It is time to Choose.

It is time to choose whether our actions and government will be motivated by mindful love that celebrates achievement or by primitive fear and jealousy that seeks to tear everything down. 

It is time to choose Politicians motivated by the power of love FOR their Country and fellow Americans, not the love of power OVER their Country and fellow Americans

It is time to know and choose right from wrong!

Politicians  pass incredibly foolish and short sighted legislation because high profile 'solutions' get them reelected.   They are either blind to or ignore any negative consequences.  In fact the more negative consequences the more fires they can seem to put out and the more need for their "wise" legislation.  The corrupt system, that was enabled by the 16th and 17th amendment to the Constitution, is impossible to fix because it fundamentally re-writes the Constitution into a blank sheet of paper that anything can be written on. 
Repairing the Constitution means repealing those amendments and adding others that will make this country proof against further onslaught by alien ideologies.   
We must make sure there is no monetary gain or power to be had by holding Federal office so that only those who are willing to help the country and not themselves would be running.
There wouldn’t be an incentive to have powerful parties or spend a fortune to get elected or pass really bad legislation to get themselves re-elected.
What's holding us back? 

We are inundated by movies, news, politics, print and digital media, education and thousands of regulations, laws and policies based on the Socialist/Group philosophy that have been foisted on the country.

If you believe that right is determined by who is the victim and not some absolute morality.  See: Am I in a trance?
Group or Religious Supremacist philosophies such as Socialism and  Political Islam  are antithetical and dangerous to the foundational principles, ethics, morality and responsibilities of our society.     
It is either Foundational American or their philosophy!!
It is impossible to mix ours with theirs without the individuals of the USA declining in wealth and character and eventually destroying our economy and society. 
We must choose between the blessing and the curse so to speak.  Choosing our way of individual rights and responsibilities and control by FAV leads to life.   Choosing any other does not.
The struggle to abolish our servitude to Socialism/Group Supremacy is akin to that which we went through in abolishing Slavery and the Racial Supremacist ideology.   Merely imagining life without Slavery required an extraordinary effort at first.   The same reasons that led to inertia and resistance to abolition of slavery then (10 reasons why Slavery took so long to abolish), are present today in respect to our Socialist policies.   We did it then and we can still do it now.
We are taught not to discriminate, however that applies to the person not the philosophy!  We must be able to use our faculties of discrimination to weed out what is right for us from what is wrong.
We do not reject the individual Socialist or Muslim, but we must reject their Political Philosophy. 
…we must be comfortable letting everyone know that the public religious ethic that prevails in this country is a Judeo-Christian one and demanding a public adherence to that standard in terms of behavior rather than belief – Rabbi Daniel Lapin "America's Real War"
We will overcome and not return insults, scorn and deprecation of our Foundational American Values by Socialists and we will resist and reject the Islamist or any philosophy that promotes murder, violence and the dehumanization of those outside their ideology. 
It is a war for survival of the only philosophy that allows individual freedom.  We have already surrendered too much under the hypnotic trance of Socialist/Group Supremacist propaganda.   Victory is returning the USA to its foundational values and throwing out all Group or Religious Supremacist values and systems just as we did the Racial Supremacist ones.
"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."  — Abraham Lincoln

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