Why Moses?

The Founders, representing the people of the States, constituted our US government on the societal guidelines, morality, principles and ethics found in the five books of Moses. 

Why Moses?  

For those that believe in Judaism or Christianity, the reason is because they were laid down by the creator through Moses.

If you don't subscribe to Religion, because they are the only ones that work in the long run.  

In the course of history every kind of social experiment has been tried.   The only society that has survived – THE ONLY ONE – throughout history is the Israelites or the Jews as they are called today.  Plus they survived despite conquest, forced conversions, assimilation, expulsion, scattering among all the nations and genocide.  

What is found in the five books of Moses has been proven to work.  It has the advantage of thousands of years of case law and working out the kinks.  The original Hebrew words of the Five Books and the Hebrew Language itself have been accurately preserved across thousands of years.  When read directly and not through inaccurate and misleading translations have shown themselves time and time again to be insightful and applicable across all time.   

"Biblical laws do not order us what to do in the way the highway code tell us to adhere to the speed limit.  They describe the inevitability of cause and effect in societies of people over time…  [Biblical as well as the laws of science are] descriptive rather than proscriptive.  [Newton’s law of gravity didn’t ruthlessly suppress people’s freedom to float around like helium balloons] gravity always applied, it just wasn't well understood.   One does not have to be a believer in Sir Isaac Newton to be subject to his law.  In fact, anybody stepping out of a tall building's window will quickly discover that the law applies to everyone… Likewise, Biblical laws are binding whether we wisely accept them as the rules of the game or whether we attempt to dismiss them… Scripture describes how the world works." – Rabbi Daniel Lapin "America's Real War"

We have been conditioned to reject what works because it is tied to the Bible.  When history is cast off we repeat our mistakes.  Consequently, America has become a hotbed of social experiments that have already been proven to destroy societies in the past. 

The 10 Plagues  – Erosion of responsibility, relationships, family and self-discipline.  Self indulgence, immediate gratification, depression, crime and apathy.

There are many factors that have nudged our Society away from what works. 

The birth control pill allowed sexual experimentation without the responsibility of children.  The experimentation process, even if it doesn't become a lifestyle at the very least prolongs entering marriage which puts off learning responsibility from raising children and creating relationships with your spouse and families. 

Self-Discipline in eating was eroded by the "grab a bite anytime" fast food phenomenon as was attending the traditional family meal where families talked to each other.

"Our National Personality was shifting. We became more self-indulgent and less disciplined; more attuned to immediate gratification than what was best for the long term" – Rabbi Daniel Lapin "America's Real War"

(working longer hours, two parents having to work due to government theft of the people's wealth also contributed and welfare dependency for those that didn't work) 

Before the '60s Families did not ask for government help unless in desperate need.  This self-sufficient attitude gave way to Government policies of welfare, section 8 housing and food stamps which are a moral hazard that fostered dependency and made it easy to have children without a job or even an education and for a father to walk out on his family and financial obligations or not even participate in the first place.

Social Security (that started as a fund for widows and orphans) Medicare, Medicaid, Senior Housing has eroded familial responsibility to take care of the elderly and their own retirement. 

All the funding comes from theft.

Removal of prayer and ethical teaching from government funded public schools and its replacement with secular dogma such as Evolution by chance with no designer, radical feminism,  civil rights from government rather than Natural rights from a supreme being, welfare as reparations for slavery, Political Correctness rather than moral correctness, a re-write of history to demean America as Imperialist and racist and the promotion of Socialism, created an Anti-religion bias and prejudiced the country against the Founders, the Constitution, Christianity, all religious displays on Public property, morality and all self control or limitation.   

If all occurred by chance, by implication there is no purpose to life, no reward and punishment and no afterlife.  Self indulgence, immediate gratification, depression, crime and apathy resulted. 

The philosophy of Chance presents no security.  There is no plan, no design, no elevated purpose for humanity, no higher being, no afterlife, no promise of a messianic age and no intuition and inspiration available that can solve all problems.  Therefore all we hear are doom and gloom scenarios of Global Warming, Ozone Holes, species extinction etc..  We have a sense of impotence and an unrealistic need for more control by government to protect and save us from the inevitability of disaster.   

People and the government borrow against their own children to spend today. 

If we are descended from Apes by evolution then why should your children have any respect for you?  Why shouldn't they question Authority?

"You made the decision to teach your sons that you are descended from Apes. That means you are one generation closer to the ape than they.  And that means it is only proper and appropriate that you acknowledge their status and that you serve them.  But, you see, I chose to teach my sons that we come from God Himself.  And that puts me one generation closer to the Ultimate Truth, which means it is only appropriate that they treat me accordingly." Rabbi Daniel Lapin "America's Real War"

If you are just an animal then why should you restrain your animal urges?  We see the effects of this Anti-Civilization philosophy in the rise of wild rebellion, crime, gangs, rape, murder, pedophilia and even back stabbing at work and malicious gossip.  Predators of all stripes roam with a sense of animal entitlement and rationalize their actions rather than stopping them. The Socialists who caused this problem present big government control as their solution.  More power to the few and slavery for the many.  

Let's imagine that yesterday was 1960.  Parks were safe even at night, kids played outside and roamed anywhere they wanted, helicopter was not a word applied to parents, school actually educated, only one person needed to work to earn a decent living for their family, movies and TV used our imagination instead of graphic images that desensitize us to sex, horror and violence, poor families had fathers, children weren't in gangs.  Then today we wake up to this world.  We would be shocked at the change.  

Because the changes were subtle and gradual we did not notice.

Advances in technology conceals decline.  We think we have made progress because we have a calculator but that conceals our lack of comprehension of math concepts and the loss of our ability to calculate in our heads or by hand.  I press a button and the car starts.  How many know anything about how it works?  In 1960 we could take a car apart and rebuild it.  

Technology has made for a better lifestyle but it has also concealed a Century of government theft through devaluation of our currency.  If we had made no technological progress in cars, let's say, we would have noticed that the price went up twenty to forty fold.  We only notice inflation in goods such as food, where technology has not resulted in savings enough to offset government theft, or in real estate where a 5,000 dollar house now costs 200,000.

We have lost awareness of the moral and ethical violation of paying back our debts with money that the government deliberately devalues.  Deception through Twisting language as Politicians do is actually encouraged. 

Charity is essential for the survival of society. But if government, that has no money on its own, confiscates from one to give to another then it it is no longer charity but instead theft.  

The Hebrew word translated as charity actually means means righteous and justice.

A thief who donates some of his booty is not being charitable.  The net result is not righteous justice. The thief impoverished someone else to get the money.  Re-distribution by government is the same as the thief – involuntary impoverishment – not righteous justice.

Charity must be voluntary. The Israelites left the produce at the corners of their fields for the poor. The State did not collect every corner and re-distribute it. That way leads to waste and corruption.

We live in a society but know nothing of how or why it was formed.

It is important today to brush up on what our founders understood because American society is rapidly declining.


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