Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 at 11:54am

Bass Ackwards – Make up your mind then investigate

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Imagine what our world would be like if everyone would first investigate facts and then make up their minds?
Huh?  Isn't that what we do?
No Virginia, that is not the Norm.
Most people have their minds made up and ignore contradictory facts.
People don't want to admit they are wrong.
No matter how strong the arguments against their position, they will only listen for a mistake in semantics and go off on a tangent that they can win an argument on, even though it has little relevance to the essence of what is being presented.
Most people have become stupid.
Whoa!  What?
They don't start out that way.  We start out open minded and believe everything.
But once our minds have developed and a large matrix of patterns is set in the brain, the body starts to betray us.
If people open themselves to facts it might cause them to change their minds.  Changing our minds is literally a Physical process of altering the brain that gets more pronounced as we get older.
Our bodies fight or flight mechanism resists the physical disturbance of changing our minds.  
This influence is so strong that instead of fitting our inner reality to that of the facts of the outer reality we twist facts to fit our preconceived notions so that the physical matrix in our brains does not have to change.
That is why we crave and seek out like minded people, even if we are wrong.
Not only are we obese physically, from avoiding the pain of exercise, but mentally too from avoiding the pain of brain restructuring.
People's fear, of changing their minds, eventually leads to a closed mind and impaired thinking.
Like avoiding exercise, sticking to our biases and prejudices becomes a habit and sometimes only a tragedy shakes us up enough to begin the correct habits that lead to physical and Mental health.
If we get into the correct habits early on it is much easier to stay fit and open minded.
That is why it is so important to educate our youth in Foundational American Values, critical thinking/debating and discernment.
When the Political system is corrupt, the people are encouraged not to think.  They are fed propaganda and talking points and distracted by entertainment.  Hence the utter stupidity of Politicians and the masses and the eventual dissolution of society.
The Education system focuses on what is needed to be good worker bees and voters for the Political Parties not to be independent thinkers with values that encourage self-control.  Crisis is necessary for Politicians to stay employed.  So they create problems by not reading the Bills they vote on and not thinking through consequences.  They foster disorganization and create division and strife.  Perhaps unconsciously.