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The Morality of it all

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The defintion of Charity is a combination of Charity and Justice

Socialized Medicine removes incentives for Doctors, therefore less Doctors, longer waiting for care and greater incentive to waste the Doctor's time with ""Free"visits for every little sniffle. That is also true in our health care system.

Bottom line more deaths. First and prime rule is to save life. If an incentive based free market system works better at saving lives then that's the one to choose.

It is the Doctor's responsibility to provide for saving lives and a minimum of care to those that can't pay for the Doctor's time. The Doctor is the judge not government or insurance companies.

A minimum of Food and shelter to save lives is the responsibility of the individual and the (Local) community. Welfare is immoral. It abrogates the individual's responsibility to take care of themselves and their family.
Individual and by extension community responsibility for providing temporary housing is moral. Welfare housing projects that lead to drugs, crime and death are horribly immoral. Long term welfare is immoral. People need to work.
Providing opportunity for a person to make a living is the highest form of charity. Small business is the engine of innovation, jobs and growth. Therefore nurturing small business is an obligation of society. Regulations that favor big business or are too expensive for small business to comply with are immoral. Government Jobs are welfare since they are wholly paid for by charity. They are unproductive in that they do not create wealth. Some minimum of support infrastructure is necessary for Society but it should not be forgotten that the salary comes from the people and the people are the boss. We hire Police and Military. There is also a component of service in saving lives and preventing harm. The obligation is just like the Doctor. We pay them for their time that could be spent in other occupations but their service is their personal obligation.

Business taxes are immoral.

Have confidence that social ills will be cured by people at the local level not forced through theft and re-distribution, wage/price controls and subsidies.

Providing for the disabled is moral and should be done through insurance. Social Security is not insurance as long as the Federal government uses the funds and substitutes IOUs A trust fund used for disability is to be used for the benefit of society and to increase the trust funds wealth. (in the form of secure loaning of the money?). It is not for government "projects"

The spectrum of what constitutes disability must be defined, reasonable and not become too broad.


Law. Protect life. Murderers are put to death. Violent criminals are either rehabilitated, confined for life or put to death. At least two witnesses and certain proof beyond a reasonable doubt are mandatory. It should be very difficult to sentence anyone to death but the sentence must then be carried out swiftly. Damages are to be paid by the criminal. The value of limbs, injuries etc. A murderer can not compensate for the life they took rather they must take on that person's obligations or be put to death as a danger to society.

Prisons that allow rape, violence by inmates and guards are immoral. A person, even a criminal or murderer is not property of the state.

War Policy. – Must ask if invading a country saves more lives than not invading.

Civilian casualties – Give warning and allow civilians to escape. After warning time if any civilians remain it is the moral responsibility of the enemy that kept them there.

The flow of funding is from the State to the Federal government and not vice versa. If states want to help each other that is their perogative.

The Federal government may not impose a religion or secular set of practices, rituals or beliefs other than what is laid out in the Constitution (new limits must be put in) or that unreasonably interfere with a person's religion. This affects any Federal mandate for Education, Busing, tax breaks which control a person's behavior, control of any States and their right to mix

Same Sex "Marriage"


 Sex for sale? – It is there and people want it.  Do you continue to close your eyes to it?  License and regulate the sex workers?

Marijuana? –  Smokers license like a drivers license?  Research and develop derivatives. Research successes and problems of Dutch legalization.

unsanctioned immigration?  without federal wage and price controls does the situation resolve?  If not then worker's permits and registration?


Education standards – free markets vs socialism, Social ethics,

The reason for the incredibly high cost of education is government subsidies that change the free market pricing.   Government Subsidies are given out based on formulas that kick in only when Education become too expensive.   So the incentive is to keep Education too expensive.  There is no incentive or intelligence of the free market to price education properly.  Is it moral to load debt on to Children who don't qualify for subsidies?   Even an interest free loan goes to artificially overpriced education.  And it's not the so called rich that overpay.  It's the middle class and the not well connected who pay through the nose.

Censorship – belongs in the home.  Take this power away from Government otherwise they will eventually  censor all dissent against socialism and tyranny.  All radios and tvs can have channel block.  If you don't want it it should be up to you not the government.  It's too late anyway with the Internet.  Don't let the government get regulatory censorship power over it too. 
The ethics of not murdering reputations should inform censorship and the media.  Excesses of Libel and Slander make the parties liable for damages.