Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 2:42pm

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz.. For the USA, there’s no relief in this.

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When I am sick, I want instant relief.   A cure is not my immediate priority, especially if it will involve more hardship and pain.  Usually the sickness will pass, so temporary relief of symptoms is a good approach.   However, if the instant relief makes things worse or the problems persist or they get too big to dismiss, I am confronted with the realization that the problem is systemic and chronic and I need a more comprehensive cure.  When we will be willing to effect a cure depends on our level of tolerance for suffering and our differing ability to dismiss reality.
For instance, most people know smoking leads to cancer.   Given this knowledge, some smokers quit cold turkey, some use nicotine gum to ease the transition and some continue smoking and deny that cancer will happen to them.
It is the same way with addressing the problems in the Political “body” of our Country.   Many look for the instant relief of a new regulation or law or the tweak of electing different Politicians and governing parties.  That’s the Plop and the Fizz.   The more we rely on that remedy, the more the Politicians, who are selling that remedy, profit and stay in business.  Even though we are presented with choices of candidates, parties, laws and regulations – at their root, these are merely masking the disease by relieving symptoms. We are even encouraged to argue and hate each other based on our choice of Political symptom relievers. It is like fighting over the false choices of Aspirin or Ibuprofen to cure cancer.
Our body’s diseases are caused by a breakdown in our system. The cure is to restore our system to health. So too are the problems of government a result of a breakdown of our original healthy system. The cure is to fix the system, not the symptoms. A tumor requires surgery, not aspirin or electing to trust Doctor Feel Good instead of Doctor Cutting.

The US contracted its disease a Hundred years ago with the passing of the 16th and 17th amendments and the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Those three major systemic breakdowns, together with the repeated injuries of Supreme Court Court re-writes of the Constitution, have led to the parasites and cancer that is causing our strife and sappng our economy to the point of death.
To relieve the symptoms of this systematic breakdown, “Quack Doctor” Politicians have been feeding the country the snake oil of class warfare and bleeding it with the leeches of theft of wealth, via confiscatory taxation and Federal Reserve Note devaluation, to equalize economic results. Not to mention all the other destructive actions in the name of doing what is best for us. All the while we are paying the salary of tinkering Politicians who, like prescription drug salespeople without medical training, push their wares, without any real knowledge, and experiment on us with different combinations of overpriced and inappropriate drugs.
I believe it is beyond repair by changing Politicians and laws.  The only solution I see is to control the government through using the Amendment process to the US Constitution to redesign the system back to where the US began –
Free market without government subsidies and regulations to favor contributors (bribery). 
Taxation of retail consumption only.   No tax on property, income or estate.
Some sort of minimum income check – of an equal amount -sent to everyone to replace all government social services. (not in the original system. but desired by the founders)
Directing all taxes to the States to distribute from the bottom community up and then to fund the Federal Government. This eliminates control from above by withholding or granting funds.
Restore Checks and Balances of the three governmental branches and restore the people’s representation in the government by eliminating all political parties.