It’s the System not the Symptom. Reject Political Aspirin and go for Constitutional Amendment surgery.

Government systems, like the body’s systems, must work perfectly and remain fine tuned to function properly.

Our physical bodies are maintained by systems governed by the intelligence in our DNA.  As long as the DNA instructions are followed the body remains well.   If the instructions are mistranslated, or changed, mutations and cancers occur. 

The US Government’s intelligence comes from the Constitution.  Deviation from the instructions of the Constitution leads to mutations such as Bureaucracies and cancers such as Political parties.  


The government’s arteries are clogged with regulations created by bureaucracies.  It is chronically ill from the cancers of Political Parties and toxins from the broken system create pain throughout our country.  

Politicians relieve some of the pain but the medicine they give, in the form of new laws, only manage some symptoms and in almost all cases, the relief to one part create side effects that hurt some other part.

Our government system is chronically crippled and has deteriorated to the point where it needs major surgery (amendments) to fix it.  



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