Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 2:37pm

Why we need a values amendment to control the government.

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Are you content with the way things are? 
If so, perhaps you have ignored what's happening around you.
We are now a Socialist Democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic.
We are almost at the end of the slippery slope to economic ruin and tyranny.
Congress plays accounting games to fool you into believing they are cutting their spending of your wealth
Here is a warning to the future from Freidrich Keller. 
Stop the slide before you too become as Germany in the 1930's where the Socialists were allowed to take over.
Heed these words – as true today as then:
"What our ancestors had fought to achieve over centuries, was forfeited… by stupid carelessness and incomprehensible gullibility"
Have we not done the same in the USA?  
People could not see until it was too late:
 "The bitter cup of National Socialism must be drunk to the last drop.
Not until there is no longer any hope in castles in the air and other miracles, will the entire house of cards collapse."
Still don't see the need to add a values amendment to control the government?
Here are some sites that outline more problems:
The problems of the welfare entitlement mentality living on stolen money.