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Holy Moses – Metaphysics, God, Idolatry, Society, History, Physics

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Since the multiple universe theory has been proven incorrect by the Hicks Boson, the perfect universe for life that we live in can not be explained by random selection of multiple universes but rather by some form of intelligence or perhaps consciousness selecting it.

Life doesn’t just arise from thermal vents under the sea. It takes intelligence to encode DNA with intelligence. Random chance cannot assemble the complex structures of life.

Even Darwin corrected himself that natural selection is not the cause of evolution, merely the cause of adaptation.

There is no evidence that one species can evolve into another. Science has now found that new species arise spontaneously by mutational changes in the DNA instructions that control the formation of the embryo.

What that tells us is that perhaps the cosmology of Egypt and Moses may be correct. That there is a Higher dimensional intelligent existence described by the hieroglyphic constants YHVH ( meaning all aspects and tenses of the verb HVH “to be, was, will be, may be can be etc.” e.g. Being) in which our universe of 3 dimensions and Space/time was formed.

The forces of nature are directed by a partial manifestation of higher dimensional existence in our lower dimension. This is called Elohim and forms a unity between our universe and external existence.

Religion was based on fear of nature and appeasement or worship of what was thought to be separate intelligent forces emanating from “Gods”. Superstitious rituals developed by coincidental occurrences that seemed to repeal the danger of these “Gods”. Similar to always wearing the same hat because your sports team won when you first wore it.

Idolatry based Religions conflated their “win” over the force of nature to engaging in sex,,defecation, blood letting, vomit, sacrifice of scapegoats and many other occurrences which became their ritual practices in front of an image or concrete Idol representing the “God”.

These images and Idols were conflated with power over forces of Nature and were carried into war to scare other tribes into surrender and motivate soldiers to do battle with certainty of victory.

Until someone finally realized that all these forces were not separate but were one “nature” of the universe.  Connecting with Nature and perhaps obtaining a glimpse of existence was gained through meditation or hallucinogenic substances provided by nature.

Some kept the idea of multiple gods as aspects of one God like Hinduism. Some like the Israelites, according to the writings preserved by the Tribes of Jacob (Israel) received a path from Moses (whose authority came from interface with the intelligent existence YHVH) which contained their various rituals and implementations for maintaining contact and guidance from the intelligent universe Elohim.

The most important were the 10 principles (mistranslated as Commandments) which when followed would create a peaceful and durable society.

As proof the Israelite society has survived and flourished, despite multiple extinction events directed at it, since that time in the desert.