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Did you Know?

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The meaning of consuming the "Forbidden Fruit" of  knowledge good and bad is the loss of our ability to objectively process facts without an emotional component of good or bad.  

Our reality is built on a foundation of, at best half-truths and distortions.   Let's clear up a few.

Using Ethanol as fuel is not a progressive new idea – Lamps used Ethanol until the Civil War.  Henry Ford's original Model T ran on Ethanol until 1908.  Big government taxes on Ethanol during the Civil War killed the use of Ethanol in lamps and Prohibition in 1920 killed Ethanol use in cars. 

Our image of Santa Claus is from a Coca Cola advertisement. – Fat, jolly, white bearded with a red suit and flying reindeer?   Not until after 1931 Coke Ad Campaigns

Shalom!  The Founding fathers spoke  Hebrew and it was a requirement at Yale and Harvard. 

 The Zodiac has not been adjusted for the passage of time.   Born under a bad sign?  Maybe not.  "Hey babe, what's your sign?" takes on new meaning. 

The Good Samaritan was a Jew.  Samaritans were a sect of Jews who rejected Jerusalem in favor or Mount Gereezim and Abal near the city of Shechem as the place to draw near to G-d.

Jesus was not the first Christian.   Jesus was a Jew as were the disciples and anyone who converted.   Until Paul, Christian and Jewish practice was identical aside from belief that Jesus was the Messiah.

Baptism is a Jewish ritual purification – called Mikvah in Hebrew.  

Muhammad liked the Jews before he hated them –  He even worked with Jews to draft Islamic moral principles.  Only after the Jews rejected him as their Prophet did his wrath fall upon the Jews. 

Muhammad hated Christians before Muslims REALLY hated Christians.   Christians believed in the triune nature of G-d with Jesus as a deity.  Muhammad considered this to be idolatry and blasphemy.  And then came the Crusades.        

Propaganda – Public Relations and Advertising "truth"

We eat Bacon and eggs for Breakfast because of an advertising campaign for Beech-Nut

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was junk science used to sell bacon by the same campaign (a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose ).

Junk Science used to be half-truths and distortions used to promote an agenda.  Now they are outright fraud and still believed.

Walter Cronkite "The most trusted man in America" … because the network told you so.  

We won the Vietnam war but Walter Cronkite, the media and communist funded protests emboldened Ho Chi Minh and stopped his surrender (from Ho Chi Minh's diaries).

We left Vietnam because the Democrat Congress cut off funding.   Our withdrawal allowed the "Killing Fields" in Cambodia- 3 million dead. 

If it's on the news it must be true because the news makers told you so.  

Media is biased (nowadays mostly to the left) and disseminates propaganda.  They are funded by… propagandists (advertisers or the government) and promote their advertiser's biases.  People who  get their news from one source don't see the bias.  You can't evaluate bias unless you compare.

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend" because a South African Cartel named De Beers told you so. 

  • Only large diamonds are rare.  Smaller diamonds value comes only if  "Diamonds are Forever" kept off the market by you.
  • People didn't give diamond engagement rings before the advertising campaign.