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It’s not as it seems

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Most of what you have been told or learned… is wrong.  Especially in Politics.
Read Obama's Lips
Obama NSA Speech
Global Warming Kerry
Common Core Cartoon

Look at how easily what you think is true, turns out to be wrong:

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Or are they?


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Genetically Modified Organisms? 

The NSA is listening.  

Government Pork? 


Oh my! What a prickly situation. 

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The truth just turns everything around doesn’t it?  


The point of this exercise:   

Don’t believe anything you learned especially about American History until you research it’s veracity. You have the tools now, with the Internet.
Always look deeper into everything. More is hidden from you than you can imagine. Even what you think is the night sky. This is what’s really there. And that is nothing compared with what the Hubble Telescope sees.

The milky way over Bryce Canyon, Utah:

The Milky Way over Grand Teton Park, Wyoming:


Let’s challenge some ingrained assumptions learned from our teachers, Politicians, history books and the media which we were  told are true, but actually are not.

Guess What?

– Thomas Edison did not INVENT the incandescent lightbulb. British scientists did.

– The Wright Brothers were NOT the first in Flight. Gustave WeissKopf (WhiteHead) was.
– The true story of Thanksgiving is an indictment of Socialism and Communism.
– There is no such thing as a Stone Age Man
  • They are Homonids, not humans, and not our ancestors.  The fossil link between Humans and Homonids is missing .  The only one ever “found” turned out to be a hoax; but it was so long accepted as truth that scientists and the media still use language that perpretrates the fraud.  In fact there is no fossil evidence of ANY speies evolving from another.  What we call evolution is adaptation to environment based on the design possibilities encoded in our DNA.  Humans did not evolve from another species.  We share design elements in our DNA with all animals, which does mean we evolved from them.   People acting like monkeys does not prove we evolved from them. 🙂
  • We share some gene elements of Neanderthal Hominids, but there is no fossil evidence of a transitional stage to prove anything other than perhaps interbreeding.   We share atoms and molecular elements with stones.  People getting stoned does not mean we evolved from them. :-).
– We do not need to focus on population control or what country consumes more.  Resources are not limited.   The infinite capacity of our minds for ingenuity and invention can solve the problems. 
– Francis Scott Key did NOT write the music to the Star Spangled Banner.  He set it to the popular tune written by  John Stafford Smith.
– Jurors do not have to follow the Judge’s instructions.  As a juror you are above the law. 
  • You are answerable only to your conscience and the Creator.  You are the Constitutional Safeguard against Politically or Morally oppressive law.
–  The courts granted unions the ability to use violence.
The 1973 Enmons decision effectively allows union violence for “legitimate union objectives”.
“The result has been an epidemic of union-related violence. The National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) [in 1998] has recorded 8,799 incidents of violence from news reports since [the Enmons ruling]. Those reports show only 258 convictions, suggesting a conviction rate of less than 3 percent. Moreover, local law enforcement authorities often get many more reports of strike violence than journalists can possibly cover.”
– US Manufacturing today is near an all-time high. Only manufacturing jobs are in decline. 
  • Technology and automation allows the USA to manufacture more goods than ever before with far fewer workers than before. In 1950, the United States Steel plant in Gary, Ind., produced 6 million tons of steel with 30,000 workers. Today, it produces 7.5 million tons with 5,000 workers. 
  • Most of our goods are still made in the USA Not China.  

– Only 10% of our Oil comes from the Middle East.

– We are at war with Islam and Islamic propaganda pervades our society –  

We are at war with Islam (but not individual Muslims), or at  least Islam is at war with us and has been since the 6th Century.   In addition to the genocide of Armenians,  supporting the Nazis and terrorist attacks around the world, Islam has also been waging a propaganda war against the US, Christians, Jews, Israel, Hebrew and the authenticity of the Bible.  They then created the term ‘Islamophobia’ to make it seem crazy to question their propaganda.

– Moses is the American Prophet
  •  Modern disparaging and denials aside, American Society is based on the principles of civilization found in the Hebrew Torah (5 books of Moses and the oral commentary) and assumes virtuous citizens possessing what were, at that time, self-evident Judeo-Christian values, morals and ethics.
We did not swindle the Indians out of Manhattan Island for 60 Guilders ($24) in trinkets. 
  • That is a fiction to support the Politically Correct story of taking advantage of the natives. 
  • The Canarsie Indians actually swindled Peter Minuet out of the $24, because the Canarsie Indians did not own the land.  LOL   He purchased Manhattan afterwards from it’s true owners at great cost!


– Taxing the rich and corporations, even at 100%,  Doesn’t pay for more than a few weeks of government expenses

Social Services and entitlement spending is more than taxation can ever support.  We are already at the point of diminishing returns where increasing taxes brings in less revenue because it kills the economy.  We are also at the point of diminishing returns where the government can no longer steal the wealth from its citizens through the Federal Reserve to fund bank lending.  Moeny for investment will dry up.

The United States is living on borrowed cash.  Woe to the generation that has to pay it back.

– Income tax was unconstitutional before 1913.
  • In 1895, the Supreme Court ruling of Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan and Trust Co., struck down the income tax as an unconstitutional and non-apportioned “direct tax.”  The nation had to be tricked into an income tax, through approving the 16th constitutional amendment, in 1913 and then redefining this direct tax as an excise tax.  A direct tax on the people instead of the States gives the Federal Government the power to seize the citizen’s wealth and bypasses the States.  Besides power AND wealth being a 100% certainty of corruption it allows the Federal Government to control the States by funding them instead of the other way around, as the Constitution specifies. .  
– Income tax is theft from individuals and unfair to the States.
  • Income tax, is involuntary confiscation, and therefore theft, of property.   No matter that it has been legalized and sanitized as “Internal Revenue”.  Dung by any other name still smells like crap. 
  • This “revenue”, which used to flow up through the States by percentage of representation, goes directly to the Federal Government.  The States have become beggars of funding back from the Federal Government.  The States are forced to accept bad Policy in Education, Medicine, entitlements, infrastructure, Commerce and every other area because Beggars can’t be Choosers.   It is Federal Control of the States by extortion.  
  • The States have no control of what laws are created and can’t even protest because the 17th amendment took away their power to elect Senators and gave it to the people who the Federal Politicians and Political parties can bribe with “entitlements”.
– Income tax Nationalizes Capital better than Communism. 
  • There is no limit to how much the government can take from you. In fact, FDR raised the top Income Tax bracket to almost 100%.  The Federal Reserve Note we call a Dollar, is backed by the government’s income tax ability – to confiscate your wealth, and your children’s wealth, in the future.   The more dollars printed, the more of your future wealth is already spent.  You may think you have assets but they are actually collateral on trillions in loans.   The government considers all your wealth as theirs, because it is.  This Nationalization of Capital is even reflected in the language Politicians use.  They refer to the USA as a ‘Rich Country” and not a country of Rich individuals who pay high taxes.  If you avoid taxes somehow, you are convicted of “stealing” from the government.   If you are an employee, the government “withholds” their money, so you never even get temporary possession of it.   If you are self-employed or a partnership business and you do not pay enough “estimated tax” in advance or an employee with too many “deductions” on your W-2, you pay interest and penalties on “Their” money that you held on to.   Taxes are called a “Fair Share” of your wealth.
  • Taxes are supposed to be payment for Services rendered. According to our Constitution, reasonable compensation is due before government can confiscate your property.  They get away with it since they do not consider taxes, both current and future, as your money or property in the first place. 
  • We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” – Nikita Kruschev, Premier of the Soviet Union

– Income tax is unnecessary and fosters waste. 

  • Before 1913, the liquor tax was sufficient to support 75% of the Federal Government.   The States funded the Federal government.
  • Income tax brought in a flood of money the government was deliberately kept from.  Like an immature teenager with an unlimited credit card, wasteful Federal Spending exploded to match the new revenue. 
  • There is another, more moral and fairer way to fund the government.   Repeal income and all other direct taxation of wealth and only tax retail transactions.  Allocate the collected tax by zip code – first to the community, then the borough or parish or whatever levels come before the States, then the States which then fund the Federal government by their percentage of representation.
– The USA is no longer a Constitutional Republic.  It a Democratic Dictatorship.
  • Technically the United ‘States’ stopped existing in 1913. The States no longer have any say in the federal government and no power to balance out Congress. The 17th Amendment took away the States’ right to elect representatives to the Senate and turned the US into a Democracy (mob rule) instead of a Republic.   
  • The 16th amendment took away the States power to fund the Federal Government and therefore  control Congress.  Congress with the collusion of the Senate which no longer represented the States have since funded their cronies and political supporters such as corporations, Unions and rich individuals, created the FED to usurp control over the money supply and be able to borrow as much as they want to pay for more political graft and created a massive Socialist give-away program to buy more votes for themselves and secure their power at the expense of people who work.   
  • The 16th Amendment allowed the Federal Government to steal your wealth through a progressive Income tax (as per Karl Marx) and control your behavior and the free market through tax exemptions and incentives. 
  • Political parties took away the representation of the people and reduced the 435 representatives voices to two, Democrat and Republican.  Only One party controls the house, hence dictatorship.
– The Federal Reserve isn’t Federal and there is no Reserve. In fact it is a Communist Nationalization of all Capital.
  • Rising prices is not inflation it is the Result of inflation of the total number of dollars and redistribution of capital by the Fed.
– Government supports itself entirely by theft.
  • Government theft, via confiscation of property and capital, although legalized, is still hidden because it is unconstitutional and morally wrong.
– Changing Politicians or party control will not fix the Country .
Minimum Wage is effectively racist  and continues to disproportionately affects blacks.
– Government Funding of Colleges turns Education into Politically Correct Propaganda and inflates tuition costs.
  • Colleges need public funding because the government nationalized their private contributor’s wealth through taxes.
  • Government student loan rules artificially inflates the price of education.
– Government Health Care is really “Health Don’t Care”.   It isn’t caring when you reach into someone else’s pocket to pay for your costs.
– Inflated health care costs are caused by Medicare price fixing, crony regulations and imposition of punitive damages for malpractice.
– The government is the opiate of the people:  The Sorcerer’s Socialist’s Apprentice