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Free your mind

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Caution:  prepare yourself by repeating this phrase:
“What we think we know,  isn’t necessarily so.” …  and that’s OK! 🙂

What’s in your mind? We are born with almost a blank slate and then subjected to conditioning instilled in us by our parents, moral or ethics system, education, media, peers, job, culture etc..   This sets up our view of reality.  That reality is physically imprinted in our brain.     Changing


 our mind requires physically changing our brain!  Neurons grow, chemicals are secreted, electrical pathways are reformed and this is a trigger to our body’s defense system.   With practice, some can do this smoothly.  For most of us though, our bodies resist any physical change of our mind with automatic fight or flight behavior.       We denigrate the message or the messenger with scoffing, scorn, anger, denial, protest and many other behaviors.  We look for people, groups and media, who are of the same mind, to bolster our old view and we ignore facts if they contradict that view.  I will admit that describes me.  Will you admit that you too have experienced these behaviors?  

  You never forget how to ride a bicycle, right?     That’s true… if nothing changes.  But make a change to the bicycle and our old memory and way of thinking can cause us to fall off.   To get the wheels turning we have to really pay attention to be aware of and overcome our conditioning of what to think and how to react, and re-learn and re-condition our mind and body.      

    You may have to do the same with some of the material you are about to read.   I ask your indulgence to be aware of, and overcome, what we have all been conditioned to think.   And how we have all been conditioned to react.  Please don’t fall off by the distraction of trigger words or phrases and the thoughts and emotions they bring up.  Please don’t stop trying or throw away the figurative bicycle.  Give yourself a chance to get comfortable with the new.        You will be asked to challenge  –

  1. The instilled and manufactured belief, by our politicians, educators and media that there is no objective truth, only subjective opinion and differing narratives.  That lie, means there are no facts to debate about.   There is only choosing what political propaganda  and opinions you wish to agree with.  Proving an opinion is not possible because that would be just another opinion.   
  2. The accepted unconstitutional Federal collection of a tax on individuals.  The Constitution specifies that the States fund and control Federal spending based on a yearly Budget.  The income tax amendment effectively nullifies the 10th Amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” .  There is no power for the states and the people as long as the Federal Government can confiscate as much wealth as it wants. Those Federal funds are then used to coerce States to accept and enforce Federal Programs, agenda and control.  
  3. The propaganda that the Federal Reserve Note is money.  It is actually a debt owed by the Federal government to the banks (Federal Reserve).  The purchasing power of that note is consistently lowered by the FED as it prints more Notes for Federal Government to “borrow” and spend.  
  4. The manufactured opinion and mindset which believes government intervention is always necessary and that more government regulation is the way to fix broken government.     

Like a car on ice, when government is in a skid, more steering may not be beneficial.   – Dr. Society  

Government is like a leech, if it takes a small amount of blood from society, it can serve a beneficial purpose, but, let it get too big and the vampire-like bloodsucking of the people’s wealth and freedom will drain the life out of society.  


What happened to truth and a common sense?  We have been encouraged and taught to abandon, and denigrate, an objective, agreed upon standard and cultural mores (Such as the Judeo-Christian model) and judging our actions by and from a correct picture of reality to guide our lives.  

Instead reality,  mores and even history are dictated by those in power.  Political Correctness is the new standard.  That’s why winning is so important for Political Parties and their followers.  It maintains and validates their subjective ‘reality’.    Might makes right and reality.   Therefore, as long as there is consensus in an opinion or narrative of events, such as the Party Line, Politicians can lie boldly and brazenly, secure in the belief that what they say is ‘true’.  

Without an objective standard, Propaganda has become reality and Perception is fact.  Like the lawyer they usually are , Politicians create doubt and a narrative that you can accept.  A half-truth becomes full truth.  “You can keep your doctor” (Except that we will cancel your plan).  “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit” (except the glove shrinks with moisture). ” I did not have Sexual Intercourse with that woman” (Technically oral sex is not intercourse and he isn’t denying that he had sex with other women).    “We will fundamentally transform America”  (into a Socialist nightmare)  

Prominent leaders and a noticeable segment of the American public seem determined to believe what they want, willfully disregarding any and all available evidence to the contrary.  Agitators are not ashamed to look their minions in the eye and lie through their teeth… the accusation that this or that leader is lying… presumes there is an absolute truth to which the “lie” can be compared, a “certainty” that things are not as they are being portrayed.  In all its guises and manifestations a lie seeks to evade reality. 

But what if there is no absolute reality to evade?  What if there is only this opinion or that, i.e.,  a variety of “plausible” narrative reports?  If there is no truth, there can be no lie.  Hardly foreign to our culture, it is prescribed practice in every American courtroom. Adversaries who serve as counsel for the opposing sides seek to persuade judge and jury of that account most conducive to the interest of the party each represents.  Is it an accident that the most successful courtroom attorneys go into politics…?  –  Jerome Huyler Phd 

And become Democrats.