A hard Habit to break. (Humor)

President Obama is standing outside the White House smoking a cigarette and rehearsing his next speech.
Suddenly his chief of Staff bursts out the door.
“Sir, you have to stop”  he says.
Obama looks at him and then his cigarette.
“Uh why the concern?” the President says quizzically.
“I’m worried this habit could kill you sir” he explains.
“I’m trying to quit you know” the President says with a sigh.
“Yes sir, and you have been pretty good about refraining for the last few months.  But now you’ve started again!”
After stubbing out his cigarette Obama says in his defense “It’s hard to break a 20 year old habit”  .
“Granted sir.  And that’s why I corrected your speech.”  
“It’s God BLESS America sir not God DAMN America”. 

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