Enviromentalism is Marxism

See http://www.storyofstuff.com/ for the Socialist/Marxist view recycled as environmentalism where everything is limited, man is the oppressor of the planet exploiting it’s resources, trashing the planet and killing all the animals.  
There is no trade in their view rather America just takes the stuff from the Third World. 
Capitalists are poisoning their workers, exploiting them with low wages and transferring the polluted factories to the Third World.  But the poison is blowing back to us on the wind Ha Ha. 
There is a conspiracy to make us materialistic and wasteful.   We are so unhappy because we have too much stuff and are working too hard to buy more stuff.  (Not because government has interfered with the free market and is stealing so much of our earnings that everyone has to work overtime to pay the thieves). 
Instead of it being production efficiency lowering prices to the point where it pays to buy a new item rather than repairing the old it is rather a conspiracy of planned obsolescence.   
Consumption is evil  because it all comes at the price of hurting workers and stealing their resources.    Under the guise of conservation and thrift they push for limiting your freedom and economic re-distribution (Dictatorship and Theft) they call justice. 

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