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Socialism vs. Foundational American

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Rudyard Kipling said it well comparing the Socialist Delusion “When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins”  to the Economic Reality that if you don’t produce there will be nothing to consume.   (Copybook Headings are sayings of wisdom copied by students to learn penmanship.)   

…we were promised abundance for all;
By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy;
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work, you die.”
—Rudyard Kipling

Under American Values you are trusted to be responsible and take care of yourself and your neighbor.  Only the criminal exceptions are Policed.

Under Socialist philosophy everyone is a criminal that must be policed and controlled.  The only exceptions are the elite in power.

Under Socialism  Big Business is always the oppressor looking to rip off their clients and therefore must be regulated (Held Accountable) to protect the victims. This regulation actually hampers small business and allows Big Business to become bigger.

It’s not the government Fannie Mae and regulation nor individual responsibility of not living beyond your means nor the Socialist Philosophy of entitlement that leads to living beyond your means it’s the big banks, the lenders and big bad Wall Street greedy rich that caused the housing crisis.

Capitalism is bad because it is unequal. People get rich or powerful by virtue of their talent, skills, hard work, personal contacts or circumstances. What about the poor victims that don’t have those advantages. Instead of seeing that necessity is the mother of invention or that individuals will help out other individuals the Socialist philosophy assumes that only government can rescue these folks and even the playing field.

It is Equal results/outcome that counts not equal opportunity. The result is where fairness is measured. (Our society measures the opportunity in judging fairness.) If the end result is paramount then the ends will justify the means. Tyranny is OK as long as everyone winds up with equal results. That’s why they don’t understand incentives. How you start is not as important as how you end up. That’s why it’s OK for some to work hard and other not to. Equal opportunity is not that important since outcomes will be equalized. Their equal opportunity means creating unequal opportunity to get equal results.

Hence the elevation in opportunity and status of blacks above the ostensibly more powerful whites leading to affirmative action that promoted the unqualified. Electing an unqualified President to make a statement because he is black. Denigrating whites and fostering guilt. Building up the Black and the Native American with an invented mythology. The lowering of responsibility for the victims allows Racism against Whites and Anti-Semitism (White boy, honky, cracker, Hymie) while punishing whites who say niggardly or Negro (Which Martin Luther King used) because it sounds similar to the more derogatory “N” word. Lifetime Welfare for Blacks as reparations even though it erodes character and family and has led to crime, drugs and murder.

That’s why taxes and spending always go up. It’s your moral obligation to yield your wealth and their moral obligation to redistribute it. It’s logical but totally unrealistic. There is no incentive to produce and it encourages sloth, dependency, jealousy, and victim-hood.

Except, people with a talent for art, music, theatre and movies that make people happy and those who run the Government, non profits and other benevolent enterprises should be supported. They are not oppressors and can be trusted with power, dominance and wealth.

To be good you must not be rich, powerful and dominant or if you are, you must be dedicated to helping others. Microsoft is an evil corporate oppressor but Bill Gates who gives away his wealth is good.

Attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan together with that countries freedom fighters is good. The Taliban sheltered and supported the 9-11 terrorists and allowed them to train there.

War against Saddam was evil. He had not attacked us, we had no proof that he supported the 9-11 terrorists who attacked us directly and we were not called to help fight him since the Gulf War.

Our oppressive military do not belong in Japan, Germany, Europe and especially in the people’s republics such as Cuba and the Muslim countries which were dominated by Imperialist countries.

Since their goal is equality they have succeeded even though to do so leads to a ruined economy and a Police State.

That is why they feel it is right and just to destroy our society. We value, maximizing individual freedom and responsibility while keeping them safe. We trust the rich and powerful to be good stewards and use their wealth wisely.

It is all perfectly logical. So is the Mafia. So are the actions of the Nazis based on Eugenics and Genetic purity. So was the 9-11 attack and other terrorism of Radical Islam based on expelling “infidels” from Muslim Land (which is every piece of land they ever conquered) and dominating the world with Islam.

Until the premises of all our logical systems are in agreement we will not ever have peace. Jews, Christians and a few “moderate” and secular Muslims have agreement in their moral principles and premises so they are relatively at peace. are mostly at peace because If the premise of their logical system is against

See the premise and fight the premise. and yet antithetical to our society’s moral just like the plot to a fantasy novel . One can act logically but still irrationally and unrealistically.

The only way to Oppress is to have.  Any one obtains more power, dominance and wealth must want to be an oppressor and is probably an oppressor and evil

All people should be equal. No one nation should dominate another. No one should be richer than another.

and no one richer than another.  To be rich and powerful can only get that way by oppressing their workers. Inequality in any way is oppression.

The Capitalist system fosters some to become rich

If you are rich you must be an oppressor and evil.  The poor and the black are oppressed,   The rich are powerful and therefore evil (If this sounds like the plot for every fantasy novel

(and why they don’t see more government means more enforcement and eventually a Police State with very limited freedom? )

Socialist policies never work because government control wrecks the free market and our economy. Because they are ruining our economy and always wrong, rational people are always speaking out. But Socialists are deaf to reality and explain why big government isn’t working by blaming a vast right wing conspiracy of evil Republicans/Fascists aligned against them. Anyone that speaks against their policy or disagrees with big government is evil like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Reagan telling people government is the problem has eroded faith in the government. All they need is more government and to silence the opposition and all will be perfect.

Logic and Rational thought tears apart their delusion so rational thought and logic is evil. Feelings count. If you disagree you have no compassion and are evil and inhuman.

It is this philosophy of warped fairness based on jealousy that has been mankind’s enemy for millennium.

The Socialist standard of equal results is an irrational standard to judge success by. It is as irrational as the 9-11 terrorists standard which judged success in life as ending life.   All that we value as positive is sacrificed.