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Contrasting Philosophies

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Bias, Prejudice
Foundational American Values – All are treated equally 

Socialism – The Socialist philosophy is inherently biased and prejudiced towards the “vicitm” (which includes themselves). From this perspective those that treat others without bias or prejudice are biased against the victim.  In their eyes this must be due to prejudice or racism.  
Anyone not subscribing to Socialism is treated with contempt and must either be silenced and stopped by any means they can justify or they must be discredited and dismissed.   

Goals and the definition of Success and Victory
Foundational American Values – The goal is maximizing individual freedom and safety through individual rights and responsibilities.  Local government is the only intelligent government.  Government in the small or not at all. 

Socialists – The goal is equalizing individual results through total group and government control.  The victim is always right.  The rich, large or powerful are always wrong.  Our self esteem is based on having victims to protect and feel superior to. 

The Constitution
Foundational American Values – The purpose of this document is to define the boundries of our Society and limit the powers of the Federal government. 

Socialism – What’s a Constitution? It’s just some old piece of paper that nobody reads.  Why would anyone want to limit the government? 

Consequences – Look before you leap!
Foundational American Values – Think things through.  First do no harm. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

SocialismIn almost all cases for lack of thinking about consequences, the “good” Socialism achieves is overwhelmed by the enormous amount of damage it does in attaining its goal of “helping” victims (as a group of course :-).   For the
Socialist, good intentions count more than terrible results. In fact President Obama was voted for the Nobel Peace Prize only 11 days after he took office for good intentions and no results at all.
Right of way also means don’t get in the way. 
Foundational American Values – Even something as simple seeming as right of way is affected by the contrasting philosophies. 

As a pedestrian you may have the right of way but you’d better be responsible enough to be alert and not get in the way or you will be run down. 

The pedestrian in a society with Foundational American Values accepts responsibility.  They keep their behavior safe.  They don’t cross in the middle of the block, look both ways and cross the street when it’s clear.   The driver accepts responsibility to watch out for pedestrians and modulate their speed as needed.  Both Driver and pedestrian co-exist with full liberty.

Socialism – Under Socialist values the pedestrian is in the weaker position and would be the victim in a collision with a more powerful car.   Since the pedestrian is a victim we can’t expect them to have any responsibility only rights.   Under Socialist values, right of way means that Drivers of the powerful vehicles are solely responsible  to look out for pedestrians no matter what unsafe actions the pedestrain takes.

The driver can not be trusted with the power of the car and the pedestrian is not expected to exercise responsible behavior so the government has to license drivers, impose “safety” restrictions with speed bumps, speed limits, signs, crosswalks, traffic obstructions and detours, car free zones, police enforcement, tickets, fines, courts and even suspension of the driver’s right to operate a motor vehicle.

Are we operating under Socialist values?  You Betcha.   The empahasis on Pedestrian responsibility is gone.

It’s been 40 years since I last heard the jingle:
Don’t cross the street in the middle,
in the middle, in the middle of the block.
Teach your eyes to look out

Teach your ears to hear
Walk up to the corner
Where the coast is clear
And wait, and wait,
And wait until the light turn green.

Hate Speech
Foundational American Values – Only speech that is directly inciteful to harming another physically is censored.
Harming others by insults and derogatory speech is not censored but the speaker is responsible for their consequence.  Speech out of anger requires the responsibility of asking forgiveness of the ones harmed. Defamation and Libel that causes monetary harm or harms a reputation requires monetary compensation.

Socialism – Socialists censor and punish any speech that is derogatory to those they classify as victims.  Speaking hatefully to or about an opressor is deemed necessary and even encouraged.  It is only hate speech if aimed at victims or those that help vicitms. 

Saying Death to America or Death to Bush is fine.  But if said about Obama it’s treason. 
Insulting words about black (victims) race is treason.  But white race baiting and saying White boy, cracker or honkey are fine. 
Bush lied people died is fine.  “You lie” said to Obama about excluding illegal aliens from support under his health care bill is reason for censure of a Congressman.

Government Deficit Spending
Foundational American Values –  Borrow only in times of war.  Spend only on what is necessary.  Pay back in honest measure with a stable currency.

Socialism – Borrow as much as you can and pay back with more borrowed money until the Ponzi scheme is revealed.  Then Devalue your currency (print more money) and raise taxes.  If society collapses it won’t be on your watch.

Use the Federal Reserve or Central Bank to exert control.