Thursday, February 4th, 2016 at 12:02am

Campaign Catch-22, if you want to win, you don’t deserve to.

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Issues?  What Issues? My opponent sucks, vote for me! 


Cruz chain saw campaign

The Texas Chainsaw Campaign Massacre



Voting along party lines…all trick, no treat.     

Sick of all of it?

Sick of the Bribery of Politicians through Campaign financing,  Politicians constantly campaigning instead of working. Political party Negative attacks, Fake news, lying, running to win and not to serve, stealing elections, voter registration and election fraud, having to choose between the lesser evil candidate instead of the best etc. .. ?  The solution is to eliminate the root of the problem – Campaigns.

Have 3 debates funded by the municipality, town, Borough, State or Federal government as appropriate, and that’s it.   

If a candidate, above all else, just wants to win, then they are in it for themselves, not the public.   A public servant should want the most qualified to serve, even if it’s not themselves.  If there are multiple candidates nominated for an office, the candidates should decide among themselves who should serve. It is not a cutthroat competition to see who can destroy the other and waste the most money and time.  

Public servants should be asked to serve by recognition of their merit, not who fights the best or campaigns to win.   If they want to win, they are unqualified to serve.  It is a duty one does to help the public, to give back, not to win private benefit.  It is not a career, it is an honor.  One does not campaign for an honor, one earns it.   Public office is supposed to be earned through recognition of competence, public spirit, charity, values , intelligence , capability, talent etc.  If you need to convince people and resort to lying and gossiping about others , you have not earned the respect to be nominated.

Nomination should never be by party.  Rather it must be by merit and public recognition.  

That is what the founders intended.  My recommendation is to put this in the Constitution.