Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 1:18pm

Who Works for Whom?

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I hired a group of people to take care of a few tasks for me that I couldn’t do all by myself.
Mainly they were to protect my family and my home from harm.
Their other duties were to deliver essential communications and keep my business running smoothly.
I made a list of what they were authorized to do on my behalf and what they could expect me to pay for.
They vowed to stick to the list and only do what is necessary and applicable to the tasks on my list.
Every year they gave me an estimate of how much it would cost and I would make scheduled payments.
I gave them a small credit line in case they fell short or in case of emergency.
If their budget seemed too great or they strayed from the assigned tasks, I could negotiate with them until it was satisfactory.
As the team, I hired, grew in size, experience and power they figured they could do much more for me than the tasks I assigned them.
They badgered me constantly and even got a group together to convince me how good it would be.
At some point they wheedled a credit card from me by promising that the bill for all this good stuff they planned would never exceed more than 1% of my income.
Wouldn’t you know it? Once they had a hold of that card, they started spending more than we agreed.
I had to keep allocating more of my income to pay the ever increasing bills they ran up.
It got to the point that I had to cut back on the schools and charities I was funding.
No problem, they said. We’re so good at doing things for you.
We’ll just take over funding the charities and the schools and pay with your credit card.
They thought that was such a good idea that they also created a fund for widows and orphans, which they eventually turned into a pension fund for everyone who worked.
Eventually, they re-interpreted my words to justify just about anything they knew were good for me and my community, referring to the list only to keep their payments from me coming.
They took over existing community based housing, food and medical programs and created all sorts of new social programs.
I didn’t have enough to pay for all of this additional stuff, so they hired thugs to confiscate everyone else’s credit cards and drain their income too.
No matter how much we protested, or switched their personnel, they kept spending and increasing the credit line on our cards.
When they saw that all of us put together couldn’t pay for their spending, they borrowed money from other countries.
They guaranteed the loans with their power to confiscate more income from all of us, and our children, in the future.
Now we and our kids are on the hook to pay that debt, that we never authorized.
Since they were so good, in their eyes, at spending our money they decided they could do just as well controlling how we make money.
Instead of keeping business running smoothly, as we had agreed, they decided to run business.
They choked our businesses with rules that raised operating costs and prices.
They made rules that favored their friends, in large business, who had more influence and economies of scale than the small businesses who couldn’t compete.
People started removing their wealth and their businesses to other countries to avoid confiscation.
What a ruckus the people that we hired raised, claiming a loss of “their” revenue.
They even said that those who take advantage of loopholes, in their convoluted income confiscation scheme, are all thieves not paying their fair share.
They have forgotten that they were hired to serve US and not the other way around.
To solve the gap between what they spend and what they take in from us they want to cut back on the original tasks they were assigned, like protection of family and home, because they CAN’T cut back the entitlement, to all the social spending they created, now that we are all dependent on them.
They’re arguing whether just to take more of our income or perhaps cut back a bit on spending over the next 10 years.
They diddle while we burn out. As long as they are employed, they don’t seem to care about everyone else.
If only we could take back the card.

You may have guessed that “they” are the Federal Government, the list of tasks is Article I section 8 of the US Constitution and
the credit card is the 16th amendment that allowed income tax.
The good news is that we can take back their credit card by repealing the 16th amendment and with some repair, we can restore the original agreement.
Repeal the income tax and return to an excise tax on sales to support the Federal government with an equal check sent to all to cover a minimum subsidy for the poor.
This is a better and a more moral way to fund the Federal government which is fair to everyone and contributes to a minimum economic Safety Net at the same time.
We need redistribution of government power more than redistribution of income.
Return social programs to the community.

No one is Entitled
People have the right to acquire title to something, but first they must earn the title through trade.
Working in return for a salary does not earn title. The workers trade their service for salary, not ownership of the company.
People may think that putting in a lot of work on something gives them ownership.
However it is like a book. Putting in a lot of time and effort reading the book does not mean you own it.
Paying for something is a trading of value. If you get something of value you give something of value. That trading makes society work. Taking without giving something in return is theft.
Only the person that holds title can give away the title to someone else. Voluntary giving of title, to those in need, is charity and justice.
Government’s forcible taking of title, even if they give it to those in need (and don’t waste it), is theft.

Return control of the free market to the people. No more unequal personal and corporate tax exemptions, subsidies, regulations, laws (other than health and consumer protection) that influence the free market. When government has no influence, the need for Politicians to be bought will go away and the lobbyists and campaign contributions will cease.
Reduce salaries of representatives to a bare minimum to cover minimum expenses with no pension or ability to receive positions in industry after their term.
This will attract only those motivated, by honor and self satisfaction, to help their constituency, not just themselves at the expense of the community.
This will restore a system that promotes Voluntary Service not Mandatory Avarice.
Eliminate the incentive of power and access to wealth for our representatives and you will eliminate the need for campaign contributions and their influence.
Prohibit spending on campaign advertising other than informing the public through debates or other forums.
We can then elect based on the measure of the person not influence money and advertising propaganda.
We sit waiting for two parties to work out a deal. They are supposed to represent what we want.
However, our country is not divided into only two opinions and only two ideas.
Eliminate the parties in the House and return to 435 representatives working out what the PEOPLE want by majority vote and running it by the Senate to get agreement from the STATES and then run it by the President to make sure it all makes sense.