to flourish. [hence the need for Foundational American Values to be taught at schools]

We live in a time when civic devotion has been undermined and national unity is under attack. The idea of a common American culture, enriched by the diverse elements that compose it but available equally to all, is under assault, and attempts are made to replace it with narrower and politically divisive programs that are certain to set one group of Americans against another. [hence the need to remove all Political Parties]

…We look to education to solve the pressing current problems of our economic and technological competition with other nations, but we must not neglect the inescapable political, and ethical, effects of education.

We in the academic community have too often engaged in miseducation. If we encourage separatism, we will get separation and the terrible conflict in society it will bring. If we encourage rampant individualism to trample on the need for a community and common citizenship, if we ignore civic education, the forging of a single people, the building of a legitimate patriotism, we will have selfish individuals, heedless of the needs of others, the war of all against all, the reluctance to work toward the common good and to defend our country when defense is needed.

The civic sense that America needs can come only from a common educational effort. In telling the story of the American political experience, we must insist on the honest search for truth; we must permit no comfortable self-deception or evasion, no seeking of scapegoats. The story of this country’s vision of a free, democratic republic and of its struggle to achieve it need not fear the most thorough examination and can proudly stand comparison with that of any other land.

In the long and deadly battle against those who hate Western ideals, and hate America in particular, we must be powerfully armed, morally as well as materially. To sustain us through the worst times we need courage and unity, and these must rest on a justified and informed patriotism.

Everything is propaganda – from what the government puts out, to what the media tells you and the advertisers try to get you to buy.  They are all designed to manipulate and control you and convert you to THEIR way of thinking about reality.   Here are some of the salient points:

We deserve it – America is an imperialist meddler, with too much power, and deserves whatever it gets from Islamic Terrorism, from the WTC abomination to kidnapping of citizens and soldiers to economic ruin.  In their view, which ignores the history of thousands of years of Islamic war against the world, America and Israel sparked Islamic Terrorism, which never existed before. 

Side with the lesser not the oppressor – The world is divided into oppressor and oppressed.  The stronger or wealthier are the oppressors, therefore Labor is oppressed, therefore they need power – Unions – which employees are forced to participate in  and are allowed, by law, to commit violence and force management to negotiate.  Rich is bad, take their wealth and give it to the poor.  Only government is strong enough to control the oppressors. (Problem: Give Unions or Government power and they become the oppressor.)  Animals are weaker and must be protected, no matter the cost or danger to humans, because humans are “oppressors”. 

We are all biased and can’t be objective – Everything is an opinion and everyone is entitled to it.  None are more right or more wrong – it’s just a point of view.   Thinking about an issue, discerning right from wrong, leads to just another opinion.   There is no “Truth”.  Only “Feelings” can be a guide to moral decision.  Whatever makes you happy and the beautiful fantasy Utopian vision of complete equality that your peer group, the media and government tell you to believe.  No rich, no poor.  No war, if we don’t provoke anyone.  No one country is better than another, so apologize, give away your power and get everyone to like you.  

Problem: Success and survival comes from discerning the right and/or best course and facing reality.  Otherwise, you wind up an extinct fossil, in the tar pit or swamp you fell into, while wandering aimlessly.   

People are inherently good – They are born perfect and are then corrupted by society.  It is a moral imperative to return to the child state.  “Be Yourself” “Do what feels good.” “Learn to love yourself” since you are born morally pure and perfect.

The problem: we have no built-in moral instincts or social programming, like animals do.   We are born neither good or bad, just ignorant.  Good or Bad depends on an external standard.  Ignorance can’t be relied on as a standard.  What feels good is often a standard that leads to evil.   Loving yourself usually translates to Adoring yourself which leads to narcissism and rejection of everyone else’s opinion, knowledge and experience. The narcissist is perfect and actively avoids changing their perfection, which means avoiding thinking and listening .  Everything they come up with is a brilliant plan.  If it doesn’t work, it’s someone else’s’ fault.   These traits are apparent in our President, most members of Congress and the Courts, and most people in positions of power, hence the decline of the USA.    You might even know some of these people personally, your business partner, boss, team-mate, class mate, family member, teacher, preacher, celebrity…spouse etc.  

The Jealous response, of the child state, to comparing oneself to others and finding yourself lacking in accomplishment or success or whatever,  is to bring down the rest of the world and look down on others with contempt as morally inferior for not being a child-like incompetent adult.

 There is no God.  No one is watching – There are no expectations or rules of behavior other than those that make you return to the child state and promote the Utopian vision. 

Problem: Because they don’t understand faith in a Being or authority higher than Mankind nor the “True Believer” of Religious faith (ironically akin to their ‘True Believer” cultural faith that withstands reason).  Islamic hatred between Sunni and Shia in Iraq and around the world is viewed as mere sectarian difference.  The war of the “Palestinians” against Israel is viewed as a mere squabble over land.  Therefore both are amenable to negotiation rather than the reality of a problem of intractable belief ,  amenable, not to reason or imposition of Democracy or changing hearts and minds, but only to superior force.   

Agree to disagree or  you are a racist, bigoted, evil, greedy, liar – If anyone insists their point of view is “Right” or “True”, since there is no such thing, they must be a bigot, racist, a fool, a liar or have some sort of phobia.   When everything is just another flavor, arguing that vanilla is better than chocolate means something is wrong with you.  If you look for “proof” of what’s better, you must be a fool, it’s just a matter of taste.   If you say you have proof that vanilla is the “right” flavor, you must be a bigot discriminating against chocolate or a liar hiding their phobia of chocolate or have a financial interest in vanilla beans. 

Disagreeing brings hostility since the only reason for disagreeing with the CULT-ture must be that you’re stupid or greedy and evil for discriminating.  If you discriminate you must be a racist too.  Disagree with Global warming  and the environmentalist will say you must want the oceans to rise and destroy civilization.   Disagree with bankrupting companies to achieve another miniscule percentage lowering of chemicals and they will say “you want dirtier air?”.   Problem: measurement of time is relative to the speed of light but truth is not relative.

Facts, evidence and reason is cold and heartless – Using Science or non-existent God to question or prove anything contrary to infantile beliefs and the practical failures that stem from them, hurts their feelings and if believed would lower their narcissistic self-esteem.  It is not only wrong but an evil lie.  Reality is the Utopian vision and it is achieved by returning to child-like ignorance and therefore bliss.  (The toys are for all of us. If anyone is jealous, you have to share – Redistribute wealth.   Everyone is the same – no discrimination of bad or good,  protecting the oppressed environment – Mother Nature etc.) 

The Child needs a rich Daddy – In the real world, children grow up and become self-sufficient.   They realize that their parent’s don’t know everything and learn  to think for themselves.  They learn to work with others and accomplish.   They make mistakes with consequences, think about them and get better. 

When civilization conquered the major diseases, produced enough food so that no one would starve, protect people from predators and could eliminate hardships like farming, sewing and washing clothes by hand, chopping wood for fuel, drawing water etc. – people no longer needed to be smart and alert or use their intelligence to avoid bad consequences.  They no longer needed to think to survive.  They could remain infantile, and live in a fairy tale, with a rich Daddy Government to support and coddle them and eliminate all risk.  

Problem:  If risk is eliminated there are No Consequences and therefore No experience and no maturity.  Academics can push failed theories like Communism and Socialism with impunity.  The more clever the presentation of nonsense, the more they are rewarded by tenure, and the accolades of others who have never done anything.  When the Product of this mal-education gets power – say becomes President  – we all suffer from the actual consequences of the junk programming, while the know nothings make up reasons to support their nonsense and continue for years with their cacophonous symphony of wrong notes.     

The government is not rich.  It has no money on its own and must take it from someone.  Like the Citizens of Rome before its collapse, The utopian lives off the wages of the slave taxpayer who pays for Deposit insurance , unemployment benefits, Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, Fannie and Freddie Mac’s “affordable” mortgages and all the other programs Daddy spoils their kids with.   The more they are indulged the less they do and the more they want.  Those who can’t do, teach.  Words become their product with no need for results or penalty for consequences.  Since they don’t do anything, there is no need to find ways to do it better.   Just better ways to communicate their infantile cult and make it sound professional and “sophisticated”.    They became journalists, Academics, Teachers,  entertainers, social workers. community activists and Politicians spreading their fairly tale and cult to each successive generation. 

Eventually there are too many talkers and not enough producers and the money runs out.  Eventually,  the parasite government consumes its productive host.   

Discussion is avoidance – To stay forever immature and stupid, requires cleverness and verbal nimbleness to apply excuses and use logical fallacies to deny facts and reality.  The purpose of Discussion is to find those who agree and play with them and otherwise intimidate, put down, embarrass, discredit and revile those who present anything different.  Only Media that agree with the bias can be listened to.  All other Media is evil.  Censorship of listening.

Let’s play pretend – Ooh we are so concerned about world hunger and peace and carbon warming and blah blah.. let’s tweet about it.  Let’s pretend that wishes do come true and wish, wish, wish on Facebook.  Ooh that protest looks like fun.  We are doing so much to help the world.  Hey can you get me a Starbucks.   Let’s Chill , dude.

Instead of stopping crime, they are filming it and putting it on YouTube.  

It’s not fair –  Constantly comparing yourself to others and being jealous if anyone has more – more money, more things, more friends, more happiness, more respect, more fame, better looks etc..  You put on  a false smile but hate them and want to see them brought down.    You enjoy scandal magazines and terrible tragedies on the news because it makes your misery seem fairer if everyone shares it especially the famous.  You are always complaining to Daddy Government to make it fairer by pulling down success.  It makes you feel bad and therefore must be evil since feelings are the moral standard.   You didn’t build that. 

Censorship –  If the CULT-ure deems it bad, thoughts, images and symbols of “bad” things are also wrong and must be censored and punished, no matter how stupid the outcome. 

Apathy – The more the CULT-ure teaches and actualizes failure, the less insight there is to figure out how to solve problems and the worse it gets.  Eventually corruption  is so entrenched that the people do not feel they can do anything about it and look to a strong leadership (read – dictatorship) to do it for them. 

How do you know when your thinking is objectively wrong? 

When the way of thinking does not anticipate and/or predict behaviors and outcomes.  Or when your way of thinking leads to behaviors that foster failure and not success. 

For instance re-distribution leading to economic collapse, pulling out troops for Political gain leading to complete loss of all prior gains and the triumph of ISIS, opening our borders leading to overload of the immigration system and terrorists, drugs, drug dealers, criminals and the epidemically ill coming in  unimpeded , eliminating risk in housing leading to over speculation and a bust that crashes world markets, fighting about Political Parties leading to civil and family strife, government welfare leading to generational dependency, poverty, crime and the breakup of family etc..  


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