Saturday, December 29th, 2018 at 2:09pm

Current US Government Violates article 4 of the Constitution

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Paragraph 4 of article 4 guarantees a Republican form government to the states.  Republican means the business of the people “Res Publica”. The people’s business can not be accomplished if our representatives are divided into two parties playing tug of war and stalemating each other as parties do.  

As set up by the Founders there were no parties or factions. All bills came up before the house of the people’s representatives, without having to secure permission from a political party and all voted as their constituency desired not as their Party tells them to vote.   

435 individual voices weeding out the portions that don’t represent all the people makes sure  that all of the people are represented and that bills not favorable to the people are filtered out..  When only two voices of the Political parties are evaluating, then bills bad for half the population are guaranteed.  Not Res Publica. 

This form of government is called a monarchy. Only the royal couple of Democrat and Republican parties decide all laws. The people are filtered out by the parties. Business of the people does not take place. Half the people’s business is not res Publica. Not to mention that half the people are with a party only via constant propaganda manufacturing their opinions.

Bills never got stalled before they even came before the house. With Political parties and Cloture (pre-approval rules) it is a miracle if any bill is allowed to come up for debate and a vote.  That’s why Congress does nothing.  Also bad for the people.  This measure does protect one party from passing whatever they want to when in the majority but is unnecessary when Political parties are eliminated.   

Then the state’s representatives debated the house bill to see if it was good for the people of their state.  Once approved by both bodies of congress the bill went to the president to approve or not.   Instead Political parties in the State stalemated election of state representatives to the senate resulting in an amendment that moved election of senators to the people and not the state government.   Voting by majority of the population is Democracy and guarantees that the minority will be taken advantage of.  Not Res Publica. 

Also the freedom of religion is abridged by derogatory minimization of Religious beliefs and the imposition of secular propaganda and secular values based on anti-Religion, pro political party, Anti-American Communism that the Russians have been inundating us with, for over 75 years.