Does Voting = Democracy?

There are only two forms of government.
OVER the people or OF the people.
OVER the people
Communism and Socialism is a government of central planning.  Communism nationalizes the means of production.  Socialism regulates them.  The Communist/Socialist party Over the people.
Monarchy, Dictatorship and any system of POLITICAL PARTIES or factions is the rule of the few over the many.
Democracy in the small retains an equal voice for all.  Democracy in the large results in the majority in charge.  The majority OVER the Minority.
OF the people
The only system of government truly OF the people is a Representative Republic Constituted by the people with no factions or Political Parties.   The people have a voice through their elected representatives via Democratic vote and the Constitution limits the government of the few or the majority of the people from tyranny over the minority.  
This system has been broken by the two Political Parties and we live under a tyranny, albeit soft, of the Parties over the people.
You've heard the President say it about the USA.  Every reference in the news repeats it.  Our Military enforces it.  We build nations based on it.  
But, is the USA actually a Democracy?  (it was set up as a Constitutional Republic; but that's another story.)
Democracy means rule by the majority of the people.  In every decision, everyone has a voice through their vote.
When the population is small enough, everyone votes directly.  In large populations voting is accomplished through elected Representatives of the people.   
Democracy is not an ideal system.   If you are in the minority, your votes don't count and you are forced to obey the will of the majority. 
Historically, in all Democracies, the majority eventually voted to take everything from the minority.   
Democracies captured all the labor from slaves by owning them, some took most of the fruits of the labor of serfs by owning their land and in modern Democracies, by confiscatory taxation of people's labor and property.  
Communism has elections and everyone is free to vote. 
But it is not a Democracy because a vote is meaningless when there is only one Political party. 
One choice is no choice.
There is only one voice and it is that of the ruling Communist Party, not the people.
The party makes any law they please and you have no say. They have the power and you don’t.
Technically, you did pick them as your representatives.  
Practically though, if a Political Party controls the representatives, they are no longer your representative. They are the Party’s.
Would you call America a Democracy because we have one extra choice of Political Party?
If Communist one party rule is a tyranny, what would you call it when one Political party in the USA controls the Presidency, and therefore the military and Congress which makes the laws? 
You might argue that there are sometimes two parties, Republican and Democrat.
But both voices are those of the party rulers, not the people.
Without a voice and free choice, the government is a Tyranny.
It is only the degree of tyranny that is different between the United States and Communist countries.
The United States did not begin with Political Parties.  Political Parties do not represent the people.  They represent a consolidation of a small number of powerful individuals.
The people do not have a voice in Party government other than the one time power of elections;  a very weak power at best. 
Voting can be manipulated legally through propaganda, negative advertising, how much money one puts in to a campaign and changing the nature of voting districts.  It can also be manipulated illegally through bribery, blackmail, voter registration fraud and even interfering with the counting of votes.
Even if voting were not influenced, we still have, at most, only two voices in government, speaking for their party rather than 435 representatives, speaking for the people.
For the United States government to represent the people, Political Parties must be rendered powerless, abandoned or banned altogether.

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