Saturday, October 10th, 2009 at 8:47am

Socialist philosophy on taxes

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In the Constitution, Federal taxes are for services performed for the general welfare such as the military. The taxes are levied on the States and apportioned by the amount of representation the State has in the Federal Government.  The states collect the tax from their residents.

In Socialist philosophy taxes are for equalizing wealth and power and are apportioned based on the amount of profit a business makes or the amount of income an individual earns.

Profit is looked upon as taking advantage of the consumer and an unfair taking of wealth.

In their Jealousy based philosophy, it’s not fair to be rich while others are poor.  It’s not fair to be powerful while others are weak.   Hence they tax profit and minimize success.  In foreign policy they weaken the United States down to the European and third world level.

Our tax system is purely socialist.   Profit is penalized.  Non-profit is tax exempt.   A non-profit pays for electricity and other services.  Why should they be exempt from paying for government services?   Everyone rightfully should pay for services like military protection without exemption.   The catch is that only a small percentage of our taxes go to pay for services.  The bulk is  “re-distributed”.  Tax exempt in our current system means you didn’t commit the “crime” of making a profit so you don’t have to re-distribute.   But for that exemption the government gets to control you and make sure you cooperate with their agenda.