Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 at 9:00pm

Who Loves Ya Baby?

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People help people, Governments help themselves.

The greedy in government do not protect us from greed, they merely monopolize it. – Dr. Society

The Politicians and bureaucrats who run the government are just as flawed and greedy as the rest of us.  The more power you give to a government the more corrupt it becomes.  Just as ours has become the more that Constitutional limitations on government power have been broken. 





In our two party system there is no Elephant and Donkey, just Bull

Campaign Pretense

Campaign pretense of Democrats and RINOs (Republican in name only).

Both major parties are in it to enrich themselves and keep themselves in power.  They have manipulated the Constitution to give themselves the ability to confiscate your personal wealth, borrow your descendants' wealth and even spend the currency in your pocket, they don't overtly steal, by covertly printing more currency that, once spent – dilutes the value of yours, which you see reflected as inflation of prices.
A more local and limited Government that is funded and directed from the bottom up not the top down corrects the moral hazard of easy and unlimited funds that sustains corruption in the Federal Government.
The Federal government's proper role is to protect us from that which we as individuals or States alone can not ,such as defense from military and criminal threats, epidemics, keeping interstate and foreign trade operating smoothly and with voluntary contributions from the people – help in times of disaster. 
To be a free American and maintain liberty we the people must be self governed and self-controlled by our Foundational American Values and the government controlled by repairing the Constitution
If not, the Government will continue to exert even greater control and rule over us in a tyranny.