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Government Jobs are working welfare in our Socialist Government.

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I debated getting a Herpes, but I didn't want toupee – Dr. Society
Government work, like government welfare makes you dependent.  With few exceptions, government work slows you down, dumbs you down, saps your spirit, twists your morality and robs you of all skill and efficiency needed to work in the private sector.
I learned this lesson working for the Federal Government during college.  I finished my work in a couple of hours, but was restrained by other employees from seeking more work.
It would make them look bad.
The entire staff told me government jobs are working welfare.
I was told to sit and read, drink coffee and schmooze like they did or go home and they would sign me out at closing time.
When this became revealed, there was no punishment; just an offer of a new job and a promotion. I didn't want it.
Since I was now in the government system I took a job at the IRS where they busied themselves with looking at celebrity tax forms, 15 minute breaks and mind numbing clerical paper shuffling.
I was shown a broken down, stoop shouldered, shuffling, listless man as an example of what I could achieve after 30 years at the IRS.
That was the day I quit and never worked for the government again. 
A few years later I returned to that same building summoned for an audit of my first ever filed tax return.  I didn't make any money to be taxed but had missed a partnership form.
Rather than help me fill out a corrected partnership form, they interrogated, intimidated and generally made sport with me to fill their boredom until it was almost closing time. 
After denying every exemption and practically threatening jail I asked for a figure at which he was comfortable settling.
100 dollars. 
That's why today a computer does this job.
End of the story, I received a bill for 100 dollars and… 1500 dollars in penalties!  
The only thing we learn from history, is that we learn nothing from history.  – Friedrich Hegel
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