Control the Government, not the People

The People don’t have to be morally perfect, just decent.
But the Government, just to be decent, must be morally perfect. Dr. Society 
Hence the need for a Foundational American Values Amendment to the Constitution to hold Politicians to a moral code of behavior which includes telling only the truth.
Dr. Society’s advice for a healthy Government:
Take two tablets of Moses and call me when it’s “Morning in America”.
The politicians and government of the USA are no longer bound by the morality, ethics and principles that were self evident when our Constitution was written.   One major symptom is that they have been very slowly stealing your wealth and freedom over the course of many decades.
You may have noticed market booms, busts, inflation, fluctuating interest rates, a decline in small business, jobs and a steady decline of your purchasing power and income.   All of those are directly caused by the government without your knowledge through their power to confiscate wealth, allocate spending and devalue the currency.
Since the great depression, it is not usually allowed to get to the point of disaster where you would wake up and fight back.  Make no mistake though, at some point there is no recovering and the country becomes a chronic invalid.  Witness the fate of Europe.
Politics is nothing more than the practical application of our values –  Rabbi Daniel Lapin “America’s Real War”
A Constitutional amendment process enumerating essential Foundational American Values, binding on Politicians and Government, will restore our Country’s health and your wealth and freedom. 
Dr. Society’s advice for a healthy Society:
Immerse yourself in Love and direct your loving kindness to those in your sphere of influence.
For the people, individual Values and Societal norms are much more efficient at bettering society and stopping crime than laws, regulations and statutes.
This premise is easily illustrated by waiting to cross at a crosswalk where there is no traffic light:
There are laws that drivers must stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk. 
However after 20 cars zoom by with no Police sirens you soon realize that the one who stops for you is doing so despite the fact that they can get away with disobeying the law.
They are instead obeying their internal values of common courtesy. Inner control always is better than outside control. 

If you try to control everything from the outside you soon need more police than there are citizens.   It is also expensive to the point of bankruptcy.  In the end it is impossible for a society to maintain outside control on all things no matter how much of a Police state.

The more outside control the less freedom there is. 

The more inner values the better the control and the more freedom for all.

The Constitutional Amendment process was implemented to protect the country in case Lawyers screwed with the Constitution.    

Lawyers don’t believe in abstinence and immediately began messing with it.    In 1913 they murdered the United States system of government and fathered a baby tyranny that is just reaching puberty.    Many people, maybe you too, are already feeling screwed. It’s time to control the government with Amendments before the tyranny reaches maturity.



The Fairest Tax

A Utopian Dreamer is one who thinks we can create “Heaven on Earth” by having the Government screw the Hell out of the people 🙂  – Dr. Society
The Fairest Tax is one that is not levied directly on people, but rather an indirect excise tax on transactions, which is of equal rate to all,  with no exemptions, and which funds the government from the bottom up (so that the top level does not control the lower levels by controlling their funds).
Taxation of wealth, in the form of income, property or estate, to support the government is a moral hazard (the moment tax from one person or group is used to benefit another, it become theft), gives incentive to avoidance and fraud and is against the founding principles of the Constitution which prohibited a direct tax on the people.  Direct tax  makes an end run around the states, fills the coffers of the Federal Government at the expense of the State, creates too much top down control due to all funds going directly to the top and the progressive tax rate reduces incentives for people to increase their incomes and treats people unequally under the law.
Only an amendment that broke the constitution with the support of a Politically intimidated supreme court allows this theft to be “legal”.  Income tax requires an invasion of privacy, opening up private papers to the government, it steals the very life and liberty of the people in the time it takes to assemble the paper work, to comply with the wealth taxes.  Tax exemptions and subsidies control the life of people, how they save, how they invest and even influences where they live.
With a direct tax, in principle, the government owns all of your income, property and wealth.   Do you own the tax they currently take?  You might have temporary possession but you have to yield it to the government.   With salary withholding, you don’t even get temporary possession.  Follow the logic.  There is no limit on the tax rate the Federal Government can impose on what you legitimately earned.  FDR was willing to impose a 100% tax.   If the government can take everything and you can’t refuse, then you effectively don’t own anything.  Rather, the government is granting you the privilege of keeping some of what you earn.  That’s why they say you are stealing from the government is you don’t pay taxes.  They own it.  Not only do they own your wealth, they own the life and liberty, time, labor and resources that you invested in your earnings.  They own YOU!   You are a slave or at best a share-cropper.

Instead the 16th Amendment should be repealed and the Federal and State governments should be financed solely by  an equal rate excise tax on transactions such as retail sales.  At least you have control over when and how much tax you pay, based on your purchases. Can’t afford the tax this year, buying that TV set,  couch or new car next year instead.   The people can refuse to buy any products if the tax is too high.   The infrastructure is already in place., Tracking public transactions does not violate privacy or influence the market or people’s lives.  Products that come from foreign sources, not directed to a re-seller, can be taxed upon arrival into the USA, based on who is receiving the product.

It is intrinsically progressive.  The rich buy more and pay more tax.  The very poor do not pay taxes.

To help the poor, no consumption tax would effectively be collected on purchases up to the poverty level, as set by Congress.  Every person living in the US would get a check (a pre-bate) to cover paying the consumption/sales tax.   For example, if the poverty level is $25,000 and the flat sales tax is 20%, then everyone gets a check for $5,000 which pays for the 20% tax on the first $25,000 of purchases.
The 16th amendment would be repealed, making income tax unconstitutional, as it was before that amendment, and the IRS would be eliminated. 
It would end all lobbying for special tax exemptions and the control the Federal government exerts through those exemptions.
The Fair Tax is an idea in the right direction, but is not comprehensive enough.
As long as the Federal government receives all the proceeds of the Consumption tax, the Federal Government still retains control of the States and the people because it can give or deny funding to them. Lobbying for special privileges, pork and corruption would continue.
 The Fair tax would eliminate all taxes from business, income, capital gains, estate, property, gas, liquor etc. on the federal level and replace them with one equal/flat rate retail consumption/sales tax across the nation with no exemptions.  Good.
However, The Fair Tax also does not change the way States and local government collects revenue; – through income, property, wealth and estate tax which is theft of property ownership/stewardship.

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Civil Rights and Civil war

Civil rights are Citizen's rights such as the right to vote, serve in public office, move freely about the country, have a passport etc.  (Civil is derived from the Latin meaning Citizen).  There are also Civil responsibilities that are not talked about as much such as obeying the law, keeping clean, and not interfering with other's rights.  

Natural or Endowed rights (and their responsibilities) – life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, ownership and stewardship of property, free will etc. are inherent in all Human Beings. 

All Civil rights are derived from the Natural Rights of the Human Beings that came together to constitute that society.   For instance the right to vote is derived from the Natural right to liberty and free choice.  However, a right does not mean entitlement.  You have the right to property but first you must earn it so that the right is actualized.  You have the right to vote but first you must be a citizen to activate that right.     Charity is a favor.  You may have a right to life but you are not entitled to keep it unless you take care of your health and don't murder. 

Since a Natural right does not confer entitlement, you can't just take someone else's property.  Nor can you have a civil right to take someone else's property.   If you, who has the Natural right to property can not take, then certainly government which has no natural rights, can not take anyone's property or claim to be entitled. Government is supported solely by Citizen's responsibility to pay for services not by government's right to get paid. Government has no rights, only duties. 

The government does not grant any rights.  If they did, they could also take them away. 

Individual have rights.  Groups do not.  Groups are classifications only.  There is no such thing as a civil right for blacks or women, as a category, to vote.  All citizens regardless of group classification have the right to vote.  It is a civil protection against interference with the right to vote that was instituted.

If something is granted to a particular group it is a privilege not a right.  Privileges grant an advantage that is not earned.   Government enforced privileges  such as Racial Quotas, affirmative action and the like, violate Natural rights.  

We have confused privilege of a certain group or class with individual rights. 

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Uncle Sam Madoff with your money

Social Security is an accounting fiction. 
There is no need for reform because there is no Social Security and there hasn’t been any for decades. 
There is no money set aside or investment profit to draw retirement benefits from.  Politicians stole and spent all of it.
There is no trust fund or lock box. 
People do not 'contribute' to their retirement. 
Their SS taxes are paying for current retirees.
No one is “paying in”.  They are only “paying out”. 
"Benefits" are a promise of theft of wealth from future generations.
All government does is keep a record of how much they expect future generations to be obligated to pay.
A real trust fund would have invested in enterprises and activities that would yield a profit that did not come from the very same taxpayers who participate in the fund. 
Payouts would come from the gain on investments in the fund and not your pocket.
Social Security, since the 1960's when its funds were stolen by the government, is a false right granted by the government to "legally" steal from someone else to pay you.  It also means that you are being stolen from to pay someone else.
A Social Security “surplus” isn’t profit on an investment, it just means we took more from the taxpayers that year than was needed to pay "benefits" to other taxpayers.  In fact SS taxes (which the Government deceptively calls "contributions") are no longer enough to cover retiree benefits without tapping the general revenues collected from income tax or borrowing money.
 How to deal with the Social Security myth.
Let’s be up front about it.  We were scammed by Socialist Politicians.  There is no investment to draw upon.
Social Security is a fraud perpetrated on the American people. 
Socialists created unfunded obligations which they call “entitlements” to “Justify” taking from others.
But a Title is only granted on something you earned and paid for, not for the “right” to take something someone else owns.
Social Security conditions a country to the Socialist concept of entitlement to take from others and excuses theft in the name of “fairness”.  It also gives the government the excuse to identify every citizen with an SS number.
Social Security taxes are spent.  There is nothing left.  A "retirement benefit" can only come by taking more taxes from someone down the road.
It's just like Bernie Madoff and his pyramid scheme.   We ended that.  Let's end this too.
How to fix Social Security
Pick an age and refund all prior "contributions", plus interest, to those younger than that age so they are no longer 'paid in'.
Anyone not 'paid in' to Social Security is ineligible for any future "benefits" (legalized theft from future taxpayers). 

We continue Social Security 'benefits' at the same level for those left paid in because we are morally and contractually obligated and we have Values.
Everyone already on the SS program (no matter what age), which includes disability, will still be paid as contracted.
SS recipients are actually entitled to payments by virtue of having paid in (actually they paid for the previous person's retirement). 
Payment earns title and possession.
SS is not an unearned handout.  Welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, section 8 housing etc. are unearned.  Handouts being called Entitlements is a misnomer.
It is actually theft of title from those who earned it, to those it is transferred to, who did not earn it.
SS benefits are paid from the SS tax (also called payroll tax) and general tax revenue – not the trust funds we were entitled to. That is the government’s fault not yours or mine. They raided the trust fund from which the retirees should have been paid from. They are Bernie Madoff. The government forced SS recipients to be “on the dole”.
SS  can then officially be just an Entitlement for seniors paid from taxes without any further phony language.
We will no longer be kidding everyone that they are contributing to their own retirement.
For those refunded or who never paid in – find a private pension plan and contribute to a real fund that actually invests your money to build for retirement.
Cutting through the phony language:
Click here to see the mainstream left leaning view of Social Security.
Response – The author renames the SS Ponzi scheme as a "pay-as-you-go system".  Sounds better.  It just leaves out a little tiny teeny bit that explains where the money to pay comes from.  It is a "Steal from you to pay as you go system".   Government hides reality from you with clever names.   W-2 Withholding rather than "controlling and stealing your wealth and the life and liberty you invested to create that wealth" or Internal Revenue Service rather than Unconstitutional and immoral Government Pirated Loot and Booty enforcement.
Government has no money other than what it confiscates from current or future taxpayers.  Government can not fund anything or do charity and Social Justice (a renaming of Socialism).  They taxpayers fund bonds, charity and so called Social Justice.


"Funding" SS with bonds is another renaming of the reality of government theft and Socialist redistribution.
The Federal Government issues a bond and spends the money.  It does not invest it in a company that will make a profit and pay back the loan from it's profits.
The interest paid and principal returned on a Treasury Bond is paid by taxpayers down the line or kicked even further down the road by borrowing more (issuing another Treasury bond).


If you as an individual or foreign countries buy a bond, the taxpayer is paying you, not the government.
Social Security accounting fiction is done through "holding" bonds which are a promise from the Federal Government to confiscate taxes from taxpayers and you to pay the interest and the principal to taxpayers and you
It is yet another Socialist scheme that takes money from one sector of the economy and redistributes it to another sector.